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BA Athletics Club News Digest 9th July 2018


  • Wednesday 11th July - Vets League Track & Field, Perivale from 18:30 #
  • Tuesday 17th July - Great City Race - Enough have volunteered #
  • Wednesday 18th July - ROM - Rosenheim T&F at Walton from 18:45 #
  • Thursday 19th July - BA Fun Run - Harmondsworth Moor - more volunteers required (see below) #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated: First week of July.

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This Wednesday... three events...two on, one off...

The Vets League match is expected to be on at Perivale from 18:30. Some of the crowd may not be on the pitch because of the England Football Team's progression into the Semi-Finals of the World Cup, with a kick-off of 7pm.  Therefore this event could be ideal for those avoiding the football!

However I am cancelling the third priority event - our club night at the Bedfont Club. If you are keen to make an appearance at the club this week let me know and I'll advise you how to get in. But note that the bar will not be a football free zone!

Roderick Hoffman

BA FunRun July 19th 2018 - your help needed #

I've got a total of 15 volunteers lined up for the Fun Run on Wednesday 19th July.  Although that is the minimum needed, I would prefer closer to twenty.  This is the one event each year we do for British Airways staff so I'd like us to do it to the best of our ability.  Therefore if you are available from 16:00, or at the latest 17:00, please let me know.  The races are over by 19:00 but the party is just starting (theme "Country" aka "Cowboy"/"Country & Western").  Volunteers will get a sandwich and a beer or a glass of wine. The venue is Harmondsworth Moor with parking provided next to the old Community Center.

One specific job up for grabs is for a cyclist to cycle round the course several times as lead and tail cyclist - good practice for anyone doing the Prudential Ride London at the weekend?

Roderick Hoffman {}

5th July Dream Mile Results

Chris Kelly 00:05:57Fastest time for over a year
Matt Stratful 00:06:02 Just 1 second slower than last month
Ian Cunningham 00:06:11
Jeremy Short 00:06:14Fastest time for over a year
Toby Houghton 00:06:33First run in 2018, after just one run in 2017
James Greaves 00:06:29 Best ever time, 17 second improvement.
Simon Ashford 00:07:29  
James Morris 00:08:08First run since March 2015
Roderick Hoffman 00:08:21
Mark Caszo 00:09:00 First run

Despite the very hot still conditions we not only had a great turnout of ten runners including Mark Caszo on his first run but we also had James Greaves do a PB and a couple of regulars do their fastest time for over a year. The previously time we had ten runners was as long ago as September 2016 and you have to go back to December 2015 for more with 12.  In previous years the event has twice attracted 14 runners.

This event is held on the first Thursday of each month. The next run is on 2nd August.

Roderick Hoffman

Rosenheim League Results for 20th June at St. Mary's Twickenham #

Results seem to be very slow coming through.

100m Neil Frediani 17.5 Julie Barclay 17.1
200m Neil Frediani 36.7 Jacqui Musselwhite 32.8
800m Paul Watt 2:40.7 Jacqui Musselwhite 2:47.2 Julie Barclay 2:50.9 (non scorer)
1500m Ian Haylock 5:15.5 Julie Barclay 5:56.8
3000m Paul Watt 12:33.7 Ian Haylock 11:14.6 (non scorer)
Javelin Neil Frediani 18.80m (800g)
helper Steve Newell Javelin (M & W)
Steve Newell

Club parkrun results for Saturday 7th July 2018

Christine Munden 33:07 Bath Skyline From last week - First parkrun since joining 49%
7th Julyparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Ian Cunningham 22:54 Bushy Park run #335 67%
Alan Anderson 36:04 Bushy Park run #416, 211th at Bushy 63%
Steve Newell 36:52 Bushy Park run #318, 4th at Bushy 51%
Robert Winning 37:33 Bushy Park MV80 57%
Linda Winning 37:35 Bushy Park WV70 61%
Trish McCabe 27:43 Ashford (Kent) 1st run at Ashford, BApark #419 56%
Petra Otto 38:06 South Bank, QLD 1st parkrun in Australia, BApark #418 54%
Richard Ruffell 21:52 Rushmere run #147, M-5, course pb, club record 71%
Chris Kelly 20:50 Reading best run at Reading this year 73%
Alan Friar 30:11 Reading best run at Reading this year 61%
Ian Cockram 25:05 Leamington 1st run at Leamington 59%
Caroline Cockram 27:16 Leamington 1st run at Leamington, club rec(F) 61%
Alice Banks 26:52 Bedfont Lakes run #121, 3rd at Bedfont 73%
Bob Bannister 28:12 Bedfont Lakes run #319 57%
David Duggan 29:15 Bedfont Lakes run #260 54%
Bob Arnell 35:15 Bedfont Lakes 2nd run at Bedfont, pb 53%
Zoe Ostley 39:22 Bedfont Lakes run #213, 149th run at Bedfont 46%
Anne Bannister 39:23 Bedfont Lakes run #172 49%
Paul Timms 1:00:24 Cirencester tailwalker 25%
Roderick Hoffman 32:03 Clapham Common 1st run at Clapham, park #235 49%
Ben Chaytow 23:08 Crane Park run #197, 168th at Crane 59%
Scott Davison 25:24 Crane Park run #259, 25th at Crane 57%
Jonathan Cox 26:39 Crane Park run #361, 66th at Crane 59%
Benita Scaife 33:01 Gladstone Park 1st run at Gladstone, park #43 59%
John Scaife 33:52 Gladstone Park run #137, 2nd at Gladstone 49%
Joan Foxley 37:25 Rickmansworth 10th run at Rickmansworth 59%
Tony Barnwell 39:51 Wycombe Rye 80th run at Wycombe 48%
Maria Jovani volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director

The rally for runners ď80 and overĒ at Bushy Park attracted over 40 octogenarians (men and women) including Alan Anderson (36:04) and former member Bob Winning (37:33). The late Derreck Brion remains the member with the best result on the all time list, his 29:47 placing him 7th out of 40 men in the MV80-84 group.

The weather was pretty warm in many places in U.K. so Petra Otto (38:06) may have been our coolest runner this week as she broke new territory at South Bank parkrun in Brisbane where it is mid-winter but mild by our standards (19 deg).  Trish McCabe (27:43) visited Ashford in Kent for the first time.  The club total has moved on to 419 different parks (three of which are no longer operating).

The course at Reading has been subject to fine tuning recently and Chris Kelly (20:50) and Alan Friar (30:11) seem to be happy with the latest adjustments and achieved their best times this year.

Richard Ruffell (21:52) was fifth man home at Rushmere, a PB and a new club course record.  Caroline Cockram (27:16) set a new female club record at Leamington.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Chrome map exampleChrome parkrun Extension...

If you have installed the Chrome browser parkrun extension then expect it to upgrade to version 6 next time you run it (or the time after). See for a reminder of how to install this.  Version 6 includes Stats and Maps.  The attached map shows the proportion of each UK regions parkruns I've run with detail opened up for the "East Midland" parkruns - green have been done, blue are to be done. The club's combined efforts are still shown on the Club Google Map (updated last week).

The Stats shown in the extension include some interesting and some not so interesting. So for instance I can see that I once got seven PBs in a row, I've run 25 parkruns so far this year and the most I've done in a year was 50 in 2014, I've run five times at five different parkrun venues (known as the "p index"), the total distance I've "travelled" from my home parkrun to each of the parkruns I've done is 353,774km, the average parkrun lat/lon location is 47.97577,3.69331 which is a location in France, near Fontainebleau parkrun (that I've yet to do) and my "Nearest event not done yet (NENDY)" is South Norwood 27km away.

Roderick Hoffman

Ian Cunningham Claygate winnerClaygate Country 5

There are a handful of benefits to getting older. One of the better ones is jumping up an age group and finding yourself at the younger end of a new category. This allowed me to claim first male "Supervet" (if you need to know how old that makes me youíll have to look the results up!) at this yearís Claygate Country 5. As this is my local race that gives me bragging rights for the next year and now Iíd better focus on retaining my trophy for next time!
Ian Cunningham

Five miles mainly on country paths. Ian finished 48th of 323 in a time of 0:35:32. The winner had an impressive time of 0:26:58, over two minutes ahead of the next finishers.

Ed: I wonder what additional superpowers "Supervet" has? The ability to deliver a calf from a cow without getting one's arm mucky perhaps?

Clipped from The Canal & River Trust newsbrief / website

We believe that running by water gives you even more benefits than your usual jog along the roadside.

We work hard to make sure that our towpaths stay open every day of the year so that they are always there for you when you need them. Make the most of these wonderful free spaces, ditch the road and explore these hidden worlds on your doorstep.

The scenery is better. Letís face it, pounding the pavement isnít exactly inspiring. Why donít you swap concrete for canals this autumn and open your eyes to a whole new landscape. Youíll jog alongside colourful boats, see a cornucopia of wildlife and pass some of the countryís finest examples of historical buildings.

Relax your mind. Our waterways are the perfect place to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Take a run along one of our canals and youíll relax your mind as you exercise your body. You may even find you can run for longer before you feel the burn in your legs.

Youíll get closer to nature. No matter whether youíre in the heart of one of our big cities or out in the countryside, our towpaths are teeming with wildlife. Will you be overtaken by the electric blue flash of a kingfisher or will you get lucky and spot an elusive water vole? {Ed: True - I nearly trod on a toad last week.}

Escape the pollution. Who wants a lungful of car exhaust fumes? Take a run along one of our car-free canals and youíll enjoy far fresher air. Weíre sure youíll feel more refreshed at the end of a canal run compared to your usual road route. 

Some tips for running along the canal

Our towpaths are great places to spend time, so they attract many different groups of people. To make sure everyone stays safe and has a good time please consider these tips when youíre out running:

  • Consider removing your headphones. As well as hearing the wonderful wildlife, youíll also be able to hear other pedestrians and cyclists around you,
  • Itís not the place for sprinting. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our towpaths, take your time and enjoy your surroundings,
  • Watch your head. Some of our bridges can be quite low. Watch your head as youíre running underneath them.

Canal & River Trust

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