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BA Athletics Club News Digest 9th October 2023

Events Calendar - online here

Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2023 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] [parkrun run by club members updated 4th October 2023]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Results for Next Week

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Monthly Mile (please submit your October Mile performance by the end of the month):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the prompt in Facebook. The mile can be somebody else's formal event or even one mile within a longer run. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year: [no need to submit if your best mile is one of the Arethusa miles, I'll check the tables].

Mile Participant Location Date How Measured Duration/Time Comment: e.g. event

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Confirmation - Milocarian Cross-Country 28th October

The Milocarian AC is looking forward to welcoming your runners to Sandhurst on Saturday 28 October.
Details for the day have firmed up.  Please see information below:

Course will be approx. 10km over the undulating, familiar terrain of Barrossa.


  • Arrive from: 0930
  • Race Brief: 1030
  • Race Start:  1100
  • Lunch tfo

Entry to camp should be through the main gate on the London Road.

Parking will be on Victory College Square (by the tank!), signposted on the day.

We need your runners’ vehicle details (Make, Model, Colour, Registration) for gate access by NLT Wed 18 October.

Hugely looking forward to seeing you all there,


Let our team captains know that you are interested THIS WEEK, e.g. at Epsom Downs on Saturday.

Men: > Paul Knechtl

Ladies: > Amanda Coombs

Ed: I've looked up "tfo" and "NLT" and hazard a guess that they stand for "The Forgotten Ones" and "Not Later Than". Only one of these may be correct.

Results: European Master Athletics Championship

As well as Janet and Adrian reported on last week Fiona Bishop was also out in Rome and reports as follows:

Fiona team medalI am over the moon to get a silver in the W60 ladies' team in the half marathon at the European Masters Athletics Championship in Italy. I would have got two more team medals in the cross-county and road walk but unfortunately one of the runners decided [not] to run in the last minutes and therefore a team was not complete in the cross-country and one of the ladies was not well in the walk, but still very happy to get a medal. In all I took part in 5 events:

  • 5km track walk,
  • 8km cross country,
  • 10km road walk,
  • 20km road walk
  • and half marathon.

Fiona Bishop

Rickmansworth parkrun CFp 7th October 2023 #

Rickmansworth parkrun team photo

Left to right: Denis, Steve Newell, Alan, Mark, Graham, John Scaife, Benita, Joan and John Taylor.

Results in the parkrun table below.

Next Club Featured parkrun? Over to you for your suggestions.

Recent Activity Achievements

9 members' achievements were communicated to me, by 14:00 Monday.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Various Cox Green Tuesday: Fast walk plus cycle Cox Green in 10m 24s and 13m 31s. Thurs: Brisk walk Cox Green Park in 30m 8s. Sat: XC fast pace in 38m 57s.
Chris Kelly Running 7.5miles Dunsden Sun 01:15:00 7.5 miles up Dunsden in 1:15, Sunday. XC training - ulp!
David Cowell parkrun 5km Sence Valley Forest Park Sat am parkrun number 3.
Emma Moreton Running 11miles Wed am 11 miles of hills on Wednesday morning before work!
Julie Barclay Running 15km Farnborough Sun 01:20:00 From the Rushmoor polo fields, past Farnborough airfield, through Southwood and Hartland Country parks and back along the Basingstoke canal to complete the loop…
Paul Watt Running 15km Farnborough Sun 01:20:00 ...before commencing number-checker and funnel manager duties at Queen’s Parade junior parkrun. Picture is of Montecute House, Yeovil following Saturday's Frogmary Green Farm parkrun.
Marzia Coltelli  Race Half-M Pisa Sun Pisa half marathon - and expecting Mike Thorn to be waiting for her at the finish with the aperol spritz.
Piers Keenleyside  Race Marathon Chicago Sun am 03:59:23 Ran the Chicago Marathon today (8th October) for the 2nd time. Slight stomach problems and toilet break slowed me down but I just managed a sub-4 finishing in 3:59:23
Roderick Hoffman Running 6.5km Harmondsworth Moor Fri 00:45:31 Exhausted from my Canadian trip I was able to drag myself around a full lap of Harmondsworth Moor, starting and finishing at the stables.


Week achievement photos

parkrun Results for Saturday 7th October and Tuesday 3rd October (German Unification Day)

41 activities are recorded below for Saturday and 6 for last Tuesday. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment / TUE Comment
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 272 21 0:20:27 77.10% CFP: 32nd run at Rickmansworth, best ever parkrun age grade%
Mark TAYLOR Rickmansworth 272 30 0:21:07 77.98% 4th run at Rickmansworth
Graham TAYLOR Rickmansworth 272 224 0:30:14 54.47% 5th run at Rickmansworrh
Denis FOXLEY Rickmansworth 272 246 0:31:01 60.08% 16th run at Rickmansworth, 7s faster on own watch (the time of four places higher)
Benita SCAIFE Rickmansworth 272 279 0:32:25 66.48% 3rd run at Rickmansworth, P-Index is 5
John SCAIFE Rickmansworth 272 280 0:32:26 53.75% P-Index is 5
Joan FOXLEY Rickmansworth 272 374 0:38:18 62.18% 23rd run at Rickmansworth, P-Index is 4
Alan ANDERSON Rickmansworth 272 402 0:47:44 57.09% run #678 altogether, 4th at Rickmansworth, P-Index moves up to 4
Steve NEWELL Rickmansworth 272 405 0:48:05 42.70% 7th run at Rickmansworth
Neil FREDIANI Ashington Community Woodland 12 52 0:30:51 54.89% New BA parkrun #774
David John BIRD Bedfont Lakes 661 9 0:21:47 72.99% first run since April
Bob BANNISTER Bedfont Lakes 661 33 0:26:12 65.20% run #479
David DUGGAN Bedfont Lakes 661 89 0:34:54 47.18% run #482
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 604 240 0:41:20 50.56%
Mike DENNISON Bushy Park 951 103 0:19:54 84.25% Faster by 30 seconds but place slips from 3rd to 103rd (from Tuesday)
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 951 1182 0:32:40 49.54% biggest attendance at Bushy parkrun this year - 19th anniversary of 2004 launch
Fiona Bishop Chalkwell Beach 116 77 0:24:55 81.34% BA Ladies record and age grade record (from Melanie)
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 526 15 0:22:05 65.21%
Paul WATT Frogmary Green Farm 84 8 0:21:15 74.20% First BA male, park #163.
Julie BARCLAY Frogmary Green Farm 84 51 0:25:37 74.69% F5, BA Ladies record and age grade record (from Janet), park #166
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 490 Funnel Manager at Guildford
Harjit Jhooti Henley-on-Thames 248 54 0:40:41 43.92% run #216, park #100, inducted into Cowell Club
Adrian HAINES Horsham 408 4 0:18:52 82.16% run #87, all runs in last 12 months have been under 20 mins
Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Horsham 408 203 0:27:27 65.09% run #144
Maria JOVANI Kingston 630 28 0:20:42 78.26% F2, 9th run at Kingston, P-Index is 8
Paul TIMMS Maidenhead 376 40 0:24:10 66.34% first run at Maidenhead, park #25
Elise LAWRENSON Nonsuch 553 407 0:29:32 55.42% run #240
Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 414 154 0:30:08 53.21% 105th run at Northala Fields
Trish MCCABE Osterley 444 96 0:26:23 60.77% Event 444, other Nelson opportunities coming up most weeks
Oliver MATHAI Osterley 444 122 0:27:46 62.79% Event 444
Frankie HOGGE Reading 611 31 0:21:57 67.43% F1
Murray Hogge Reading 611 32 0:21:57 75.02% forever the gentleman
Christopher T KELLY Reading 611 64 0:23:46 66.34% 410th run at Reading
Ben Kelly Reading 611 68 0:23:57 53.93% 71st run at Reading, P-Index is 3
Jain REID Richmond Park 776 279 0:28:35 64.20% 137th run at Richmond Park
Eddie GILES Salisbury 363 223 0:29:59 62.15% 84th run at Salisbury, first anywhere since July
David Cowell Sence Valley Forest Park 3 9 0:19:53 71.33% New BA parkrun #773, top of his age group (by a full minute) after first three weeks
Melanie Miller Sonsbeek 105 57 0:41:13 43.91% New BA parkrun #772, report writer, John Wright timekeeper
Alice BANKS Southall 87 26 0:27:14 77.91% first run at Southall, park #75
Roderick HOFFMAN Stockley Country 38 Timekeeper at Stockley Country
Janet Smith The Old Showfield 141 138 0:33:25 56.46% On her birthday, best parkrun time this year.
Mike DENNISON Aachener Weiher 171 5 0:20:49 80.54% TUE: park #75, M5. 2nd in age group all-time list,  New record attendance of 92, previous record 81. New BA parkrun #769.
Maria JOVANI Aachener Weiher 171 11 0:21:52 74.09% TUE: F1, best in her all-time age grade list by almost two minutes
Paul WATT Kräherwald 215 18 0:22:03 71.50% TUE: run #264, park #162, 207 finishers, previous record 61 (on event #1).  New BA parkrun #770.
Julie BARCLAY Kräherwald 215 61 0:26:11 73.07% TUE: run #316, park #165
David DUGGAN Volksgarten 146 125 0:35:18 46.65% TUE: New BA parkrun #771.
Melanie Miller Volksgarten 146 142 0:39:20 46.02% TUE: run #162, park #136, New record attendance of 174, previous record 128.

parkrun Review 3rd October / 7th October 2023

Six members were in Germany for the Reunification Day special parkruns (which they have instead of Christmas Day).  Three new events were added to the club list – Aachener Weiher in Cologne, Kräherwald (Stuttgart) and Volksgarten (Dusseldorf).  New attendance records were widespread with many UK parkrun tourists appearing in the results.

The next opportunity to run midweek is likely to be in USA for Thanksgiving in late November but not all parkuns operate so some research is needed.  UK parkrun teams are now planning the Christmas Day and New Year's Day runs.  Details can be found on the website under “special-events”.

The club featured parkrun at Rickmansworth was well attended on a pleasant sunny morning with course and carpark both free of puddles.  John Taylor (20:27, 77.10%) and Mark Taylor (21:07, 77.98%) were in good form which augers well for the upcoming cross-country season. Few, if any other, parkruns have a café within 20 metres of the finish funnel.

Harjit Jhooti chose a challenging venue for her 100th different parkrun venue but certainly chose the right weather for a visit to Henley to take on the hills and narrow paths.

Yet more new parkruns were added to the club collection on Saturday.  First up was Melanie Miller (41:13), still on the continent with a visit to Sonsbeek (Arnhem, NL).  Then it was the turn of David Cowell (19:53) who went to Sence Valley Forest Park in Leicestershire which has only been going for three weeks.  He is top of his age group there, a full minute faster than any other so far.  A little later, Neil Frediani (30:51) finished at Ashington Community Woodland in Northumberland, famously associated with the footballing Charlton brothers.  The club total moves to 774.
Adrian Haines (18:52) was in form yet again at Horsham.  All his parkruns in the last twelve months have taken him less than 20 minutes each.  Frankie Hogge (21:57) was first lady to cross the line at Reading.

Steve Newell


Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

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