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BA Athletics Club News Digest 11th June 2018


  • Wednesday 13th/27th June - Last Heston Runs - for 19:15 finish (see below)
  • Sunday 17th June Concorde Five Mile Road Race 11:00 Cranford Community College #
  • Monday 18th June T&F Vets League Battersea 18:30 #

We are still meeting at Cranford Community Centre most Wednesdays for an informal run from 18:00, including June 6th. From July we will be meeting at the Bedfont & Feltham Football & Social Club.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Brian Forrester

Last week we had the sad news of the passing of Brian Forrester.

I joined the club in 1983, the year after I joined BA, but I was focused on my own running and my O.R. (Operational Research department) running colleagues so it took me a while to get to know the characters that ran the club. But I got to know Brian.  Brian was the guy who was in charge of the ticket desk in Terminal One, the guy we went to to discuss ticketing. I do recall making several trips from Hatton Cross into Terminal One and asking for Brian at the desk. And he was always there, or rather he would be in the back office and when summoned he would emerge holding a batch of airline tickets - one of which would be in my name. So clearly that is the way to get known and remembered - to be the giver of tickets, and in later years, chocolate bars.

It is sad news, that we will no longer have Brian amongst us, standing by the finish recording our times, handing out chocolate bars in the club house afterwards.  But in truth we lost that Brian a couple of years ago.  I visited Brian in hospital and at the nursing home, including on the Thursday before he died, and it was clear to me that he didn't want to live and that baring a miracle cure for his malaise he wouldn't be with us for much longer. I was prepared therefor, for the news when it came, and could see that whilst it is sad news for us, for Brian himself, it is a relief.

Roderick Hoffman

See last week's digest for details of Brian's funeral and gathering of friends.

Roderick Hoffman (Chairman/Communications)

Concorde Five medalConcorde Five #

We need 15 regular marshals to run this event smoothly and I've currently only got a guarantee of 11. If you can spare time next Sunday morning between 9am and 12am please let me know: Roderick Hoffman {} - or if you can coerce one or more friends or family members.

The marshals I know of are:

In key roles:-

Myself, Tom Rowley, Steve Newall, Steve Hillier, Steve&Marion Taylor, Jas' refreshment teams,

Regular marshals:-

Jagjit, JoeN, JohnC, JoanF, ColinH, TraceyM, HarryW, JohnW, NeilF, DavidD, GrahamT

Please let me know of any others.

Provided there isn't a swarm of on-the-day entries there will be a well deserved Concorde Five medal for each of the marshals.  If there is a swarm of on-the-day entries we'll provide an alternative reward.

The event also needs club runners so please notify Steve Taylor {} if you are planning on turning up but haven't yet entered.

Roderick Hoffman

Last Chance Heston this Wednesday and on the 27th June

With moving away from the Cranford Community College we will be moving away from our traditional runs, runs that we have been doing for thirty years or more.  For that reason we will be using two of the last Wednesdays this month to do some traditional runs.  The map below show some of these - it doesn't matter what course you do but try to ensure that you finish at around 19:15 - so for instance if you think that you can keep up a ten minute mile pace then you could start the "Concorde Six" at 18:15. If you wanted to do the "Concorde Ten" at about that pace then you'd have had to start it at an early 17:35.

Please start and finish at the end of Crane Lodge Road (leading to the old Concorde Centre).

After the run we can shower and change at the Cranford Community College and then go to the Queen's Head - in the garden if the weather is favourable. 

Heston Runs

Bedfont Membership

Our first evening in the Bedfont Club will be Wednesday July 4th.  I will be requesting membership of that club from BA Clubs for the following individuals, plus anyone else who contacts me in the next day or so:

  • AlanA
  • BenitaS
  • ChrisK
  • GaryR
  • GrahamT
  • HarryW
  • JohnS
  • MichelleG
  • MikeT
  • NeilF
  • PaulB
  • RoderickH
  • SteveH
  • SteveN

Others are welcome to attend, but will either need to arrange membership themselves ( or be signed in each evening they attend and pay full bar prices.

Roderick Hoffman

Dream Mile 7th June 2018

Dream Mile finishersGood conditions, dry and less headwind than usual made for some good times.

We welcomed Roderick back after his enforced break and his time has improved by about 30secs. On his second run James Greaves improved his time by 22secs (he didn’t need me to show him the way this time ). Ian and Matthew got close to the first sub-6 run here for 13months and Ian beat his time at the previous night’s Arethusa mile in Bushy Park by 3secs. We welcomed Tony Dolphin for his first run, apparently he could go sub-5 40 years ago so his first target was to get less than double that.  Well done Tony. Steve Hillier continues his improvement having run faster at every run so far and Steve Taylor continued his recent improvement after injury.  I went sub 7 for the first time at this run in over 2 years (I think).

7-Jun-18 Matthew Stratful 0:06:01
7-Jun-18 Ian Cunningham 0:06:07
7-Jun-18 James Greaves 0:06:46 pb
7-Jun-18 Neil Frediani 0:06:57
7-Jun-18 Steve Taylor 0:07:19
7-Jun-18 Roderick Hoffman 0:08:04
7-Jun-18 Steve Hillier 0:08:28 pb
7-Jun-18 Tony Dolphin 0:08:59
7-Jun-18 Steve Newell 0:11:25

Also thanks to Joe Nolan for turning up to take the end-of-run photographs. After dipping to a small handful of people we are now bolstered by attendance from more ex-BA people, sometimes outnumbering those still employed by the airline, and have a group of 12 or so ‘regulars’. Anyone is welcome - next run July 5th.
Dream Mile June Results

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 9th June 2018

9th June 2018 family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
advance warning Gunnersbury no parkruns during July 2018
Dave Dixon 17:39 Hackney Marshes best parkrun this year so far 86%
Julie Barclay 21:58 Woking age cat record (W55) 81%
Lucy Baglin 33:08 Woking Grandchild of Tom Rowley / 1st run 45%
Naomi Geffen 33:08 Woking Grandchild of Tom Rowley 45%
Barry Walters 22:09 Prospect Park park #29, club record 72%
Chris Kelly 1:03:54 Umhlanga 1st stroll at Umhlanga 23%
Caroline Yarnell 22:22 Curl Curl best parkrun of 2018 83%
Richard Ruffell 20:49 Rickmansworth course pb 74%
Roderick Hoffman 28:41 Bedworth run #300,1st at Bedworth, club rec 54%
Piers Keenleyside 38:48 Evesham run #200 42%
Joan Foxley 39:01 Harrow run #100 56%
Ian Cunningham 21:07 Bushy Park run #331 73%
John Coffey 27:32 Hazelwood 12th consecutive week at Hazelwood 70%
Paul Watt 21:37 Woking run #77, 4th at Woking 70%
Oliver Mathai 24:55 Gunnersbury run #51 67%
Alan Anderson 34:25 Gunnersbury run #512, 279th at Gunnersbury 66%
Chris Evans 23:01 Bedfont Lakes run #204 65%
Benita Scaife 30:49 Maidenhead run #114, 62nd at Maidenhead 65%
Neil Frediani 25:04 Bedfont Lakes run #199,sb at Bedfont Lakes 65%
Paul Timms 24:07 Cirencester course pb, club record 64%
Steve Taylor 24:46 Gunnersbury run #92 62%
Ian Cockram 23:53 Bedfont Lakes run #435 62%
Scott Davison 23:49 Bedfont Lakes run #255 60%
Denis Foxley 29:00 Harrow run #104, 90th at Harrow 60%
Alan Friar 31:08 Reading run #249, 162nd at Reading 59%
Trish McCabe 26:28 Bushy Park run #239, 14th at Bushy 58%
Bob Bannister 27:55 Bedfont Lakes run #315, 263rd at Bedfont 58%
David Duggan 28:46 Bedfont Lakes run #256,sb at Bedfont Lakes 55%
John Scaife 30:50 Maidenhead run #133, 64th at Maidenhead 54%
Sarah Gordon 36:33 Crosby run #194, park #96 53%
Steve Newell 36:37 Gunnersbury run #314, 127th at Gunnersbury 51%
Tony Barnwell 40:19 Wycombe Rye run #167, 78th at Wycombe 48%
Zoe Ostley 37:59 Bedfont Lakes run #209, 147th at Bedfont 48%
Anne Bannister 46:00 Bedfont Lakes run #171, tailwalker 42%
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford finish tokens

Dave Dixon (17:39) was our best runner this week as he powered out and back along the track at Hackney Marshes to be fourth over the finish line.  That was his best time so far this year after nine outings.  Dave’s pb at Hackney is 17:10 and was achieved on his first run there back in 2015.

Julie Barclay (21:58) had another birthday this week and celebrated in style by running straight to the top of the rankings in her new age group at Woking.  Proud coach Tom Rowley can no longer claim to be twice her age (or even half her speed!).  Those over 80 are invited to run at Bushy Park on 7th July and can claim a glass of Prosecco at the finish line.  Order in advance: .

Richard Ruffell (20:49) achieved a course pb at Rickmansworth where Mark Taylor holds the club record with 20:20. Barry Walters (22:09) was our first male runner to try the new course at Prospect Park (west of Reading).

Chris Kelly was a long way from Reading this week and took it very easy at Umhlanga near Durban in South Africa ahead of his attempt run in the Comrades (double) Marathon the following day.  See report of that adventure elsewhere. {Ed: Dave Dixon is labelled as our "best runner" so surely Chris is our worst? It does mean that those colleagues with "59:59" to their name know that there is someone in the record books with a slower time than them. Incidentally Chris' average parkrun time from 385 parkruns is 21:16 so over three times faster than his time on Saturday}

Former member Caroline Yarnell has entered for WARR this year and is warming up nicely through the Australian winter. Her 22:22 at Curl Curl in Sydney this week was her best of the year so far.  I assume once she starts drawing her pension she will be eligible to run for BA once again.
There were milestone runs this week for Joan Foxley (39:01 at Harrow) – 100 parkruns, Piers Keenleyside (38:48 at Evesham) – 200, Roderick Hoffman (28:41 at Bedworth) – 300.  We wish all of them the best of luck with the next 100.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

And Chris says

Hi Steve,

Very steady stroll up/down/back up Umhlanga beach parkrun today, ahead of Comrades tomorrow. Beautiful beach below Oyster Box hotel in front of the Lighthouse.

Dave Dixon Chris Kelly parkrun performanceThere were times when it was tight getting the 905 runners past each other on the first out and back section, but the spirit of parkrun got us all through ok. I was talking to regular tail walker Pauline, who lives here, but has done Reading previously! Small world.

Cheers, Chris Kelly

Dave vs Chris

I looked up Dave Dixon and Chris Kelly's parkrun achievements according to the Chrome utility. Chris wins hands down, now also even having a slower time than Dave (Dave's 36:45 was the previous slowest between them - achieved when Dave arrived over fifteen minutes after the start for his first parkrun).

But - what is the Green Badge that they have in common? Showing an alarm clock stuck on 09:00? That is the Groundhog Day badge awarded to any parkrunner who achieves exactly the same time at the same venue on consecutive runs. Both Dave and Chris have achieved that. It is a badge I will never win since I intend never to run at the same venue in consecutive weeks.

For the Chrome utility see: 2nd April back issue

Roderick Hoffman

And where has Adrian been? Nashville Music City Distance Carnival 2nd June

Just returned from Nashville after competing in a BA vest for a one mile track race. A very enjoyable elite event. My race was with some Masters and a lot of college kids. I ran a season's best of 4:40.08. Maybe a BA M50 mile record !!!

Hot and humid. In fact the temperature recorded was 32 degrees at 6 pm.

Adrian Haines

Just in - Comrades V2.0

This year I have been in thrall to the imperative to return to South Africa to run the Comrades Down Run from Pietermaritzburg back to Durban. Although it is called the Down run, it should perhaps be more accurately called the "Mostly Down" run, entailing the descent of 7100 ft as well as the ascent of 5100 ft amongst the 56miles.

Supposedly, it can be a faster run, but is probably a more painful one. Spurred on by the idea of posting a faster time I ran a steady London Marathon, taperless, and kept training, and enjoyed the Green Belt Relay, but not too much. 

We were based in Durban for the expo and  transferred up to Pietermaritzburg on Saturday afternoon, for a relaxed early night, to be up at 3 for a hearty breakfast, where I met Joyce from Kenya, who declared that we were entering a war zone! She was fun, and not wrong, and considering that she managed 10:24 one impressive 64year old lady. 

Comrades MedalsAll I can say about the race at this point is that it was harder than I remembered from last year...  Same great start, great support, hilarious banter amongst the locals, runners, terrific water stations, coke suppliers, people handing out oranges, potatoes, salt, literally, and together. But it cannot be ignored that it's a long way, on hard roads, and my legs are not happy.

Still, I persuaded (forced) them to keep going/shuffling to get under 11 hours, and claim my most valued medal - the back-to-back. 

I think it's the most amazing event. When people go past you with green numbers, and the number of medals on are in the tens, twenties, thirties and forties, it's a humbling experience. Hopefully good. But for now the jury is out. We shall see.

Chris Kelly

Comrades Result:

  •  Christopher Kelly,
  • British Airways AC,
  • Distance 90.184km,
  • Time 10:29:15,
  • 7,921st of 19,058 starters,
  • 841st of 2506 starters in category,
  • Medals: 2 (see picture).

Cranford Community College Event - 14th July

Dear Community User,

We would like to invite you and your family to the Cranbury Festival on the 14th July.  The day will be a mixture of activities, food and fun.  The activities include:

Drama & music performances / Bhangra dancing / Story telling / Film making workshops / Magic show / Puppet show / Jagdip Randhawa Memorial 7 a side football tournament / Rolla Dome / Badminton / Tai Kwon Do / Boxing / Touch rugby tournament / UV dodgeball (teams battle it out in the dark with UV balls and bibs) / Face painting / Food stalls (Mad Hatters tea party) / Craft stalls / Watch the 3rd /4th Place World Cup game on the Big Screen in the Concert Hall / And much, much more………

If you are interested in putting forward a team for the football tournament or if your club would be interested in having a stall or demonstrating what they do please let me know via email.

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested in attending.


Alan Fraser {}, Director of Community Development

Tom's Diary

On Sun. June 3rd at Ewell Court in the Surrey Master Champs saw some very good racing and field event performances. Janet Smith competed from 11.30am in 5 field events out in the very sunny centre arena that can get uncomfortable. I watched from the side of track at some of Janet’s events and Janet came away with 4 Silver and one Gold Medal. Was 2nd in the Shot Put with 8.61 + 2nd in Weight Throw with 14.42 + 2nd in Discus with 30.66 + 2nd in Hammer with 44.98 and a Gold in the Javelin with 20.58.

Julie Barclay had the race of her life in the 1500m, leading from the gun with another girl in her slip stream for 1400m who then made a burst but Julie was not having that after doing all the work from100m out it was a dead heat and crossing the line the judges gave them the same time of 5.47.55 then during the afternoon the meeting referee came around to tell Julie after studying the photo/timing it gave Julie as the winner by 1000th of a second so she took a Gold. Later in the 800m she finished 2nd in 2.50.14.

Paul Watt had a successful Champs by running a PB in the 1500m of 5:30.24 that earned him a Bronze and in the 800m ran a SB of 2.38.66 that gave him a Silver.

In the Vets League at Perivale Paul lowered his 1500m time as shown in Steve Hillier’s match report.

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

  • Dear Ed. New XC route for me. Longer, and more field 'paths' and a time of 37:40.  P.S. On my way I 'said' a word to Brian.  Andy Rayner.
  • Apparently nobody else did anything of note.

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