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BA Athletics Club News Digest 14th April 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Saturday 19th April - Club One Hundred parkrun target (see below)
  • Monday 28th April - T&F Grand Prix: 1000m and Triple Jump - Uxbridge Track (see below)
  • Thursday 1st May - Magic Mile - Bath Road 12:45

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Club parkrun Results for Saturday 12th April and Club 100 push

Assuming as always that everyone has paid their club subscription (min £9 due on 1st April, hint, hint!) BArunners are now on the brink of a century of parkruns.  Two new venues were run this weekend - Ian Cunningham and Eddie Giles were breaking new ground at Canterbury and  Yeovil Montacute respectively (see below for Yeovil report).  Both Steve Newell (Hampstead Heath) and Roderick Hoffman (Roundshaw Downs) ran at new parkruns for them but not new for the club.  This leaves the club poised at 99 parkruns. This holiday weekend there is the opportunity to pass the first 100 mark by running somewhere different for a change.  News of how we all get on, next week.
Three of our members ran at a sensible pace on Saturday and then completed the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday with respectable times - Chris Kelly, Piers Keenleyside and Kerstin Luksch.
Many of our members would list Black Park among their favourite parkrun courses even with the difficult to avoid £2.50 car park.  This week an unprecedented 521 runners took part even though Joe Nolan was resting up ahead of the Marathon! There were also record attendances at Guildford (including Monica, William and Julie but not Alastair who was timing) and Pymmes (44!) and even close to the course Mile End to suggest that the Marathon weekend acts to inspire parkrun attendance.

Updated parkrun stats:  

Roderick Hoffman / Steve Newell

100 different parkruns - the big push on Saturday 19th April

Updated map showing parkruns to be done:  We've done 99 different parkruns. This means that there are around 290 parkruns worldwide that we haven't run, 160 of these are in the UK and 11 are within the M25 - so no excuses, get out and run a different and new parkrun this weekend!  Let me or Steve know if you intend to do a different parkrun that day and we'll coordinate - to avoid individuals turning up at the same "different" parkrun.


London Marathon Sunday 13th April 2014 Results

If this picture doesn't display correctly this is probably because of your network security policies.  View the website copy instead.

Place overallPlace gender Place category Name Club Runner no Category HALF Finish time Note
34071 12165 787 Knight, Annette 54425 50-54 02:49:33 06:17:30 Best listed endurance
32723 11348 1329 Goodridge, Louise Jane 9176 45-49 02:44:28 05:54:13
31554 20816 802 Modaher, Jasvir singh 54413 55-59 02:31:30 05:41:18
31258 20676 406 Bloomfield, Colin Frank Briti... 20788 60-64 02:13:00 05:38:29 "Charlie Chaplin". Most senior.
30950 10418 1766 Sissons, Emma Louise 54429 40-44 02:32:34 05:35:48
29189 19625 1683 Turner, Mark Edward James 54422 50-54 02:14:24 05:21:50
28647 9297 1114 Mills, Tracey 54427 45-49 02:32:03 05:18:03
25234 7703 1361 Coltelli, Marzia 54426 40-44 02:30:51 04:57:47 Negative split (faster in 2nd half)
22736 6577 1152 Grundy, Celia 14742 40-44 04:46:42 BA Staff - Customer Programmes
21772 15621 531 Nolan, Joe 54416 55-59 01:59:44 04:42:29
21625 6102 1072 Turner, Kimberley Michele 8222 40-44 02:12:04 04:41:44
21145 5912 3526 Sole, Catherine 54428 18-39 02:16:54 04:39:45
20731 5760 3435 Luksch, Kerstin 54432 18-39 02:12:03 04:37:57
19973 5472 966 Latter, Elizabeth 54414 40-44 02:05:16 04:34:23
17447 4515 570 Reeves, Jenny 17984 45-49 04:23:56 'BA Staff Product and Service
14272 10880 5594 Maskell, Chris 42489 18-39 01:58:27 04:11:01
14183 3351 430 Sparrow, Gill 1901 45-49 04:10:39 Ex BA Now Emirates
12566 9744 4977 Taylor, Steven 43924 18-39 01:50:34 04:03:35 Imposter, see next line.
11901 9287 839 Taylor, Stephen Keith 54419 50-54 01:54:42 04:00:27 Target 03:59:59
10815 8538 771 Taylor, Graham Briti... 23956 50-54 01:43:52 03:56:42
8437 6843 631 Ruffell, Richard 54418 50-54 01:49:23 03:47:39
8321 6759 628 Rushmer, Gary Briti... 7178 50-54 01:38:48 03:47:04 Target 03:20:00
8111 6600 3271 Mussai, Francis Jay 54431 18-39 01:41:15 03:46:13
8025 6549 609 Timms, Paul Edgar Stroud D... 7107 50-54 01:51:34 03:45:49 CSD Target 03:45:00
7266 6017 1237 Haylock, Ian 54424 40-44 01:44:53 03:42:26
6390 5368 1119 Haylock, Colin Anthony   6137 40-44 01:51:35 03:38:02 Negative split
4104 3628 101 Keenleyside, Piers 54417 55-59 01:35:34 03:24:31 7 days after Paris Marathon. Target 03:15:00
3861 417 265 Ruffell, Natalie 29790 18-39 01:39:51 03:22:41 Fastest lady listed
2679 2458 396 Kelly, Christopher Briti... 32771 45-49 01:34:37 03:13:18
1775 1668 375 Knechtl, Paul Briti... 32345 40-44 01:25:48 03:04:51 Fastest at half way
1279 64 11 Glover, James Richard 26529 40-44 01:28:38 02:59:11 Fastest listed

Those listed above are BAAC members, BA staff or linked to the club or the airline in some way. Apologies to anyone missed.

On behalf of both the British Airways Athletics Club and the VMLM race organisation, I'd like to thank you for all your hard work on Sunday at the 34th running of the London Marathon. There were almost 140 volunteers marshalling the 6 crossing points; Marsh Wall in Docklands, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, Storey's Gate, Queen Anne's Gate and Spur Rd. Initial feedback indicates that the crossings again worked extremely well.

On your behalf I'd like to specifically thank Roderick Hoffman, Stuart Glover, Natalie Lang, Barry Walters, Eddie Ketterick and Paul Brandon for team leading the crossing points and Trevor Plows, Alan Friar and Steve Hillier for over-seeing sectors 6 & 7 but be assured, without everyone's help the day would not have been as successful as it was. For my part I was supporting Steve on Sector 7 and really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to some of you and put a 'face to a name' after months of e-mailing you! We got away around 6pm (after seeing the 7:30hr 'course closed' vehicle come through) and by the time we were dropping the radios and megaphones back at the finish, the baggage trucks were packed up and ready to go, indicting another successful event had reached it's conclusion. I can't claim credit for the weather but I think it was appreciated by the helpers and spectators (but maybe not the competitors!).

Each year we're asked to provide feedback to the organisers, so can I ask the Team Leaders to send their feedback to either Trevor Plows for sector 6 or Steve Hillier for sector 7. I'm sure you're all tired but you should reflect on a job well done and after you've had time to recover, I hope I can look forward to your help again next year as you certainly made my life a lot easier again this year. I'll be starting recruitment for the 2015 VMLM (26 Apr 2015) in January 2015, so if interested in helping again drop me a line then (not now please as your e-mail may get lost!).

If you think you might now like to run the marathon (don't forget they'll be lots of training required!) then the Club gets a certain number of guaranteed entries and the fact that you've helped pushes you up the list. You do however need to apply through the official ballot and have received a 'rejection' before being considered for a place. The official ballot opens on Tues 22 Apr but be quick, as this year's quota of 125000 applications filled up in less than 12 hrs. The VMLM website contains more details on the ballot (       

Regards, Simon Turton
BAAC VMLM coordinator 

More Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Members and Friends,

I know that this is coming on the back of a very hectic day at the London Marathon, and I hoped that those of you who ran and marshalled have recovered somewhat. We have another couple of events coming up that require many volunteers to help out. If you are able to help, please can you let me know either via or contact the editor of the this news digest who'll pass on the information to me.

1.    Speedbird 5K - Wednesday, 14 May, Harmondsworth Moor  (10-15 volunteers required including at least one first aider and a lead cyclist)

This event starts at 7pm, however volunteers would need to be there by about 6pm to be briefed and allocated positions. The course will be the same as last year. Tom Rowley is helping to mark the course out on the day, and if anyone is able to accompany him round the course at about 4pm, it will be great. Unfortunately I finish my training at 5.30pm at Cranebank and will only be able to get to the location around 6pm.

2.    London BUPA 10,000 - Sunday, 25 May, Hyde Park  (32-35 volunteers required)

We are again marshalling part of the course at the request of the London Marathon organisers. At this point, I do not have further information although I don't expect much change from last year. Please let me know if you are able to help. We will be organising transport from Concorde Club to the venue and back to Concorde Club. We usually get t-shirts and lunch too and are finished by about 1pm.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.  Clara Halket

Prudential Ride London 2014 Sat/Sun 9/10 Aug: BAAC and friends provided marshalling teams in Central London on both days in 2013 and we have been asked to do so again by the London Marathon organisation, who help to co-ordinate the event. If you'd like to help please contact Steve Hillier ( 

Track & Field - the new season is upon us

Hi Everyone,

The 2014 track season starts on Monday 28th April with our 1st Grand Prix - 1000m & Triple jump, starting from 6pm at Uxbridge track.

Also the 1st Rosenheim track league starts on Wednesday 30th April; this event is at Kingsmeadow , starts at 6.45pm.

Hope to see you there.  Eddie Giles

Winter Five Mile Handicap Series Results - with times

Date Race Name Handicap Actual start Clock at finish run time Time gap from handicap Points this month Total points
26-Mar-14 6 Gary Rushmer 31:09 31:00 00:11 30:49 00:20 9 59
26-Mar-14 6 Roy Lilley 31:00 31:00 00:14 30:46 00:14 10 10
26-Mar-14 6 Chris Kelly 31:41 31:30 00:16 31:14 00:27 8 26
26-Mar-14 6 Richard Ruffell 33:21 33:30 00:20 33:10 00:11 11 74
26-Mar-14 6 Steve Taylor 38:05 38:00 00:53 37:07 00:58 6 13
26-Mar-14 6 Steve Newell 49:30 49:30 01:32 47:58 01:32 5 35
26-Mar-14 6 Alan Anderson 52:13 52:00 01:52 50:08 02:05 3 8
26-Mar-14 6 Harry Wild 40:44 41:00 02:10 38:50 01:54 4 15
26-Mar-14 6 Steve Hillier 50:28 50:30 02:22 48:08 02:20 2 19
26-Mar-14 6 Roderick Hoffman 43:24 43:30 02:55 40:35 02:49 1 22
26-Mar-14 6 Piers Keenleyside 33:11 33:00 59:13 33:47 00:36 7 49

Full Handicap Results spreadsheet

Yeovil parkrun

I hope everyone that went to the London Marathon had a great day , with lots of stories to tell I am sure, I couldn’t be there this year because the date fell on Mother–in–laws birthday and lives 10 minutes from Yeovil Montacute parkrun.

We stayed in Montacute village on Friday, and her birthday at the village pub was duly celebrated that evening. On Saturday morning , surprisingly no hangover, walked 50 metres to the entrance of Montacute house and joined all the other runners to the start.

At the back of this magnificent house is the park, There is the Avenue of grass and trees going upwards, I thought, surely not, going to start uphill, so as the starter said ‘go’ we were off , yes, you guessed it, uphill. Up & up then turn to the right through a coppice of trees up & up& up to the top along the back edge Of the park then, wow, run down the entire avenue with this magnificent house bang in front of you With a light blue sky for background. I was stunned.

At the bottom of the hill at 2K turn left and go up, up, up along the right side of the park till the top edge again  but this time continue on to the left hand side of the park downhill. The course is all grass and muddy still , so keeping footing was important. At 4.5K it climbs uphill at least a 1in 3 grassy muddy slope (how cruel is that). The lady running by the side of me had a dog on a lead, the dog now doing paw spins and moving sideways, I had to laugh. Loads of dogs with their owners here , Mia would have been very much at home here!! A sprint finish on the only flat 50 metres of the course, saw the lady and the dog off by 3 seconds.

A  truly testing course but when people at work say to me, why do you run, you are too old for all that, I now say just look at the Yeovil Montacute parkrun facebook site and click on’ news’ you will see a stunning picture of the start, as we all run up the hill and the view in stunning.

I think this why we all do it.

Eddie Giles.

This was the club's first parkrun starting with the letter "Y".  For the other letters still to be done "Zary" is in Poland but there are two "Ipswitch"es or "Inverness" waiting just for you this weekend!

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