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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th July 2017


  • Wednesday 12th July, Vets League, Perivale
  • Wednesday 19th July, Rosenheim T&F, Ewell Court
  • Thursday 20th July, BA Staff Fun Run, Harmondsworth Moor* (see below)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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July Dream Mile Results

06-Jul-17 Matthew Stratful 00:06:17
06-Jul-17 Ian Cunningham 00:06:19
06-Jul-17 Jeremy Short 00:06:35
06-Jul-17 Simon Ashford 00:06:54
06-Jul-17 Roderick Hoffman 00:07:45

A very hot day with a slight tail wind (well, quite a strong head wind when we ran out).

Chris Kelly may also have run on the day albeit after the rest of us had finished.

Roderick Hoffman

August ‘Run of the Month’ Countdown - Black Park parkrun 5 August

As promised/threatened, my weekly promotion to encourage as many of you as possible to come and enjoy the lovely, scenic and fast 1-lap 5k through the pinewood forest alongside the famous film studios.  Last Saturday all the trees along one section had been sprayed white for some winter wonderland filming !  Remember also that my pacer squad will be on duty that day and helping everyone achieve new PB’s.  You can come to run, support or whatever and we can all have a relaxing coffee afterwards.  We are planning a ‘low key’ promotion of BAAC as well.

Our president John Williams remarked how good the weekly digest was at the awards night, where he emphasised how good it is to mention as many names every week …so here’s a few to start with: I’m hearing that Tom Rowley is planning to come and cheer …does that mean that Julie Barclay and Paul Watt will be attending ? Debbie Helsdon told me a little while ago that she lives near Black Park and will cycle over sometime (so why not this time, and bring a few more of the girls with you ?).  Hoping that Alan Anderson will be coming back with an attempt to regain the V80 record, maybe all 3 Taylor brothers (+ Marion) …….and sccchhhh, that parkrun addict ‘Steve Hillier’ since it’s not so far from where he lives (in fact a valid sick note will be required otherwise Steve !).  I know that regular parkrunners will be torn with loyalty to their home courses but this being ‘run of the month’ hopefully will come over so we can muster a large number.  Anyway, I shall be putting up more names next week and a more information about Black Park.

Joe Nolan {}

BA Staff Fun Run - Thursday 20th July

Cancer Research UK logoWe are getting nearer to the date of this year's BA Staff Fun Run at Harmondsworth Moor.  I need more volunteers to commit themselves for 16:30 onwards on that day (or as soon after that time as possible).  We are determined to make the event as big as it can be despite having had the corporate support removed this year. It is also available for friends, family and colleagues to enter as an event - raising funds for Cancer Research UK. 

Volunteers to me at: Roderick Hoffman {}

Enter via:


Little Legs run (under 12s) from 16:30, 5k/10k from 17:30, presentations (so also end of duties) from 19:00.

Rosenheim 5th July Results and T&F in the coming weeks

A small BA men's team gathered at Kingston for the penultimate Rosenheim League fixture on Wednesday.  Regulars Steve Hillier, Ian Haylock and Tony Barnwell were boosted by new recruit, one R. Bannister.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a mile race scheduled, but Bob performed particularly well in the 800m, 400m and Shot.  Ian battled with public transport to get to Kingston, then completed an excellent 1500m and a second place finish in just over 5 mins.  Steve tackled the Hammer and 200m, then joined Tony in non-scoring efforts with lighter shots, suitable for their advancing years!


Ian Haylock V45 1500m 5.05.6  
Bob Bannister V60 800m 3.03.5  
  400m 1.17.4  
  Shot 5.48m 7.26kg
Tony Barnwell V75 100m TBA  
  Shot N/S 5.91m 4kg
Steve Hillier V60 200m 0.36.1  
  Hammer 20.57m 7.26kg
  Shot N/S 7.42m 5kg

July fixtures:

You are very welcome to join us at any of these four events in July:

  • Mon 10th:  Training cancelled, Uxbridge track unavailable
  • Wed 12th:  Vets League Perivale (final event)
  • Mon 17th:  Training, Uxbridge track
  • Wed 19th:  Rosenheim League, Ewell Court, Epsom (final event)
  • Mon 24th:  Training cancelled - Great City race
  • Mon 31st:  Grand Prix, Uxbridge:  800m & Discus

Steve Hillier (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 8th July

8th July family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Paul Knechtl 18:38 Homewood run #13, 1st at Homewood 76%
Duncan Wright 20:00 Homewood run #6, 1st at Homewood 78%
Jeremy Short 23:33 Homewood run #84, 1st at Homewood 66%
Ian Cunningham 24:18 Homewood run #292, 3rd at Homewood 63%
Janet Cunningham 33:32 Homewood run #153, 2nd at Homewood 53%
Neil Frediani 34:31 Homewood run #172, 2nd at Homewood 46%
Alice Banks 27:14 Bracknell run #88, 1st at Bracknell 70%
Ian Cockram 24:08 Ch de P de Bresse 3rd parkrun in France 61%
Caroline Cockram 26:44 Ch de P de Bresse 3rd parkrun in France 61%
Jonathan Cox 22:44 Crane Park run #317, 32nd at Crane 68%
Janet Smith 32:57 Norwich run #68, 1st at Norwich 52%
James Shoulder 20:33 Bedfont Lakes run #17 63%
Bob Bannister 25:44 Bedfont Lakes run #279 62%
Scott Davison 27:03 Bedfont Lakes run #211 53%
Trish McCabe 27:36 Bedfont Lakes run #191 55%
Anne Bannister 28:15 Bedfont Lakes run #141 68%
David Duggan 29:14 Bedfont Lakes run #207 53%
Joe Nolan 28:21 Black Park run #283 58%
John Coffey 27:26 Guildford run #242, 8th at Guildford 69%
Kevin Holland 30:59 Guildford run #80, 8th at Guildford 56%
Piers Keenleyside 23:17 Gunnersbury run #169, 121st at Gunnsbury 69%
Alan Anderson 32:06 Gunnersbury run #465, 240th at Gunnsbury 69%
Steve Newell 36:15 Gunnersbury run #271, 111th at Gunnsbury 51%
Kathryn Keenleyside 53:01 Gunnersbury tailwalker 36%
Denis Foxley 20:19 Harrow run #77 66%
Benita Scaife 32:11 Maidenhead run #80, 42nd at Maidenhead 61%
John Scaife 32:11 Maidenhead run #93, 43rd at Maidenhead 51%
Chris Kelly 20:06 Reading run #343, 273rd at Reading 75%
Alan Friar 27:36 Reading run #234, 157th at Reading 66%
Steve Waite 26:40 Riddlesdown run #7, pb 64%
Tony Barnwell 34:01 Wycombe Rye run #143, 68th at Wycombe 56%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford
Sreeram Sethuraman volunteer Upton Court timekeeper
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park

To conclude the story of the Europa Cup adventure of GAP Connaghs Quay Nomads, they lost their return leg in Helsinki 3-0 (3-1 on aggregate) so they can now concentrate on the pre-season build up ahead of the 2017-18 season in the Welsh Premier League.  Intriguingly the current champions, The New Saints, are based at a ground in Oswestry which is just over the border into Shropshire i.e. England!

Freshly re-elected MP for Twickenham, which includes the whole of Bushy Park, Vince Cable has been suggesting that Brexit may never happen.  The spread of parkrun volunteers now stealthily colonizing the whole of the new Europe and the old British Empire territories will no doubt continue unabated whatever the politicians work out what we thought we voted for by a massive/tiny majority.  This week Ian Cockram (24:08), parkrun ambassador for these parts, and Caroline Cockram (26:44) travelled to the far side of France and ran at the "parkrun du Chateau de Pierre de Bresse", about 60km south of Dijon and not all that far from many famous Burgundy vineyards {Ed: to take in the Tour de France?  Or did the Cockram's deliberately target the current parkrun with the longest name (38 characters including spaces)}.  That turns another tree on the club map from green to red and takes our total up to 344.

Last week’s publication of the updated map brought a reaction from Jonathan Cox, a member since since 2011 (and also a member of Stragglers).  He claimed, correctly, that his run at Cannon Hill parkrun in Birmingham deserved to be recognised as the club record and predated Roderick Hoffman’s appearance there by a couple of years.  It would be good if everyone had a look at the club stats workbook, well the first two sheets anyway, just to make sure their own records are being reflected correctly.  The data is nearly all taken from the parkrun website but with the best will in the world mistakes can be made from time to time especially with second claimers.

This week we witnessed a swarm of members (plus a former member and a spouse) descending on Homewood with several running the new course (Ottershaw) at least for the first time. Paul Knechtl (18:38, 76.45%) set a new club record while Duncan Wright (20:00, 77.5%) was also in excellent form over a course which is not the fastest in the land.  Jeremy Short (23:33) also ran at Homewood for the first time, while Ian Cunningham(24:18) and Neil Frediani(34:31) were also enjoying the dry conditions.  22 members have now run at one or the other(or both) of the Homewood courses with the club record(F) held by  newly elected committee member Trish McCabe(27:41).

A little further outside the M25, Alice Banks(27:14) continued her diamond summer by setting a new  club record(F) at Bracknell.  A little slower than usual?  None of us have found the Bracknell circuit a quick one.

Janet Smith (32:57) set a club record(F) at Norwich on her first visit there.  Janet has now run at 21 different parkruns and nearly always finishes with a smile on her face.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

If you want to promote a special parkrun then let Steve or I know...

There is my 200 tourist parkrun at Beckenham Place on 22nd July and the August 5th Black Park Pacer Day (BA Run-of-the-Month for August).

Roderick Hoffman

Ware 10 Km 9th July

I ran in the Ware 10 Km in Hertfordshire today (9.7.17). It was very hot, and an undulating course made it a bit of hard work. However, I managed a PB for the 10 Km for this year, and ran it in 1:07:12, knocking 51 seconds off. Still a long way to go, but at least things are beginning to improve now.

I can highly recommend this race, which used to be ‘just’ a 10-mile race, but now also incorporates a 10 Km race, which starts 5 minutes before the 10-mile race. Incredibly well organised and very friendly, with homemade cakes, coffee, tea, and cold drinks. Ware Joggers now also pride themselves with chip-timing, and a technical t-shirt. All in all a most enjoyable event!

With kindest regards

Petra Otto

Tom's Diary

Reigate Priory 10k Wed. 5th  a very popular mid week event even with very humid temperature. 459 started. And any member who has ran XC at this venue are well aware of the hilly area.

The course goes out of the park and along the main road heading south for a mile the left to meet the first of the three hills starting at 3k, Julie Barclay then described the one at 5k as “Like climbing a brick wall”, the final one was waiting for them at 7k just before entering the park at 8k around the lake thro’ the woods to finish back where started.

Phil Wicks won in 32.32.  Although very tough and humid Julie pleased with her performance and finished 2nd 0/45 giving away 10 years (OUCH!) and 80th overall in 46.58. Paul Watt finished 118th in 48.46  and was delighted with his run although below par he was pleased because he did NOT walk one step up the big hill.

It was very hot just watching.  Recommended event for anyone living with-in easy reach.

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

  • British Athletics' trivia question (thanks Steve Newell) - who's shoes were worn when the current British Ladies one mile record was set? Answer - no one's shoes.  The British Ladies mile record is still held by Zola Budd who ran barefoot. Not many shoe manufacturers will tell you that.

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