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BA Athletics Club News Digest 15th April 2013 - 2013 London Marathon

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

  • Sunday 21st April - London Marathon - good luck to the 20 runners and 120 marshals (and don't forget the Marshals briefing on Thursday 18th from 19:00 at the Concorde Club)
  • Wednesday 24th April - Test run of the new Concorde Five Mile course - as many runners and marshals as possible wanted. Concorde Centre from 18:00.
  • Saturday 27th April - Club Featured parkrun - Bushy Park for 09:00 - Ian Cunningham could be doing his 100th!

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.

The full events diary is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

London Marathon Club Marshalling Overview

The 33rd running of the London Marathon is almost upon us and BAAC will have 140 marshals out on the course this Sunday. The Club runs five crossing points, or Disley Shuttles (named after John Disley, a founder of the London Marathon). The crossings are located at Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and three in Birdcage Walk, so the teams will have the best seat in the house for the elite races. They will have however be working very hard from mid-morning to late afternoon and I'm grateful for those that have freely given of their time to ensure both the competitors and spectators have a great day. I'd also like to personally thank the BAAC sector managers (Trevor Plows, Alan Friar and Steve Hillier) and team leaders (Stuart Glover, Natalie Lang, Barry Walters, Eddie Kettrick and Paul Brandon) for again leading the teams on the day; their knowledge and experience is second to none and ensures that (hopefully) the day passes off smoothly. And finally, good luck to all the BAAC runners, including those that have benefited from a Club place. Steve Hillier has been maintaining a good e-mail dialogue with the runners and hopefully you've had the opportunity to share in the highs and lows of their training regimes.

Simon Turton

Marshalling Briefing

The marshalling briefing will be on Thursday at the Concorde Centre from 19:00.  Obviously security will be one of the key topics covered.

London Marathon Club Runners

Note that during the Marathon you can track the progress of runners using the tracking tool on the sponsors website: You will need to know the running number of the runners you want to track.  Some club runners numbers are provided below (and others you may be able to guess!):

Runner   Number   Estimate   Clothing   Training Sponsorship
Joe Nolan 53944 none   Windsor 20miler  
Liz Latter 53934 4:30 Pretty in Pink
Sue Cover   4:30      
Piers Keenleyside 53936 3:30 White Mankini! 500 total / max 60  
Graham Taylor   3:30     {Dare Graham run alongside Piers all the way! Ed}
James Glover   <4.5hrs Green "Macmillan" Peak 30 miles Macmillan Cancer Support 
Sarah Peterson     "Mrs P" on front Max run 14 miles £1,500 raised
Ian Cunningham   <3:30      
Ben Titchmarsh   4 to 4:15 Tottenham Shirt Max run 18 miles  
Steve Taylor   <4hrs/PB BAAC Running Vest Max run 21 mile

Five Talents

 And the runners add...:

Thanks for the email and useful tips – as I mentioned to you the other evening, phrases such as almost there/nearly there only apply in the last 20metres, not a week before starting or even a little sounding 1k from the end ….only joking !

My recent weeks of training have gone well with some good runs and less of the walk breaks ! All injuries are now better and my stamina is building again. Had a good Windsor 20miler (great to see Susan Cover and Colin Haylock there) followed by the worlds slowest 200m at the club ‘family fun (?)’ track day within an hour after. Another good 12miler last Sunday and hopefully about 8miles this coming Sunday before winding it right down next week. In between those did a good March club handicap and Watersplash 10k and some quicker recent parkruns.

Looking forward to the 21st but still a bit anxious about how it will go on the day – my biggest enemy will be myself….so important for me to manage the early pace. Totally agree with Grahams advice on ‘counting down’ the second half whether it be in miles or whatever distances/courses you are familiar with 10k/5mile/5k/parkrun/laps of a track……

A big reminder for new mara-runners is to have a throw-away Tshirt/plastic sack to keep warm before the start (after handing your baggage in) and to have ‘the right for you’ brekky. Also, mind all the trip hazard bottles on the road after each mile water station.

I’m not setting any time target this time, just to get there safely and still running.

I’m recommending that everyone (BA) sends their running number in to Roderick for next weeks BA Digest so that they can be ‘live tracked’ on the day via the VLM website – whether this be by those at home or those marshalling/spectating via smartphones – I know last year every time I crossed each 5k mat there were people keeping a check on me which was a good feeling !

Good luck team (and advance thanks to all marshals), see you at Blackheath …along the way …and at the end !

Joe Nolan

One week to go and I'm uninjured, no aches or pains, and no blisters. All set for next week.

It hasn't been easy training this time. Working long hours has meant much of my training was at weekends only. I don't know about others but I'm a fan of cold baths after long runs. It has always worked well for me leaving my legs feeling fresh even after a 20 miler. However this year getting into a cold bath after running in near zero temperatures hasn't been easy. So I want to say to everyone, regardless of whether they are still running on the day or indeed what time they do, who has trained through the awful weather this year, CONGRATULATIONS! My plus 20 miles runs were in blizzards .... actually thinking about it, a bigger congratulations goes to us slower runners who spent longer running in those conditions!!

Thank you BA for this opportunity. Not only is it an opportunity to participate in a great race, I'm also raising money for charity - The Pink Ribbon Foundation. This charity is a little different in so much it works with businesses to raise money and then supports cancer charities through grants, thus enabling charities of all sizes to benefit. So please look out for me dressed in pink and if you should wish to sponsor me, you can find me at .

I look forward to seeing many of you next week, both runners and marshals (and by the way, I think it's more tiring marshalling than running).


Liz Latter

Firstly good Luck to everyone taking part this Sunday and commiserations to Clara and Steve who unfortunately shall not be running this year. I have been tapering down this last few weeks - my longest being the 20 miler over at Datchet where it was good to meet with Joe Nolan - then once again over Windsor on an 8-10 mile run where we passed each other through the Deer Park just opposite the Long Mile Walk. Many thanks to everyone for all your training tips and advice over the winter months and lead up to the Big Day! I am excited and nervous at the same time but intend to go out and enjoy the experience and the race come what may. It would be a bonus to finish around my goal of 4hrs 30 mins but realistically I shall be happy to complete and come out unscathed free of injuries - and to pace myself for a reasonable, achievable time. Thanks in advance also to our many volunteer marshals and to all in BA Athletics Club for your hard work behind the scenes and for making the day possible. No doubt I shall be seeing some of you on the start line but more importantly at the finish and if not then I shall look forward to reading and hearing how everyone got on on the day - Good Luck once again and hope to see you there!

Sue Cover.

Since my last update I've continued doing 40-50 miles a week and also did the Hastings Half Marathon on 24th March in 1:39:15.
Last week my wife and I had a walking holiday with friends in the Lake District. Every morning before breakfast I went for a jog and I twice managed to jog up Skiddaw (3054 ft) and back from the holiday cottage in Keswick. There was still a fair bit of snow on the mountain and it was so windy the first time I got to the top that I ended up crawling the first 20 yards back down in case I got blown off!

I have been keeping a training plan/log since the end of January and in the 12 weeks leading up to the VLM I will have run about 500 miles. My peak week saw me run 60 miles.

On marathon day (if it is warm enough) I should be easy to spot in a white mankini and a custom-made BA headband (fashioned from a luggage strap). My number is 53936. I'm trying to run under 3:30 - last time I did this sort of time was 2006 in New York.

Piers Keenleyside

With just over one week to go, with a very interrupted training schedule due to the snow and a troublesome hamstring (must be getting faster if the injuries are coming back!!), the last thing I need now is to be told that the weather is getting warmer.

I've had to revise my finish time down to about 3hr 30 mins, shame as I did the Fleet half in 1hr 32 mins which would have equated to a 3hr 15 min qualifying "Good for your age" marathon time. I'll have to draw on all my experiences from my previous London's (This will be my 22nd London) to get me round in one piece.

Good luck to all BA runners, my only advise is to count the miles to half way, then count the miles down to the finish, this means that you only have 13 as a maximum target distance in your head, and we've all done that in training/races easily.

Regards Graham Taylor

I am absolutely looking forward to the big day next Sunday! I am still so happy to be part of it.
Had one more great run in the first Half Marathon in Richmond and enjoy always my long runs at the weekend.
I feel very good and thank God for my preparation - it was not easy sometimes. It is all a miracle for me and I am so thankful.
Good luck for everybody and all the best for the race!

Kerstin Luksch.

I'm away at the moment in sunny Tenerife with virtually no Internet access, so just a brief update. Still been running every other day, down to just 5 miles now, i hope that's reasonable for this week! My max has only been 14 miles, not as much as I planned but the snow and freezing wind didn't help!
Getting pretty concerned now about the full distance but assuming no injuries, I'll finish it what ever! My knee has been playing up but more after a run than during the run. Fingers crossed!
I only started fund raising last week but so far I have about £1500 for charity. Hoping for more.
Take care all and good luck.

Sarah Peterson (I'll have "Mrs P" on my front)

I’m running VLM – with a ballot rather than club place this year.

Training much in line with last 2 years, but striving to break through the 3:30 barrier if the gods are with me. Expect to see me in BA vest around 13:20-13:30 at our marshalling points.

For reasons I don’t fully comprehend the start time has been pushed back to 10:00 which is screwing up a few people’s calculations for “cheering” time!

Ian Cunningham

Firstly bad luck to all the guys and girls that have had to pull out. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. But wish you all a speedy recovery and luck in any future races.
My training has gone well this year certainly better than last time I did it 5 years ago. I have trained virtually every week this year 3 times a week with my longest run being 18 miles which I have done twice. My times have been good for what I'm looking to achieve and just praying for the weather to be kind. My time I'm going for will be between 4 hours and 4.15 and I will be running in a Tottenham shirt! Good luck to all that are competing and hope u enjoy your day!
Thanks to BAAC for this opportunity!

Ben. Titchmarsh

Here's my training update and pre marathon news

Training has gone well, the most recent, 21 miles in 3 hours 11 mins, my target is under 4 hours and a PB. Running in a BA running vest, assuming it's not freezing cold, and looking for a big cheer from the BA marshals.
I'm collecting sponsorship for Five Talents, a charity which supports micro finance initiatives in developing countries. 


Steve Taylor

Good luck to everyone running but even bigger commiserations to those runners who have had to pull out of the race - very frustrating for Rumen, Clara, Steve and any others.  And I hope that the day goes well for the marshals also.

PS "Butch" completed the BA "Best-Paw-Forward" 5k on Sunday. With legs that short that must be equivalent to an ultra run of at least Marathon distance.  So if Butch can do should you!

Roderick Hoffman

Watersplash 10k and 5k results

After a very cold spring (coldest March for 50 years!), 10th April started promisingly but tailed off into a progressively damp evening. The runners and officials were back at the club before it got really wet and nasty which it certainly did later on.

The "ongoing" (i.e. stalled) road and pavement works along Hayes Road in connection with the redevelopment of the Western International Market site necessitated a change of course from the one used most often for this fixture over the last 25 years.

The course for the 10km was a two lap version of the "Avenue Park Path" route used for the Equinox 5km in 2010 and 2012 but without concerns about the times of sunset. This meant different start lines for the 10km and 5km in Church Road but a common finish line in the Field of Hope.

Course: Church Road, Parkway Cycle Track (NW), North Hyde Road, Roseville Road, St Dunstans Alley (thanks Harry Wild for marshalling here), Cranford Park, Avenue Park (thanks to Paddy O'Shea for marshalling runners onto the Avenue Park path), Park Lane, Cranford High Street, Parkway back to Field Hope.

The runners and helpers all enjoyed bacon or egg or bacon & egg baps in the Concorde Club after the run.

10k Results (combining all three start waves)

Results Time  Age Weight age-time wt-time
Chris Kelly 39:15 47 64 8 25
Gary Rushmer 39:40 52 61 13 22
Mark Taylor 39:55 53 64 14 25
Barry Walters 42:07 57 67 15 25
Joe Nolan 49:41 58 80 9 31
Roderick Hoffman 1:00:04 52 88 -8 28
Steve Newell 1:01:49 69 88 8 27
Tony Barnwell 1:03:18 70 67 7 4

5k Results (single wave)

Eddie Giles 23:46
Denis Foxley 24:36
John Coffey 26:19
Steve Hillier 29:34
Alan Anderson 30:07

Many thanks to the start/finish line team Brian Forrester, Ann Coffey and Paul Brandon.

Historical notes (for 10th April 2013)

1. Parliament was recalled for a tribute debate for former prime minister Margaret Thatcher who had died, after suffering a stroke at the Ritz, earlier in the week. She was in power at the time British Airways was privatised in 1987. Some runners have been shareholders ever since but dividends have been rare over the last decade. BA staff bonuses invested in shares which have shrunk in value have proved a poor investment.
2. Brentford FC, making a push for promotion to the "Championship" recorded a very useful 2-0 win away to Crewe Alexandra lifting them to third in League One with four games still to play.

Steve Newell (

Track & Field Training

Don't forget that we have a regular Track&Field training session at the Uxbridge/Hillingdon track from 18:00 to 19:00 every Monday.  There were four of us there today (15th) but the more the merrier - you can do your own thing or train with the group. Contact Eddie Giles for full details.

Eddie Giles

Corrected Track & Field Championship field event results follow this link.

Coaching Assistant Course

BAAC may provide some financial support for a member undertaking this course. Please contact Steve Hillier for fuller details if you are interested.

Steve Hillier


Dear Club Secretaries and Coaches,

I’m pleased to announce that a Coaching Assistant course has been organised in South East London and is now open for bookings.

SC0710 Coaching Assistant 15-16/06/2013 Dulwich College The Sports Club, Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7LD

Flyer and Application Form

parkrun Update

Just a brief update this week - very few parkrunners last Saturday perhaps because our London Marathoners are deep in training BUT interesting to see that both Piers Keenleyside and Kerstin Luksch (picking up her "50" shirt) achieved course PBs at Gunnersbury.  The training must be going well.

Steve's parkrun stats

Local Avenue Park parkrun?

A few weeks ago there was an item in the Digest mentioning a test run of a new parkrun in Avenue Park next to Cranford Park.  The test run was to be on the morning of Easter Monday...i.e. on the morning of April Fools Day for those who thought it through or followed the link provided.  Yes, I was "avenue" on!

With apologies but a reminder that you should always take a pinch of salt with anything you read in the press...

Roderick Hoffman

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