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BA Athletics Club News Digest 16th June 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Wednesday 2nd July - Rosenheim T&F match - BA Hosted at Eton
  • Thursday 3rd July - Bath Road 12:45 - Magic Mile (see below)
  • Thursday 10th July - Great City Race - More marshals needed (see below)

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 2nd June).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Sunday 15th June - Concorde Five - Results

The full results of Sunday's run are on the website:

A brief summary - Umar Nagi won the race in a new Junior record of 28:11.  The ladies race was run for the second year by Jenny Livesey in an improved time of 31:50 so a new course ladies record.  First BA runner home was Barry Walters in 33:10 winning the George Lambert trophy which was presented by our guest on the day Val Lambert.  The Metropolitan Police walked off with the first team prizes in both the men's and ladies competitions - they ought to be reported! There were 67 finishers in the main race and 9 in the kids fun run. 

It could have been a disaster - when we checked the course the previous weekend there were no obstacles other that the usual overgrown hedgerows and abandoned rubbish.  But when we next visited the course on Wednesday we discovered that workmen were laying down a new fiber-optic cable right across the Field of Hope roundabout used towards the start of the course and for the finish. We checked things out carefully including on Friday evening and again before the race at 7:30 am Sunday morning and determined that we could run around the closed off work areas if we pushed their barriers back as much as we could.  However the decline in standards of the British workforce caught us by surprise - apparently they no longer go to church on Sunday mornings and instead turn up for work with their diggers and trucks to continue the excavations! However they were very friendly and in return for some of Jas' bananas and finish treats they kept out of our way as best they could.

Concorde Five runner and digger

[photo thanks to Iffley Road (facebook)]

Thank you to everyone involved - details next time.

Simon Clarke to the BA Yammer Running and Jogging group:

"Many thanks to the organisers, all the Marshall's, and the guys who provided water en route and at the finish at the Concorde 5M today. It is the first time I have raced it and found it really friendly and well organised. Even the guys on the digger were helpful. Thank you all!"

Roderick Hoffman

 Parkway Mile 11th June 2014 Results

Results time age WAVA age corrected 2013 results age corrected
Gary Rushmer 5:49 53 74.72% 4:58 5:45 74.97% 4:57
Barry Walters 6:01 58 75.34% 4:55
Richard Ruffell 6:06 52 70.67% 5:15 6:12 68.97% 5:23
Graham Taylor 6:25 54 68.30% 5:26 6:15 69.54% 5:20
Neil Frediani 7:00 57 64.21% 5:47
Roderick Hoffman 7:09 53 60.79% 6:06 7:43 55.87% 6:38
John Coffey 7:12 72 72.23% 5:08
Eddie Giles 7:24 65 65.19% 5:41
Denis Foxley 7:33 65 63.89% 5:48
Alan Friar 8:02 69 62.39% 5:57 7:15 68.42% 5:25
Nick Edge 8:26 66 57.73% 6:26
Steve Hillier 8:33 59 53.48% 6:56 8:31 53.69% 6:55
Alan Anderson 8:46 79 67.33% 5:31 8:35 67.27% 5:31
Steve Newell 8:52 70 57.17% 6:29 8:37 58.17% 6:23
Tony Barnwell 9:18 72 55.92% 6:38

The traditional course was affected by cable laying operations and the start/finish line was moved to the south east subway.  This was intended as long ago as 1989 but abandoned due to a large puddle then and on several occasions in the intervening years. It could be adopted as the new standard! Workmen protection barriers along the course may have added the odd yard to the distance.

The weather was sunny, warm, calm and rather humid.

The event was conducted as two races with "fast" being deemed to be able to run an undulating mile in less than seven and a half minutes. Remarkably all runners selected the correct heat to run in.

In the first wave Denis Foxley glided to what he claimed was his first ever victory in a  race at the club.  Nick Edge back running after a long layoff including knee surgery came in ahead of Steve Hillier running his race before turning 60.

In the second wave Gary Rushmer came back first and was the only runner to beat the six minute barrier.  Barry Walters and Richard Ruffell were not far behind.

With 15 runners reporting for the start the turnout was a big improvement on last year. Nearly everyone who ran last year has slowed a little, the exceptions being Roderick Hoffman who improved his WAVA score by an impressive 5%* and Richard Ruffell who went 6 seconds faster in spite of being almost a year older.

Thanks to Brian Forrester for taking the entries in the pavilion, Ann Coffey and Paul Brandon for timekeeping and recording and Harry Wild at the turnaround point at the Parkway/ North Hyde Road roundabout. And thanks to Howard Grubb for the WAVA calculator tables.

Steve Newell

* Roderick adds - I have to try to live up to my "most improved athlete" award - this was my fastest mile time since the 1999 Millennium Mile event when my best time was just 4 seconds faster at 7:05. 

Magic Mile Results 5th June 2014

Runner 01-May-14 05-Jun-14 Difference May to June Best Time
Dave Bird 00:06:17 00:06:04 -13 seconds 00:05:52
Richard Ruffell 00:06:03 00:06:01 -02 seconds 00:05:59
Helen Lawrenson 00:06:12 n/a 00:06:11
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 00:06:49 +04 seconds 00:06:45
Neil Frediani 00:06:45 00:06:53 +08 seconds 00:06:34
Paul Knechtl 00:05:07 00:05:20 +13 seconds 00:04:56
Martin Connor 00:05:48 n/a 00:05:28
Matthew Stratful 00:05:58 n/a 00:05:43
Simon Ashford 00:06:47 n/a 00:06:18
Linsey Carr 00:06:45 1st run 00:06:45
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:18 1st run 00:07:18

There were no PB’s this week, which was probably due to the crosswind we had. Helen was only 1 second outside her PB, while Richard “the consistent” managed to be within 2 seconds of his best. All but one of his runs are within 5 seconds of each other, which is very impressive. We also welcomed two new faces to the Mile Event. Linsey Carr opened her account with a 6:45 mile and showed a fast turn of speed at the end to sprint past Simon in the final straight. Roderick Hoffman finally found himself at Waterside on a Thursday and opened his account with a 7:18 mile. The battle between Steve and Neil warmed nicely as Steve takes the honours this time round and makes it one-all.

Next event Thursday 3rd July.

Paul Knechtl

There may be an unwritten rule with this event - anyone who runs faster than Paul doesn't get a time - because it's Paul who does the timing!

Results of the 2nd Vets league event at Uxbridge 9th June 2014

Janet Smith:- WV45
Hammer – 37.39m (age related record to be ratified)
Gary Rushmer:- MV50
800m – 2.42.8  /  3000m – 11.33.0  /  Triple Jump- 7.19m  /  Long Jump- 3.11m
Steve Hillier:- MV55
200m - 34.8  /  Shot Putt - 8.31m  /  Hammer – 29.92m
Tony Barnwell:- MV70
Shot Putt - 6.90m  /  Long Jump – 2.03m (age related record to be ratified)
Eddie Giles:- MV65
200m - 34.2  /  800m – 3.10.2  /  Shot Putt - 7.41m
Julie Barclay:- WV50 (Not a member of the club yet but let’s hope so soon)
200m - 35.5  /  800m – 2.43.7 (1st overall in the woman’s race).
A very good evening at Uxbridge on Monday 9th June , we were lucky with the weather until the Long Jump & the Ladies Hammer events, which mostly everyone got a soaking.

Gary and myself were in the same 800m race when the gun didn’t fire, just went click. Because a few years ago the same happened to me in a 400m race, I just stood up and everybody else was halfway around the track bend, this time I ran from the start where Gary stood and watched thinking it was going to be recalled.  This is the first time I have ever been ahead of Gary in a 800m race, catching me up at around 70m gone.

Well done to Janet in horrible weather in the Hammer and also to Julie for winning the Ladies race.  Tony, Long Jumped to a vacant MV70 record & Steve just missed out by a whisker of a 30m throw in the Hammer.  I had the honour of being in the same 200m race as an Olympian going for the British record. Eric Shirley at 85, still running records all over the place, was in the next lane to me, going for a place in the British record books.  He did 44.5 to secure the record, I just hope it gets ratified.  Just imagine in a few weeks' time, Question of Sport, Sue Barker will ask ‘Tuffers’ who was in the 200m race next to Eric. He will stand up, talking in riddles, mutter some names but the buzzer will time him out, but you will all know the answer!!

The next Vets event is at Battersea on Monday 23rd June commencing at 6.30pm.

Hope to see you there.

Eddie Giles

 Club parkrun results for Saturday 15th June

Roger Wiltshire ran his 3rd parkrun at Bushy, his first outing since New Years Day.  Gary Rushmer has now been on 49 since New Years Day.  Tony Barnwell and Richard Ruffell are now breathing down his neck on 48.  Come on Gary - Just Do It!

Richard Ruffell achieved a podium place (3rd) at Roderick's home parkrun Pymmes - demolishing Roderick's club record.

Roderick Hoffman and Steve Newell travelled to the furthest away London area parkrun from the Concorde Club - Harrow Lodge (near Hornchurch) in Havering borough, only previously run by Richard Ruffell.  Almost at the far end of the District line (between Dagenham and Upminster) or right round the North Circular and into Essex.  A very pleasant one lap course with some teasing gradients, mostly on grass and undoubtedly better in the dry season.  Richard's club record remained untroubled.

We might see some of you at the inaugural Northala Fields parkrun on Saturday 21st June.  It could be crowded with parkrun tourists (like us) and parking could be a challenge - I'd suggest Rowdell Road to the east of the A40 or, preferably, use public transport (see website): .

Updated parkrun stats:  

Steve Newell (mainly)

The Standard Chartered Great City Race Thursday 10th July : More volunteers needed

So far I've got myself, Janet Smith, Steve Hillier, Nick Edge, Dave Rimmer, Eddie & Lesley Giles helping, I need another 18!

Could you put out another request please, thanks,

Simon Turton <>

Airline Races...

BUD:runway race - 6k and 12km running races on runway 13R-31L at Budapest Airport on Saturday 6 September   

ANNA (Airline Network News and Analysis) are promoting the Budapest airport ud:runway run and as well as my photo making the front page of the IATA slot conference magazine they’ve put me on their website too.

aand scroll down.  If anyone’s interested in putting a BA team together and running the bud:runway run then contact me for more details.  Also see:

Steve Taylor <>

Don't forget the World Airline Road Race (10k & 5k) in Dublin the first weekend on October. More details shortly.

Singapore 10k and parkrun possibility in November

Greeting from Singapore

Confirmed Singapore Airlines will be organizing a Charity Run on 02 Nov morning. 10k competitive and 5K fun run...start and finish will be at the F1 pit.  Entry fee about SGD 60 or less.

Best Regards ghana segaran

Contact me if you might be interested in this event.  The race is on a Sunday...with the prospect of doing Singapore parkrun on the Saturday!

Roderick Hoffman <>

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