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BA Athletics Club News Digest 13th February 2017


  • Wednesday 15th February - Heartthob Hash - Heston Venue from 18:00* (see below)
  • Wednesday 22nd February - Winter 5 Mile Handicap followed by BAAC 2016 Awards Evening (food provided) at the Heston Venue from 20:00*
  • Sunday 5th March - Berkhamsted Half & 5M Fun Run* (see below)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Heartthrob Hash 15th February 2017

Please register at the pavilion at Heston Venue by 6 p.m.

The format of the evening will build on the successful formula used on 10th February 2016 with a preliminary stretch and warm-up on the grass by the pavilion. After a gentle jog to the Air Pioneers estate inside the Brabazon Estate to the south of Cranford Lane we will complete a familiarisation lap.

The main effort of the evening will be an interval training exercise for teams of two and lasting approx. 20 minutes and so runners should pace themselves accordingly. The event works best for all concerned if the pairs are made up of runners (A, B) of similar ability regardless of gender. Runners wishing to include some steadier marathon training can choose to take a longer route back to the club afterwards.

The roads (pavements) used for the exercise are shown on the club Google map. Zoom in to the Heston area.  Point “X” is the junction of Johnson Road and Sopwith Road. Point “Y” is the junction of Sopwith Road and Cobham Road.

  • At the start of the exercise, “A” runners are at point “X” and “B” runners are at point “Y”. The aim is for each (relay) team to complete ten clockwise circuits with handovers (touch of hands, no batons) taking place at points X and Y.
  • Runner “A” runs the first leg from point “X” via Johnson Road, Bleriot Road and Cobham Road to point “Y”. The first leg is approx. 240m. After the handover, runner “B” runs the second leg via Cobham Road, Whittle Road and Johnson Road back to point “X”. The second leg is approx. 280m. While runner “B” is running the second leg, Runner “A” repositions back to point “X” along the length (115m) of Sopwith Road ready for the next handover. After the handover, Runner “B” repositions back to point “Y”.
  • The pattern is continued until the team has completed four circuits.
  • Runner “B” can now walk slowly to point “Y” as Runner “A” now runs round to point “Y” but instead of handing over, runs another complete circuit (a total leg of 760m) and then hands over to runner “B”. Runner “A” now rests at point ”Y” while runner “B” runs round a complete circuit (a total leg of 520m). After the handover, runner “B” jogs to point “X”.
  • The roles of runners “A” and “B” are now reversed with “A” running from “Y” to “X” and “B” from “X” to “Y” until the team has completed ten complete circuits ending at point “X”.

Overall, “A” and “B” runners run under pressure for similar distances but the patterns are subtly different. Something to discuss before agreeing who will start the team off.

To prevent leading runners and helpers getting cold hanging around too long on what may be a cool evening, it is suggested that once the leading team has completed the ten circuits all lapped teams should stop when the “A” runner next reaches point “X”.

Steve Newell

Ed: After the event we will be visiting the Queen's Head for refreshments.  The Queen's Head is normally considered easier to find than any of the points mentioned above.

Surrey League Cross-Countries - Results

The last of this season's league matches took place at Farthing Downs in Coulsdon on 11th Feb.

Ladies Cross Country Scene

The morning outlook wasn't too good with sleet snow promising a muddy course. The sleet gave way to snow and it was chucking it down as the runners lined up at the start line.

We had a full team turn up with new member Shelly joining us for the time, and Mel making a 70-mile round trip just to be with us. That's dedication, thank you Mel!

Deby led our team home followed by Shelly, Mel, Alice and Helen. The good times recorded by our ladies put us at 21st out of 34 teams on the day.

Tom was there as usual, with Paul, and it was great to see Roderick who came after running the Hove parkrun and a ride up the i360!

And what is cross country without a little picnic afterwards, despite the snow ❄.

Clara Halket (team captain, cheer leader, facilities and catering)

Roderick adds - The picture above shows the last 800m of the course.  The far right point was a very challenging section, I was surprised not to see more slipping over, then the course went behind the camera position, from right to left, then down the hill to the flags where the runners expected the finish to be.  But it wasn't, instead they had to do an additional 400m loop which whilst looking flat probably wasn't. I overheard many runners cursing the course setters!  It was great to see a full BA team for this event - turning out for the longest and most challenging of the season. That must say something about our ladies!

Pos# Points Num Name Age group Club Time
1 1 2354 Rose Penfold SEN FUL 0:31:06
46 46 2085 Deby Helsdon V40 BAW 0:38:34
53 53 2842 Julie Barclay V50 WOK 0:39:03
87 87 2093 Michelle Garratt V50 BAW 0:42:46
99 99 2094 Melanie Holman V40 BAW 0:44:31
124 124 2083 Alice Banks V60 BAW 0:47:50
145 145 2295 Janet Cunningham V55 EAL 0:51:26
151 151 2092 Helen Smith V60 BAW 0:52:53
160 160 ... ... ... ... 1:03:53

Ladies Cross Country TeamLeft to right - Helen, Mel, Alice, Deby, Clara and Shelly.

On the day the BA team was 21st of 34 teams.  For the season they were 27th out of 42 teams.

And the men (at Lloyd Park)...

Pos# Points Num Name Age group Club Time
1 1 970 Steven Blake SEN WOK 28:08:00
36 35 567 Gary Rushmer V55 BAW 34:56:00
40 39 559 Chris Kelly V50 BAW 35:15:00
49 46 555 John Taylor V50 BAW 36:33:00
80 71 550 Matthew Stratful V40 BAW 40:54:00
83 74 562 Jeremy Short V55 BAW 41:35:00
90 80 566 Graham Taylor V55 BAW 42:43:00
112 94 551 Neil Frediani V60 BAW 50:34:00
114 95 594 unknown athlete BAW 54:57:00

On the day the BA team was 10th of the ten teams.  For the season we finished 8th.

Chris Kelly and Gary Rushmer appear to have finished the season as 1st and 3rd leading individuals in the 50+ category.

British Airways Athletics Club Annual Awards Ceremony - Wednesday 22nd February

On Wednesday 22nd February we will be holding our annual awards ceremony.  You are very welcome to join us at the Concorde Club (Imperial College Heston Venue) to celebrate the achievements of club members during 2016.   Who will be the athletes of the year?  Who will win the coveted Alamo trophy?

Come and relive our cross country, parkrun and WARR achievements and more.  Please be there by 8pm.  Bring your appetite!  Food will be provided!

Steve Hillier obo the whole committee

The next Five Mile Winter Handicap run is from 18:00 before the main event.  All are welcome - even if you haven't run one of these five mile runs yet.

RunTogether initiative with new baRunner club site

"RunTogether" is a new initiative by England Athletics to encourage and develop new runners.  They want affiliated clubs (like us) to provide welcoming opportunities for new runners to join in and we have decided that we will give it a go.  We have nothing to lose and the payoff for us could be new runners joining the club - which would not be a bad thing.  So we are currently promoting from April a starter session for the first Wednesday of each month (this will be the second Wednesday in May to avoid the Speedbird Ladies race) and the Dream Mile runs.  If this is successful we would look to offer one or more weekly events from July - perhaps a midweek run on Harmondsworth Moor or at Bedfont Lakes?

The launch website for this initiative is at .  Please visit that website and, if you want to, please register for one or more of the runs - it would be nice to see some apparent demand even if only from the regulars.

Any thoughts on this or suggestions for additional events that we could promote - let me know.

Roderick Hoffman

The March Run-of-the-Month is the Berkhamsted Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run - Sunday 5th March

For those who enjoy hills (see below) then don't forget to enter the Berkhamsted Half or the 5k "Fun" Run:


On-line Entries: runnersworld

Roderick Hoffman

Club parkrun results for Saturday 11th February

11th February family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
James Shoulder 21:49 Bedfont Lakes run #8 59%
Chris Evans 24:10 Bedfont Lakes run #156 62%
Ian Cockram 25:14 Bedfont Lakes run #380 58%
Caroline Cockram 29:37 Bedfont Lakes run #260 55%
David Duggan 29:56 Bedfont Lakes run #187 52%
Sarah Gordon 41:21 Bestwood Village 1st run at Bestwood, park #78, Bapark #320 46%
Ian Cunningham 23:45 Bushy Park run #276 64%
Lesley Chamberlin 23:59 Bushy Park run #154, parkrun pb 78%
John Coffey 26:50 Bushy Park run #226 71%
Jonathan Cox 22:59 Crane Park run #300 67%
Ben Chaytow 23:34 Crane Park run #160 58%
Trish McCabe 27:55 Crane Park run #173 55%
John Lennon 31:36 Crane Park run #241 49%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford barcode scanning
Kerstin Luksch 21:32 Gunnersbury F-3, run #212 70%
Alan Anderson 31:15 Gunnersbury run #444 69%
Steve Newell 37:18 Gunnersbury run #252 48%
Steve Mansfield 37:53 Gunnersbury first ever parkrun 41%
Piers Keenleyside 46:00 Gunnersbury tail runner 35%
Denis Foxley 26:21 Harrow run #65 65%
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow finish tokens
Roderick Hoffman 25:45 Hove Promenade 1st run at Hove Promenade, park #185, BApark #319 60%
John Scaife 25:13 Maidenhead run #74 65%
Chris Kelly 23:14 Reading run #325 64%
David Barnard 41:30 Tring run #2 49%
Kevin Holland 31:21 Woking run #72 57%
Alan Friar 27:44 Woodley run #225, 62nd at Woodley 65%

The triple whammy of cold weather, school half term and cross country leagues restricted the parkrun attendance nationwide to just under 90,000 last Saturday.

There was a notable performance by Lesley Chamberlin (23:59, 77.55%) at Bushy Park, an all time parkrun p.b. for her, ducking under the 24 minute mark at the 154th attempt.  John Coffey(26:50) was also at Bushy Park running in his new age category for the first time while David Barnard (41:30) returned to Tring again after a gap of over a year for what may turn out to be his last appearance in that category before moving up another rung.

Jonathan Cox (22:59) was at Crane Park which is fast becoming his new favourite course to reach the finish line for the 300th time.  200 short of the next T-shirt but a landmark nevertheless.

Roderick Hoffman (25:45) was right by the seaside at Hove Promenade which no member had tried out before.  Sarah Gordon (41:21) made a first visit to Bestwood Village (Nottinghamshire).  The club total has moved on to 320.

The news has reached us this week that the long awaited Rickmansworth parkrun will finally get off the ground next month.  Once it is established we'll suggest a week for us to descend on it mob handed and make a bit of a splash... (and, oh yes, the course is at the Rickmansworth "Aquadrome" and goes round a lake!).

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

Shared use of Parks

The House of Commons report into park usage has been published - see

Hove parkrun sweepingThis says lots of positive things on the value of parks and the need to continue to make them available to everyone.  parkrun is mentioned, and many positive things are said, but one can get the impression that parkrunners are a nuisance - parking inconsiderately and making a mess [in comparison there is no reference throughout the report of dogs creating any mess]. Sadly some of the national press have picked up on the idea that parkrun generates litter.  All we can do is continue to do our best to be considerate to other park users and continue to point out the improvements that parkrun deliver to parkrunners and the parks themselves - the photo shows a parkrun volunteer clearing the shingle off Hove Promenade prior to Saturday's parkrun - performing a service for all citizens of Hove and Brighton.

Parking is becoming a bigger issue as parkruns grow in size.  If you need to drive then please use the recommended parking locations at all parkruns (even if it costs £££).  This is particularly true for Wycombe Rye where the Lido car parks are now full up by about 8:30. Alternative car parking can be found at Railway Place and Easton Street car parks, and there is also parking available at the Council Offices car park on Easton Street.

Roderick Hoffman

Valentines 10k Chessington - 12th Feb 2017


Hoping you have thawed out after our BA picnic at Happy Valley during the freak snow storm.

A small report from the Valentines 10k Chessington on the 12th:

BA had four members running among the 500 plus in this very popular event.  A well organised event with plenty of marshals     A one lap course that takes some planning as the hills are definitely in the wrong places (as usual), the biggy after 2/3k but being still strong enough to handle then 1-2 little ones for fun thrown in but then the killer between 8/9k not a very welcome one - although not to the winner Scott Overall (0:30:39).

At the 9k mark Paul was 40.26,  Ian 40.45, Julie 41.04.  I did not get Janet’s time as I had moved on.

BA first home was Paul Watt in 45.14.  Paul hoping to duck under 45.00 but still very pleased with his performance.  Next along was Ian Cunningham a yearly regular over the course was just seconds behind Paul in 45.43.  Ian when passing Julie Barclay around 7k gave her encouragement to hang on to him so Julie did her best as asked and finished 15 sec. adrift in 45.58.   Carrying 2/3 niggles she will now be resting for four weeks with exercises and aqua running only.

Ian’s wife Janet finished nicely relaxed and managed the hills very well to finish well under the hour in 57.57.

Tom Rowley

Published results:

Place Time Name Team Category Number Chip Time Grading
1 0:30:39 Scott Overall Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC Senior Men 1 0:30:39 88.00
84 0:45:24 Paul Watt Woking AC Veteran Men 50-59 435 0:45:14 67.25
94 0:45:53 Ian Cunningham British Airways AC Veteran Men 50-59 94 0:45:43 67.65
98 0:46:09 Julie Barclay Woking AC Veteran Women 45-54 20 0:45:58 75.85
283 0:58:34 Janet Cunningham Epsom Allsorts Veteran Women 55-64 95 0:57:57 60.94
429 1:33:47 ... ... ... 290 1:32:35 47.39

Wokingham Half - 12 Feb 2017

Cool conditions at today's Wokingham Half - alright during - and the wind was side-on - but cold before and after.

I saw Dave before and after, and saw Ian during, but couldn't catch him. Colin said Hi, and we had a quick chat on his way past me, and he set off after Ian. It looks like he chased him down - and it could have been a pretty tight finish on the Line! Well done fellas!

Pos    GunTime     Runner           Club                         Category            Bib     ChipTime   AgeGrade%
306 1:30:07 Colin Haylock British Airways AC Vet Men 45-49 437 1:29:28 71.46 
307 1:30:11 Ian Haylock BA Bro Vet Men 45-49 1212 1:29:44 70.87
414 1:34:14 Chris Kelly British Airways AC  Vet Men 50-59 471 1:33:48 70.51
640 1:41:27 David Bird Runnymede & BA Vet Men 50-59 1253 1:40:13 66.04 
990 1:52:24 Lee Jenkins British Airways AC Vet Men 40-44 1271 1:49:23 55.60

Chris Kelly

Harrow Hill 10k Race - the New Dream Mile?

Pos. Bibno. Finish time Chip time Participant Category Club Speed Pace
1 95 36:07 36:05 Oliver Hill MS Finch Coasters 16.61 km/h 3:36 min/km
7 148 38:59 38:57 Stephen Norris MV45   15.39 km/h 3:53 min/km
156 97 1:01:33 1:01:20 Roderick Hoffman MV55 BRITISH AIRWAYS AC 9.75 km/h 6:09 min/km

207 finishers.

I I had deliberately chosen the previous day's parkrun to be flat - my Garmin trail reported an elevation gain of 0m over the 5k distance on Hove Promenade. The contrast with the Harrow Hill 10k is that it reported a 162m gain.  30m of that is in the first half mile as you climb half way up the hill.  You then bare left looping down to the bottom again and then climb all the way up - so this time a 50m climb and you are barely one mile into the run.  The good news is that you then have long downhill stretches to enjoy, though there is a second lap to come which includes another full climb of the hill.  And on that second lap you also realise how much uphill there is on the flat stretches!

Although about a minute faster than last year my time for the 10k distance is nothing to write home about - but my Garmin watch did announce at the end that I'd set PBs during the run - for the 1k and 1mile!  And that despite me having used the watch for the last couple of Dream Mile runs.  Like I say - the downhills can be fun.

Roderick Hoffman

Another week, another Marathon

I spent another day in the wilds of Surrey running the Punchbowl Marathon for the 5th time on Sunday 12th February. I completed the 31 miles in 7:35 - over an hour slower than the last three years - but then I was not carrying a half-full S backpack. Weather was cold and grey with low cloud spoiling the views - but at least it hardly rained. Got a bit of sand training done as the ground round this part of the world is very sandy - we were often running on sandy tracks for a kilometre or more.

Piers Keenleyside

Chichester 10km - Sunday 5th February

Chichester 10k runnersThis is before the start of the Chichester 10km.  I have done this race a couple of times in the past but they had a new course this year.  The start was at Goodwood Motor circuit.  The first 6km was a loop round the villages surrounding Goodwood and the final 4km was on the motor racing circuit.  That part was pretty windy as was so open.  It is a pretty flat course though it is advertised as undulating.  From someone who hates hills, there weren’t any that I would call a hill!

The organisers had under-estimated the parking which caused a 30min delay to the start.  Whilst waiting around trying to keep warm, I spotted the BA vest of Gary!  He was with another BA person but I didn’t know him [Ed: Presumably Mark Turner].  I didn’t see Gary afterwards.  He was probably in his car on the way home when I finished!  My time was 1:08.44.

I would definitely recommend this race but get there early because of the parking.

Janet Smith

Pos Bib Time Fname Sname Club Gender Gend_Pos Class Class_Pos Chip_Time Chip_Pos
189 138 41:17:00 Gary RUSHMER British Airways Male 169 M50-59 12 41:10:00 196
631 2096 50:26:00 Kimberley TURNER British Airways Female 123 F40-49 42 49:53:00 660
716 139 51:54:00 Mark TURNER British Airways Male 567 M50-59 102 51:21:00 752
1592 2252 01:10:32 Janet SMITH Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow Female 624 F50-59 127 01:08:44 161604

Non-Running Shorts

  • Please be aware that there is a varsity event on Saturday March 4th 2017 and the Heston Venue / Concorde Club & Sports Hall will be closed. Venessa.
  • There is an England Athletics sponsored "Women in Coaching" event on 8th March with Julie Dodoo near London Bridge Station. Details:

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