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BA Athletics Club News Digest 12th October 2015


  • Saturday 17th October - Milocarian XC RMAS, Sandhurst (mapped*)
  • 20th to race day 23rd October - World Airline Road Race Dubai (mapped*)
  • Wednesday 28th October - Winter Handicap race one (mapped*, see below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

*Club Event Map:

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Information / ideas for digest or map - Roderick Hoffman

Winter Handicap - October - Wednesday 28th

The start of this year's winter handicap will be on Wednesday 28th October.  Details will follow next week but in the meantime you might like to check out the course on the club map.  The start and finish is at Heston Venue.

Club Map

Men's Cross Country Roundshaw Downs/Common Match 1 of the Surrey League 2015-16

Having discovered that team captain Gary Rushmer was unavailable, I stepped in at short notice to organise the team for the first Surrey League fixture of the season  to be followed a week later by the Milocarian match for which team details had to be submitted a week early. The Surrey league also required that runners be registered on the team page of the new website with dates of birth or England Athletics registration numbers to enable correct age categories to be assigned to runners and for speedier declaration of teams and results. I soon discovered lots of good runners were unavailable and nearly persuaded Rod "I never do cross country" Hoffman to run but he must have got wind of the fact that it was 5miles instead of 5k.

Anyway it was a relief when race day arrived and I could stop hassling people by email. We had a team of 7 (10 could score), 3 of whom were not back to full fitness. I thought that our team were unusual being based in Middlesex and running in the Surrey League but I noticed among the 10 teams (up from 6 or 7 teams last year) were Fulham and Fleet Street Runners (or are they street runners from Fleet?)!  The race took place on a lovely afternoon twice round the flattish Roundshaw Downs. Four other teams only had 7 runners like us but Fleet Street could only manage 4 including the division 4 race winner!   Paul Knechtl as nearly always was our lead runner home in 6th place and our team ended up in a creditable 6th place.

Four of us (myself, Paul, Mark and John) ran 2 years ago at Roundshaw, we were all slower this time, the other 3 were recovering from injury, I thought I was in good form but set off too quickly and was 2:30 slower than last time and came an ignominious last of all the race scorers but that was 8 points better than all the non-scorers and I did beat a few people who were beyond their team's 10 scorers.

Full results are at:

Thank you to all who turned up (especially Richard who made a round trip of 130miles and Matthew for getting there by public transport) and I hope to see a few more of you (it really is the best thing you can do on a wintry Saturday afternoon!) at Epsom on November 7th and thank you again to Paul Knechtl for providing coffee and cakes.

Individual Results

Pos Points Num Name Age Group Club Time
6 6 552 Paul Knechtl  V40 BAW 29:24
32 32 554 Bernard Sexton SEN BAW 32:42
35 35 555 John Taylor V50  BAW 33:10
37 37 553 Richard Ruffell V50 BAW  33:13
41 41 550 Matthew Stratful V40 BAW  33:42
49 49 556 Mark Taylor V55 BAW 34:34
88 82 551 Neil Frediani V55 BAW 42:02

Division 4 Match Results

Pos# Club Points Scores
1 RMD 311 11 13 18 20 23 31 40 48 53 54
2 WOK 414 2 15 22 27 50 55 57 59 61 66
3 FUL 420.5 8 9 12 19 28 30 43 * * *
4 VAC 445 4 24 25 26 44 46 58 60 77 81
5 WIN 507.5 3 5 14 21 52 69 72 * * *
6 BAW 553.5 6 32 35 37 41 49 82 * * *
7 BAR 575 17 33 36 47 51 56 75 79 * *
8 LIN 599 10 29 63 64 65 67 73 74 76 78
9 EPO 638.5 38 39 42 45 62 70 71 * * *
10 FSR 665 1 7 34 80 * * * * * *

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 10th October 2015

10th Oct 2015

Family, Friends,+





Alan Anderson 30:04 Gunnersbury 159th run at Gunnersbury 70%
Julie Barclay 23:03 Frimley Lodge 75%
Bill Byrne 20:10 Old Deer Park 1st place 76%
Claire Byrne 25:34 Old Deer Park course pb 67%
Caroline Cockram 29:21 Bedfont Lakes run #199 55%
John Coffey 25:05 Woking 73%
Jonathan Cox 21:20 Bushy Park run #252 71%
Ian Cunningham  23:23 Nonsuch 9th run at Nonsuch 65%
Scott Davison 22:27 Bedfont Lakes run #132 63%
Alan Friar 25:46 Reading run #175 69%
James Glover 23:49 Guildford 12th run at Guildford 62%
Roderick Hoffman 28:44 Gadebridge park #126 53%
Kevin Holland 29:24 Poole 10th run at Poole 58%
Chris Kelly 20:51 Harcourt Hill park #25, club pb 71%
Kerstin Luksch 21:17 Gunnersbury 70%
Geoff Miles 29:28 Osterley run #250 56%
Steve Newell 30:04 Harrow course pb 59%
John Scaife 24:57 Brundall BA park #199 65%
Sreeram Sethuraman 25:32 Upton Court run #61 52%
Jeremy Short 24:05 Osterley run #72 63%
Fiona Smith 32:04 Harrow run #17 48%
Steve Taylor 23:57 Gunnersbury 15th run at Gunnersbury 63%
Barry Walters 21:41 Bracknell run #37 74%
Caroline Yarnell 22:32 Curl Curl run #8 (last week) 79%
Monica Alonso volunteer Guildford finish token support
David Duggan vovolunteer Bedfont Lakes first time run director
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow timekeeper
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow finish token support
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford Funnel Manager
Sharon Kassemzadeh volunteer Cassiobury timekeeper

The start of the cross country league season saw some of the regular parkrunners keeping their powder dry for later in the day. Between them our volunteers managed an entire set of finish area duties.

Former member Bill Byrne (20:10) has been running at Old Deer Park recently and this week achieved a rare first place.

Barry Walters (21:41) made his first appearance at Bracknell since his 60th birthday and jumped into his new age category listing there in second place.  Something to work on.

John Scaife (24:57) extended the club's list of parkruns to 199 with a run at Brundall Country Park (near Norwich).  That time puts him 2nd in the
V60 list there. 

Roderick Hoffman (28:44) tried a new course for him at Gadebridge (Hemel Hempstead) and found it hard work.  For the fourth time in the last couple of months Steve Newell made a return visit to a course tried earlier in the year and came away with a much improved time - this week 30:04 at Harrow where the Foxleys were on duty at the finish.

Geoff Miles (29:28), event director at Osterley, duly completed his 250th parkrun in what appears to have been a very leisurely pace.

One result missed last week was Caroline Yarnell enjoying some early spring sunshine at Curl Curl in Sydney where her 22:32 was worth 79% on the WMA scale.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Race to Two Hundred?

I expect to run at a new parkrun for the club next week so that will guarantee that the club reaches 200 parkruns. 

Why don't you join me by being somewhere else too?  The club map shows as green trees all of the parkruns we haven't yet attended and you can use Google to get travel times and directions. The map also has links to each parkrun page.  Some parkrun tourists learn from bad experience that they need to check that a distant parkrun is not cancelled before they turn up at it. Last Saturday one tourist learnt by turning up at Clermont Waterfront in Orlando to discover that the event was off!  My recommendation is to check the parkrun Volunteer/Future Roster page - no one rostered may mean no event.  If this page isn't populated at all then check the news page or search for the parkrun's facebook page. I can't remember the last time I found a parkrun without an active facebook page.

Which new parkrun will I be at? I don't know, I'll consider my options on Friday evening and decide then - but my target is a flat tarmac course.

RoRoderick Hoffman

Marathon Results

Marathon Place Overall Place Gender Place Division Name (CTZ) City, State BIB Division HALF Finish
Chicago 15484 10217 152 Nolan, Joe (GBR) Staines Upon Thames 3352 60-64 01:54:09 04:18:09
York 1191 1036 41 Piers Keenleyside   1290 M55 01:51:21 03:53:32

"Chicago is a lovely marathon. Going well at halfway, looking sub4, got very warm but ongoing groin strain got awful." Joe Nolan

"My marathon today was today not good. My drink problem was to blame! I've always like a drink in moderation (but admit to a bit more than moderation when a student!) but for the last 20 or so years I can't drink more than a pint or glass of wine without getting ill and sometimes get ill even with less drink. Saturday was one of those days! I stupidly had a 330ml bottle of Italian lager beer with my American Hot pizza at the York Pizza Express overlooking the river on Saturday lunchtime! I was then ill in the early hours of Sunday - sweating in bed, terrible headache and then throwing up! Unable to eat any breakfast and then threw up again when my brother, Miles, dropped me near the start at about 7:45! Felt bad all way round and my right knee was quite painful for the last 10 miles. Perfect running conditions, dray, cool and quite sunny but with lots of shade - shame I could not make use of them! I finished in 3:53:32." Piers Keenleyside

Meet the Committee - Neil Frediani - Events Secretary

Neil Frediani

I first joined the BAAC in 1984/5 and ran for 2 or 3 years (my best performance was a 1:29 half marathon in Leighton Buzzard in 1985), I also attended 3 WARRs London, Atlanta and Washington before retiring hurt after too many niggles which were probably brought about by playing squash, badminton, hockey, cricket etc. During the next fifteen years I cycled and swam and was active in the raising of 2 children and had 4 back seizures so started to do yoga to try and improve things. A job move to Waterside in 2002/3 gave me easy access to a gym which enabled me to build some core strength and start running again indoors and then the BA Fun Run. A few years later I rejoined the club and eventually ran a couple of half marathons in well over 2 hours, discovered parkrun in 2008 and cross country in 2009. I am still no good at cross country but love it. Last year I knocked 40mins off my previous half marathon time running 1:51 and this year ran my first Marathon.

My role on the committee is to compile the new diary of events. Sometimes this is just by adjusting dates from previous years, sometimes researching new events to add, liaising with others re dates of league events, committee mtgs. AGMs etc., finding links to websites for events. Sometimes organisers keep you guessing until very late regarding the dates of their events especially where they are club team events rather than public races.  I also attend committee meetings and marshal at club events and marshal for the club at London Marathon related events.

Neil Frediani

Retired Runners Lunch

ThThis year's Retired Runners Lunch will be at the Black Lion, 2 Black Lion Lane, Hammersmith on Tuesday 8th December at 12.30 p.m.  Numerous travel options for bus pass holders and car parking is not impossible.

If you haven't done so already please contact Steve Newell to register interest.

Frieth Hilly - it's not long now (Sunday 18th October, 5k and 10k races)

Only a week to go before the glorious Frieth Hilly kicks off and you kick back and get into your stride. The pre-race maelstrom of nerves and excitement settles down and before you know it, you're flying down the hill to Fingest with the sun on your back and valley laid out before you.
The race is on Sunday 18th October at 10am, from Frieth.

  • Don't forget to enter at 
  • Don't forget to bring some cash for legendary sausage sandwiches, a cuppa and home-made cake afterwards
  • Don't forget to book your kids into our crèche run by fully qualified child-carers. Please call 07928 186738
  • Don't forget to enjoy it!
  • Don't forget to note your time from the club clock as you finish
  • Don't forget - The 10k isn't called "Hilly" for nothing! (the 5k is flatter).

We can't wait to see you.

"Frieth Hilly" 

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