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BA Athletics Club News Digest 23rd March 2015


  • Wednesday 18th March - Club In-house Event and Social "Mad March Twister" Heston clubhouse from 18:00
  • Wednesday 25th March - Final Five Mile Handicap of the winter series. Heston clubhouse from 18:00
  • NEW: Saturday 28th March - Club Featured parkrun - Maidenhead (Braywick park) from 08:50

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Hi all, on Sunday 15th March BAAC held it's annual cross country championships in Cranford park, with 13 BA starters (10 men, 3 ladies) and 5 runners from milocarians. The conditions underfoot were very good for cross country running even if a bit cold and windy for the marshals and supporters.

After a good season in the cross country league, Mark Taylor was first BA man home, closely followed by brother John, with Scott Davision running this event for the first time next home.

In the ladies race we have a new name to put on the trophy with Julie Barclay running the 2 lap course in 22min 27sec. Monica Alonso coming home second, with Marian Woodhouse in 3rd.

Well done to all. Thanks also to Paul Brandon for the photographs - taken at the end of the first lap.

BAAC Cross Country 2015 BA runners

A big thank you to all the marshals and timekeepers for their time on Mother's Day and Brian for organising the tea & biscuits after.

1st: Nick Bennett. (milo) 30.51 1st: Julie Barclay (baac) 22.27
2nd: Felix Keating. (milo) 30.56 2nd: Monica Alonso (baac) 30.38
3rd: Mark Taylor. (baac) 31.09 3rd: Marian Woodhouse (baac) 33.55
4th: John Taylor. (baac) 31.32
5th: Matt Ainsworth. (milo) 31.41
6th: Eric Cunningham. (milo) 32.41
7th: Scott Davision. (baac) 35.05
8th: Graham Taylor. (baac) 35.55
9th: Neil Wood. (milo) 39.09
10th: Neil Frediani. (baac) 39.34
11th: John Coffey. (baac) 39.56
12th: Dennis Foxley (baac) 41.29
13th: Roderick Hoffman (baac) 43.53
14th: Steve Hillier. (baac) 47.31
15th: Steve Newell. (baac) 53.26

Gary Rushmer

ASCA Cross Country, Iceland

Hi folks,

Herewith full details of the ASCA cross country results: <Link to results spreadsheet>.   In brief:

Ladies 4.4K race: Daniella was part of the joint SAS/BA team which finished 3rd overall.  Individual time:  26:43, place 11th.

Lindsey and Kerry were first and second non-airline ladies, individual times: 22:02 and 26:16 respectively.  Lindsey would have finished 4th lady if running in the main event.

Mens 8.8K race: Steve finished 23rd (OK, to be pedantic, last!) in 58:05.

Take care,

Steve Hillier

Mile Results from 5th March

A surprisingly warm day and a good turnout of 13 runners took part in this month’s mile. There were no PB’s this month, but Derek Baker came closest to his best with a time of 7:50, just 4 seconds off. We also welcomed Kris Standell to the Magic mile club and he opened his mile account with a 8:48 mile. Welcome Kris.

Previous Best Time Last recorded time 08-Jan-15 05-Feb-15 04-Mar-15 Difference Best Time
Ian Cunningham 00:05:52 00:06:37 00:06:11 -26 seconds 00:05:52
Matthew Stratful 00:05:43 00:05:54 00:06:11 00:06:03 -08 seconds 00:05:43
Deby Helsdon 00:06:21 00:06:27 00:07:21 00:07:13 -08 seconds 00:06:21
Neil Frediani 00:06:34 00:07:16 00:07:08 -08 seconds 00:06:34
Dave Bird 00:05:52 00:06:24 00:06:07 00:06:00 -07 seconds 00:05:52
Jeremy Short 00:05:36 00:05:56 00:05:54 00:05:54 -00 seconds 00:05:36
Kris Standell 00:08:48 00:08:48
Roderick Hoffman 00:07:08 00:07:11 00:07:23 00:07:25 +02 seconds 00:07:08
Derek Baker 00:07:46 00:07:50 +04 seconds 00:07:46
Steve Taylor 00:06:45 00:06:52 00:07:06 00:06:49 00:06:55 +06 seconds 00:06:45
Richard Ruffell 00:05:59 00:06:15 00:06:14 00:06:21 +07 seconds 00:05:59
Paul Knechtl 00:04:56 00:05:06 00:05:15 00:05:08 00:05:25 +17 seconds 00:04:56
James Morris 00:07:39 00:07:39 00:10:22 +163 seconds 00:07:39

Next event will be Thursday 2nd April 2015.

Paul Knechtl

Club parkrun results for Saturday 14th March 2015

14Mar2015 Family & Friends Time parkrun Comment Grade
Scott Davison 22:18 Bedfont Lakes run #112 63%
Joe Nolan 28:40 Black Park 274th/462 55%
Ian Cunningham 22:31 Bushy Park 161st run at Bushy Park 67%
Gareth Snook 21:49 Cardiff 124th/626 69%
Jeremy Short 19:34 Crane Park 6th/99 77%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford barcode scanner
Kerstin Luksch 22:07 Gunnersbury no pb this week ! 68%
Piers Keenleyside 23:17 Gunnersbury 74th run at Gunnersbury 67%
Alan Anderson 29:22 Gunnersbury 138th run at Gunnersbury 70%
Steve Newell 30:26 Gunnersbury 75th run at Gunnersbury 58%
Roderick Hoffman 24:31 Gunpowder run #148 62%
Tony Hird 24:46 Gunpowder same time as last week ! 60%
Gareth Hobby 26:48 Reading first run since June 2014 52%
Richard Ruffell 21:13 St Albans run #75 71%
Eddie Giles 26:36 Upton Court 50th/90, first 2015 parkrun 64%
Sreeram Sethuraman 30:01 Upton Court run #37 44%
Chris Kelly 20:14 Walsall Arboretum club course record 72%
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal
Alan Friar 25:38 Woodley 107th/223 69%
Janet Smith 33:16 Woodley run #27, park #8 50%
Tony Barnwell 30:37 Wycombe Rye 28th run at Wycombe Rye 59%

The weather was rather chilly (in the LHR area anyway) and maybe the winter has another week or two to go yet.  The change to BST at the end of the month will bring the lighter evenings we all love but also parkrun start times relatively sooner after sunrise so a run through frosty dew cannot be ruled out.  Enough of the pessimistic rubbish.

Several runners emerged from hibernation anyway.  Gareth Hobby ran for the first time since midsummer 2014 (at Reading).  Gareth Snook was one of over six hundred runners at Cardiff ahead of the six nations showdown against Ireland.  Two Gareths on one day, that could be a first.  Janet Smith was pleased with her run at Woodley and a better WAVA score (>50%) than she has achieved for a while.  It may surprise some readers that Janet has been doing parkruns for more years than Alan Anderson.  She just doesn't mention it so often.  Eddie Giles ran for the first time in 2015 (at Upton Court).

At Gunpowder Park (near Enfield Lock on the Lee Navigation) Roderick Hoffman (24:31) had the better of a challenge match with Tony Hird (24:46) on Tony's home track.  If you wondering whether there is any historic connection between Lee, Enfield and gunpowder, there is.  Tony Barnwell returned to Wycombe Rye hoping for firmer conditions on the field after some drier weather and was part of a record field of 265.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Race or Pace?

After running a good time at Cassiobury the previous Saturday I decided to meet up with Tony at Gunpowder this week.  Our bests are only two seconds apart with Tony having set his recently and I thought that the two of us could spur each other on to even faster times.  We were supposed to pace each other rather than race but it can be very difficult to keep to that once the event starts.  Although we had a target pace of about 4:45 Tony set off at 4:20 pace and I was soon lagging ten meters behind him. Tony settled into a more steady pace so that at the 1k mark we were at about 4:30.  I then managed to catch him and after the 2k point stretched ahead - he tried to keep up but the gap stayed roughly constant throughout the second lap.  So how did our times compare with those of previous weeks? Tony did 24:46 this week in comparison with last week's 24:46.  Yes, exactly the same time, to the second. My time was faster than his, at 24:31, but 18 seconds slower than at Cassiobury - equivalent to about 60 meters.  Now the organisers at Gunpowder acknowledge that their course is slightly long "It has to start at the bench and finish at the post, there are no other markers we can use".  How much longer?  My Garmin suggests about 60 meters.  So neither Tony nor I benefited, or lost out, by racing or pacing at Gunpowder on Saturday.

Lots of parkrun Tourists in the vicinity this week - there was a bulk tourist turnout at Cassiobury so that the week 3 turnout (176) exceeded that of the inaugural (157). I chatted to Colin "Denise the Menace" Brassington (62 in 199 parkruns) and Elaine Brassington (86 in 224) whilst at St Albans Richard had had a rare opportunity to meet Gregory Bailey (85 in 85 so still no repeats and 100 is his target).

Roderick Hoffman

Keep Maidenhead in your parkrun diary for the 28th - there is an offer of a post-run coffee and Danish nearby afterwards.  More next week.

Watersplash 10km and 5km Wednesday 8th April 2015

The annual Watersplash 10km event will be held on Wednesday 8th April with wave starts designed to bring everyone to the finish line in the Field Of Hope (M4 junction 3 pedestrian area) by 7.15 p.m.  There will be a 5km (running) option starting at 6.40 p.m.  Those wanting to walk a 5km should wait at the end of Church Road and set off up the bridge when the first wave of runners have come past.

Start times

  • "10 minute milers"   6.12 p.m. and 5km (walking)
  • "9 minute milers"     6.18 p.m.
  • "8 minute milers"     6.24 p.m.
  • "7 minute milers"     6.30 p.m.
  • elite start                  6.35 p.m.
  • 5km (mass start)     6.40 p.m.

The 10km course will be the "figure of 8" one used many times before with an anticlockwise circuit of the Western International Market site followed by a clockwise loop through Cranford Park, through the archway, along the alley, up Roseville Road, along North Hyde Road and returning to the start finish area via the Parkway (A312) cycle track.

Entries in advance please (for catering purposes) to:

Steve Newell

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