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BA Athletics Club News Digest 16th July 2018


  • Tuesday 17th July/Great City Race & Thursday 19th July/BA FunRun - We have enough volunteers #
  • Wednesday 18th July - ROM - Rosenheim T&F at Walton from 18:45 #
  • Monday 23rd July - Track&Field Grand Prix 400m & Hammer
  • Wednesday 25th July - Club AGM at Wraysbury Club House (see below)

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Updated: First week of July.

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This Wednesday...

There isn't anything organised at The Bedfont Club (indeed, unusually for a Wednesday, and in July, there is a football match so there are no changing rooms available to us).

However the Rosenheim Track&Field match at Walton is the club's Run-of-the-Month and has many events that can be entered by club members.  Please let Neil Frediani know in advance to expect you and he can tell you what events might suit you and pre-register you for a club scoring event.

eMail: Neil Frediani {}

BAAC Annual General Meeting Wednesday 25th July

Once again we will gather at the Sailing club in Wraysbury, to celebrate the past year's performances of our members, to find out what the committee has been up to and to appoint a new committee.  Please make all efforts to attend, and join us for the traditional mile race beforehand.  Race start 6pm, AGM 8pm.  Food will be provided!!

All are welcome, including non-members. Note though that only members are allowed to vote at the AGM and only those who are also members of BA Clubs are allowed to vote on key issues.

Steve Hillier

Ride London Sunday 29th July

Each year, BAAC has supported this exciting event by manning a crossing close to the Cenotaph in Whitehall.  We still need a few more volunteers to complete a full squad.  Please let me know if you can help - a T shirt and picnic lunch will be yours if you are able to join us.  Thanks!

Steve Hillier

Veterans' Track & Field Competition  Wednesday 1st August #

Due to England World Cup Semi-final last Wednesday, our last Vets league match of the summer has been postponed until Weds 1st August at Perivale Track.  It is a relaxed, fun evening, with an opportunity to compete against athletes of your own age.  Everyone is welcome, and everyone attending will make a contribution to our final league position.   Come and join us from 6.30 pm.  If you are certain in advance that you plan to attend, please let me know, but if you decide to simply turn up on the night you will be very welcome.

Steve Hillier

BA FunRun Thursday July 19th 2018 #

It looks like I've now got enough helpers but you can still attend on the day and run the 5k or 10k. Enter at:

...or if you just want to donate to the cause you can do so from the corporate just giving page: {Ed: Hopefully by the time you donate it'll be more than me keeping Alex company on this page}

Roderick Hoffman {}

Club parkrun results for Saturday 14th July 2018

14th Julyparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
Chris Kelly 21:08 Dinton Pastures 1st run at Dinton Pasture, BApark #420 72%
Trish McCabe 26:03 Pegwell Bay 1st run at Pegwell Bay, BApark #421 59%
Neil Frediani 30:14 Newborough Forest 1st run at Newborough Forest, BApark #422 54%
Benita Scaife 33:06 Upton House 1st run at Upton House, BApark #423 60%
John Scaife 33:07 Upton House 1st run at Upton House, BApark #423 50%
Ray Hampton 35:51 Heartlands run #16, 1st at Heartlands, BApark #424 52%
Steve Newell 37:55 Dartford Heath 1st run at Dartford Heath, Bapark #425 49%
Bob Bannister 24:07 Bedfont Lakes run #320, 266th at Bedfont 67%
Caroline Cockram 27:56 Bedfont Lakes run #321, 190th at Bedfont 59%
Scott Davison 28:36 Bedfont Lakes run #260, 217th at Bedfont 50%
David Duggan 29:16 Bedfont Lakes run #261, 179th at Bedfont 54%
Zoe Ostley 37:44 Bedfont Lakes 150th run at Bedfont 48%
Ian Cunningham 22:38 Bushy Park run #336, 26th this year 68%
Grant Strydom 31:12 Bushy Park run #34, 2nd this year 48%
Maria Jovani 21:05 Frimley Lodge 1st run at Frimley, club course record(F) 74%
Julie Barclay 22:24 Guildford run #133, 16th at Guildford 80%
Paul Watt 23:11 Guildford run #81, 1st at Guildford 65%
Joan Foxley 38:59 Harrow run #104, 91st at Harrow 56%
John Coffey 28:25 Hazelwood run #288, 14th at Hazelwood 68%
Alice Banks 31:22 Henley on Thames run #122, 3rd at Henley 62%
Roderick Hoffman 31:18 Hogmoor Inclosure 1st run at Hogmoor Inclosure, park #236 50%
Richard Ruffell 20:58 Houghton Hall 1st run at Houghton Hall, club course record 74%
Bridget Ruffell 31:00 Houghton Hall 1st run at Houghton Hall 59%
Petra Otto 32:53 March run #53, 43rd at March 63%
Sarah Gordon 33:31 Newbury 1st run at Newbury, park #99 58%
Steve Taylor 25:53 Northala Fields run #96, 61st at Northala 59%
Alan Anderson 36:28 Osterley run #517, 7th at Osterley 62%
Alan Friar 29:47 Reading best run at Reading this year 62%
Steve Waite 28:01 Riddlesdown run #21 62%
Tony Barnwell 38:10 Wycombe Rye run #179 ,best at Wycombe this year 51%
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Ian Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow timekeeper

The warm weather continued for another week and produced an unprecedented bout of restlessness amongst the membership who went out of their way to travel to a parkrun they had never visited before and in six cases where no member had run before.  There was a greater incidence than usual of members just trying to get away from each other {17 "solo" runs listed above}!  No fewer than six new parkruns were added to the club collection, taking the total to 425.

Chris Kelly (21:08) didnít need to go very far to reach the inaugural run at Dinton Pastures where runners from Reading have sought refuge in the past during floods, etc.  The newly established permanent parkrun does however use a different course.  Trish McCabe (26:03) was again in the eastern part of Kent, this time at Pegwell Bay near Ramsgate.  Neil Frediani (30:14) was at Newborough Forest in Anglesey, launched very recently.  Benita and John Scaife (33:06) were the first members to run at Upton House, a country park course in Poole, Dorset with some modest undulations.  This run has been going for about a year and attracts 200-300 runners most weeks.  The longer established parkrun in Poole town goes around a boating lake and a cricket pitch, is extremely flat and attracts twice to three times as many!  Ray Hampton (33:51) doesnít do a parkrun very often so it was heartening to see his name appear this week at Heartlands (near Redruth, Cornwall) which started in April.  Ray has also run at Penrose, 10 miles away.  Steve Newell (37:55) used his freedom pass and his bike to reach Dartford Heath in Kent and bag the last parkrun inside the M25 he had not run previously.  The run director cheerfully informed him that another run, somewhere, was already being planned but location and start date remained confidential.

Elsewhere, Maria Jovani (20:51) set a new female club record at Frimley Lodge and Julie Barclay (22:24, 79.76%) was at Guildford for the first time since her recent birthday, she is now 4th out of 260 in her age category there.  Richard Ruffell (20:58) set a new club course record at Houghton Hall in Bedfordshire.

Alan Friar (29:47) at Reading and Tony Barnwell (38:10) at Wycombe Rye recorded their best times of the year so far at their respective local runs.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

parkrun Growth and Tourism...

If you want to meet up with some more parkrun uber-tourists then the place to be next Saturday is Prospect parkrun near Reading. Two tourists will be making it their 250th different event (Ian Giggs and Carol Muir).

There is an interesting development in South Africa this coming Saturday with the reintroduction of Voortrekker Monument parkrun. This ceased operating on 28th January 2017 because the park felt that too many people were getting a free visit into the park. The regular attendance of 700 to 800 rose to 2092 that day.  The parkrun was replaced by several around the area.  The park authorities have now had a change of mind and want to attract people to their park (and cafe?) hence the parkrun is back - and with a new course and facilities. It will be interesting to see what "inaugural" attendance they get and what number they settle down to - they are not discouraging anyone from attending their first run back.  Rumours that Little Stoke parkrun is about to be reborn are about as true as the same for Camp Bastion.

Roderick Hoffman

Gold Coast (half) Marathon

Oz was beckoning again, with the 40th anniversary of the Gold Coast Marathon, held at Broadbeach, Queensland, which started on the 30th of June with a 10 km, 5 km and junior race option. The full (completely sold out) and half-marathons were held on Sunday, 1st of July, with me opting for the half-marathon. As a holder of their so-called Gold Pass, we were treated like VIPs: Pre-race breakfast, post-race BBQ, private baggage drop-off, drinks, and a post-race massage made this whole event really very special. A total of over 27,000 runners took part over that weekend.

Petra at Gold Coast MarathonUp at the crack of dawn at 3:45 am, totally lacking sleep, I made my way to the event by tram. I wasnít the only one, standing at the tram stop looking bleary-eyed!!!

The race started at 7 am, but we had been told to be there by 6 am because of the sheer number of runners. Soon it was off in total darkness, after having been led to our starting slots by some volunteers as part of the Gold Pass package. 

While the course wasnít really too exciting, with some mild undulations, however, a super sunrise made up for that. A lot of locals cheered us on, eventually carrying us to the finish line. With no training whatsoever under my belt, as per the Consultantís instructions, I managed to finish in 2:46.39. My back wasnít too happy at all during the last 5 km, so I was very glad to have a proper massage afterwards.

All in all a really thoroughly enjoyable, and really very well organised race. We received a lovely bag, a superb medal, and a technical t-shirt. When I returned to Brisbane, I saw many runners still proudly wearing their marathon and half-marathon t-shirt a week later, even in the South Bank parkrun.

Petra Otto

Slough Half - Back after 18 years

Hello there,

It's Claire here (usually from Purple Patch Runners!).  Firstly, I hope you donít mind me emailing you about this new race and apologies if this is the wrong email!

I am currently working for Slough Borough Council to help put on the Slough Half Marathon on 14th October, which is back after an absence of 18 years.  I'm sure you guys are pleased to hear that, as are we :-). 

Anyway, this is a 'heads up' email for your members who might like to run.  Itís a town centre, closed road race, very exciting!  The link to the event is here:

Also of course, we are also going to need A LOT of volunteers and if you think any of your members might be up for helping us in some way - water station/marshalling/etc - please do let me know Ö.

Thanks so much,

Claire Donald

Active Communities Officer

Slough Borough Council

Also for those not going to WARR this year - the Middlesex 10k on Sunday 30th September

Dear Colleagues,

Entries are now open, to both County qualified runners and as an open race at: .


Major Carr (Middx County AA)

Running Shorts

Dear Ed. two of my XC times: 4July= 36.38 (PB); 9July=37.35. Andy Rayner {Ed: It is good to see that the hot weather hasn't brought Andy to a halt}}

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