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BA Athletics Club News Digest 10th November 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 19th November - Club Winter Quiz - Concorde/Heston Clubhouse (individuals and teams welcome)
  • Wednesday 26th November - Five Mile Handicap (Club In-house Event followed by social with food) - Heston Clubhouse from 18:00
  • Sunday 7th December - Perivale Five (Run of the Month) - 10:00.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Surrey League Matches - Results of Men's events on 8th November

I've received a couple of reports of this event but I'll hold these over 'til next week due to some issues with the published results. Apparently there were 14 BAAC runners! The next Men's fixture is at Oxshott on the 10th Jan 2015 with a start time of 2.30pm.  The Ladies are in action next - 6th December from midday at Nonsuch Park, Cheam.

Magic Mile 6th November Results

Best Ever Time   Previous Run Time 06-Nov-14 Time Difference Comment
Jeremy Short 00:05:36   00:06:41 00:06:20 -21 seconds
Simon Ashford 00:06:18   00:06:40 00:06:28 -12 seconds
Steve Taylor 00:06:45   00:07:04 00:06:59 -05 seconds
Paul Knechtl 00:04:56   00:05:10 00:05:06 -04 seconds
Bernard Sexton 00:05:20   00:05:39 00:05:38 -01 seconds
James Morris 00:08:10   00:08:10 new participant
Vaneeta Cro 00:14:33   00:14:33 new participant
Dave Bird 00:05:52   00:06:05 00:06:07 +02 seconds
Richard Ruffell 00:05:59   00:06:04 00:06:20 +16 seconds  
Neil Frediani 00:06:34   00:07:15 00:07:31 +16 seconds

There were good weather conditions last Thursday, with the closest we have had to a tail wind for a while. It was slightly across, but did not seem to be in your face for once! Even though the conditions were favourable there were no PB's this week. It was good to see Jeremy back in action after a long layoff and he returned with a very stead 6.20 mile. We did have 2 new participates. James Morris opened his mile account with 8:10 mile and will be looking to get quicker now he has started to run daily. Vaneeta Cro also joined us walking the mile (14:33) on her way back to fitness after a back injury.

Next event - Thursday 4th December

Paul Knecthl

Club parkrun results for Saturday 8th November

8th Nov parkrunner time parkrun comment Grade
Roger Vince 00:22:10 Black Park 73%
Julie Barclay 00:22:26 Woking course pb, club rec(F) 76%
Kerstin Luksch 00:23:27 Gunnersbury 4th/123 female runners 64%
Joe Nolan 00:23:44 Black Park 67%
Ian Cunningham 00:24:06 Bushy Park   62%
Steve Taylor 00:24:32 Osterley Park 19th/91 finishers 61%
Scott Davison 00:24:42 Crane Park run #95 57%
Tony Hird 00:24:57 Gunpowder 59%
Chris Kelly 00:25:23 Reading   58%
Roderick Hoffman 00:26:38 Westerfolds park #95, BApark #139 57%
Ray Hampton 00:27:07 Woodbank course pb, club record, matches Ron Hill 66%
Alan Anderson 00:28:25 Gunnersbury 72%
Piers Keenleyside 00:29:05 Gunnersbury see below 54%
Tony Barnwell 00:29:20 Wycombe Rye 62%
Steve Newell 00:29:57 Peckham Rye, BApark #140, 49th park 59%
Helen Smith 00:30:03 Guildford run #16 62%
Marion Taylor 00:31:12 Osterley Park 54%
Sarah Gordon 00:34:50 Westerfolds 53%
Charlotte Hapgood 00:38:57 Westerfolds run #2 43%
Sreeram Sethuraman 00:42:50 Upton Court tail runner 31%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking

Some key names are missing or ran slowly due to the Men's cross-country later that day - so two of the fastest three finishers were ladies.

Roderick Hoffman continued with his world tour and visited Westerfolds, a north eastern suburb of Melbourne, accompanied by both of his sisters - Sarah (based in UK) and Charlotte (based in Australia).  That was his twentieth different parkrun in a row and takes his total tally to 95 different parkrun venues.  Meanwhile, back in London, Steve Newell concentrated on the local targets and visited Peckham Rye where the parkrun only started in mid-summer and set a new age category record.  Those two new parks take the club total to 140.

Ray Hampton provided the provincial contribution this week with a course pb of 27:07 at Woodbank (Stockport) which takes him level with marathon legend Ron Hill over that particular 5km course.

Julie Barclay improved her time (and female club record) to 22:26 at Woking where Tom Rowley was again a volunteer. Julie also thanks former member Malcolm Field for advice and encouragement.

Updated parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Peckham Rye was Steve's 49th different parkrun and tourist number 50 will be at Brockwell Park next Saturday 15th November. It will also be the completion of his London Boroughs mission. All club family parkrunners are invited to join Steve at Brockwell. The park is at Herne Hill and is promoted as being a simple to follow two lap course on wide concrete paths. The start and finish is near the Lido and we'll go into the Lido afterwards...for coffee and breakfast at the Lido cafe. Use Brixton underground station, Hearne Hill station or drive to postcode SE24 0PA. Tell me if you need a lift - Roderick

Piers Keenleyside reports: After struggling with a hamstring problem at last week's NYCM I took a 6 day break from running in the hope that it would clear up. No such luck! Did a 29 minute parkrun yesterday at Gunnersbury. Started slowly but as my left ham-string felt fine  increased my pace and started moving up the field getting to the half-way point in about 11:15. Heard the time being shouted out and thought I had a chance of going sub 22. A couple of minutes later and bang - my hamstring went and I submitted to walking the next 0.5k or so. Managed to pick thing up a bit for the final stretch up the hill to the finish.

parkrun growth update: There are now over 500 parkruns in the world including 300 in the UK (including over 180 that club members are yet to run) and now 100 in Australia. Updated BA parkrun map: {some parkruns may have been missed}.

New York Marathon - 2nd November 2014 - more results and report

Ian Cunningham 3:41:29
Piers Keenleyside 3:53:06
Lissa Pritchard 4:04:52
Gemma Waddington 4:13:29
Joe Nolan 4:14:24

Gemma Waddington writes "I also did NYC this Sunday - 4:13:29! 1st ever marathon! :-) It was windy though! Made it tough to get your time but so enjoyable none the less! A fantastic race!"

Reflecting back to last w/e I think that I enjoyed the NY course better than any of the others I’ve done – I was totally absorbed in the sightseeing on route, had plenty of space around me, and the crowd support was overwhelming and atmospheric but it didn’t seem claustrophobic like London!  I have always liked NY and enjoyed seeing many new areas.

The weather was meant to have been the most brutal in recent years, according to reports and runners who had done it before.  The strong winds were already forecast the day before but during the night the organisers issued warning of severe cold (0 to 2 degrees C) and wind conditions (30 to 40mph gusts), and that they were removing a lot of hoardings and signage at start/along course/end for safety and recommending to dress warm.  Done a bit too much walking around town on the Friday, after going to the Expo for registration, and feet started suffering the horrible recurring ‘plantar fasciitis’ again.  On top of that, must have slept at an odd angle and woke up with a bad back ache and crick in neck such that I couldn’t turn my head without pain, so that was a good start to the big day and indeed troubled throughout the run – I seem to have a very feeble and fragile body !  Coach to the start was held up in the busy traffic and I only just got to my designated start line corral in time for the cutoff – in fact I didn’t, but along with other protesting ‘latecomers’ allowed in just in time for the cannon blast.

I had two long sleeve running tops plus a thick fleece on for the start, and gloves (but forgot to bring a woolly hat), and was still freezing – didn’t even discard the fleece until 7 miles and even then regretted it for a while – the second top came off about halfway and the gloves stayed on as the hands were frozen throughout!  The first mile across the very long and high Staten Island suspended bridge was horrific as the gusts were blowing me backwards and 3ft sideways at times – it was a bit scary and I actually thought that I could be scooped up and blown over the side a few times!  Although a number of ‘strategic’ walks, I was maintaining my target 9min mileing pace fairly well despite the conditions for my target time of 4 hours which was realistic following some reasonable training/good recent performances/ and all the pacing work.  (My previous marathon PB was 4h09m in Berlin !).  Cruised comfortably to about 14/15 miles where the grueling and gloomy long Queensboro Bridge took a lot out of me, although the fantastic crowd coming off that lifted my spirits.  It was getting tough but plodded on until several attacks of the stitches around 19 miles but have learnt to deal with these nowadays. Approaching 20 miles, having been going northwards so far, I was looking forward to turning south and getting a tail wind to boost my pace….but it never came …instead it seems to be a side swirling gusting – hmmm ! Hip joints started to ache really bad and started thinking better book some replacements when home (!) so it became hard going with some mini-recovery walks as damage limitation policy had to take over.  At 22/23/24 felt pretty sickly but that’s usual by then but the nearing end cheered me up, albeit a pretty feeble final walk up that very unfair hill in Central Park at the end …but got there – 4h14m24s  - actually very happy with that considering the conditions.  Heard a report that the leaders were down 20s/mile, and that would slow them by about 8/9mins, and for many ‘more normal runners’ times were down by 15/20/30mins so I think I had it in me to have achieved my targets, but was beaten by the weather !  Didn’t like the ridiculous 2 mile exit route after the finish in the freezing cold wind as it was nearly dark when I fell into my hotel room but managed to muster myself quickly to go out locally for recovery beers.  Great medal though, and name in the New York Times on Monday – roughly about 19,000th out of 50,000+  which put my ageing bones a reasonable bit above average ! Oh well, onwards plod …back to parkrun next Saturday !

Name dropping time ....went to NY with Mike Gratton's 'team', and ran some miles with him Friday morning (he won the 1983 London mara amongst much else), crossed the line and shook hands with 'finisher greeter' Kathrine Switzer (always be best known as the woman who, in 1967, challenged the all-male tradition of the Boston Marathon and became the first woman to officially enter and run the event), wandering (er…hobbling) around the streets the day after saw winners Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany being escorted to a press conference and shook his hand, and David Bedford was on the same flight back ! Wonder if any of their magic will rub off on me ...probably not !

Joe Nolan

Boston Half Marathon 12th October 2014

You may be interested in adding this info about my recent visit to Boston on the 12th Oct for the half marathon. It had always been my ambition to run this race and my wife Elaine and I flew out there on the 10th for the Sunday race.  We stayed at the Ramada which provided a free bus to the metro station where the runners were picked up and taken by shuttle buses to the start in Franklin Park near the Fenway stadium. The race itself was all in the park which was very up and down and finishing in the George White stadium after passing through the Boston Zoo.

It was a fine day around 6 degrees for the 8.30 start. Very similar to London with segregated pens. It took me 17mins for the first mile with the heavy congestion of 6,211 runners trying to get through the start.

After the initial beginning I soon got into my stride and although the course was undulating, over the course of the next 6 miles I was able to reduce my mileage times considerably.  My aim was to try and achieve a chip time of under two hours. Although this did not materialise I nevertheless was able to maintain an even pace throughout the rest of the race especially going uphill at10 miles and then through the zoo with the front runners coming down the opposite direction. A bit demoralising as they had only 1,000 yards to go and I had two and half miles.  Nevertheless with the last 500 yards downhill I was able to finish in, for me, a reasonable time of 2hrs 9mins.

Despite being up and down I would recommend it. The weather was great very autumnal and a picturesque course. The organisation was superb and their was enough food and drinks for the runners twice over. Afterwards shuttle buses which were always there at the finish ran us back to the metro station to make our way home .

All in all it was a very good day especially when I found out I had come third in my age group in front of numerous 60 as well as 70 year old.

Best Regards,

Tony Barnwell

"Running" Shorts

BT Tower Ascent 31st October 2014

Having completed the ascent of the 842 steps of the BT Tower on Oct. 31st, I would like to report that it was fun, as well as hard work. We started at one minute intervals, and were not allowed to run (H&S I guess).  Most of the other 170 participants looked much younger, & did it quicker, but the chip timing(!) placed me as 135th of the 171, with a time of 12' 32 or 752 seconds. There was champagne, & a grand view, at the top (the former rotating restaurant, 34th floor), & there was a lift down.

I don't recommend trying to beat the time of the fastest, one Patrick Gallagher, since he did it in 5'34" = 334 seconds, or two and a half steps/second!

Knee survived OK, so next step is to try walking down a hill, then running again.

I raised, thanks to a lot of generous people, a grand total including gift aid of around Ł500 to aid the work of Action on Hearing Loss.

David Barnard

Singapore Airlines Charity 10k 2nd November 2014

Daniella, my sister and I were in Singapore earlier this month not just to do the parkrun but also to take part in the Singapore Airlines Charity races. I did the 10k and finished in a slow 65 minutes - I was OK up to 5k but then the heat and humidity got the better of me. Daniella and my sister did the 5k and did good times though that race was not officially timed.  The events themselves were very well organised which bodes well for WARR in 2017 since Ghana from Singapore Airlines, and the main organiser for the charity race, has offered to host WARR in that year.

Roderick Hoffman

Although I should have known better I ran the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon on Sunday. I should have stayed in bed - did a PW of 2:08:22! The hamstring problem {see above} got a whole lot worse but I'd paid my money and didn't want to give up the chance of getting another medal to add to my collection (in an old shoe box)! Still it was a great scenic course and the weather couldn't have been much kinder for this time of year. I wouldn't have thought it a PB course but about 10 Ealing Eagles managed to bag a PB.  

Piers Keenleyside  

London Marathon - Club places will be allocated during the first week in December.  If you need one and haven't applied for one yet, please let me know straight away.   Also if you have already received an entry through the ballot or good for age, please could you let me know?

Thanks, Steve Hillier

Retired Runners Lunch

Thursday 4th December, Barnes Bridge, 12.30 p.m. (for 1 p.m.)

contact Steve Newell

New Year Resolutions: Please send me any updates on this year's new year resolutions and/or information on the resolutions that you SHOULD have set.

Roderick Hoffman

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