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BA Athletics Club News Digest 17th September 2018


  • Monday 17th Sept - T&F Grand Prix 100m and Long Jump - Hillingdon Track from 18:00 *
  • Saturday 22nd Sept - Club Featured parkrun - Homewood parkrun at Ottershaw at 09:00 *#
  • Saturday 29th September - World Airline Road Races in Victoria, Canada (and if you haven't planned these then it is probably too late) #

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml. Last updated: First week of August.

* Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps] / # Club Points event

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Digests over the next three weeks

I'm in the USA and Canada over the next three weeks and others are away also for some of that time.  Although I will endeavor to get a digest out each week don't be concerned if the digest is late or brief.  You can help by submitting some complete items for inclusion.

Roderick Hoffman (

Results Equinox 5K - Wednesday 12th September #

The annual Equinox 5km was held astronomically a little early and significantly away from Cranford for the first time as the migration towards Bedfont gathered pace.  Courses have varied over the decades and by next Autumn we may have adopted a more suitable single circuit.
The off-road and unlit course used was based on the Bedfont Lakes parkrun loop but run anticlockwise and with the race HQ in the Bedfont Road carpark.  Some members parked at Bedfont FC and jogged to the start via Hatton Road and Bedfont Green.  It was a calm humid evening and some insects were on the prowl.  The runners enjoyed a takeaway pizza and Indian cuisine meal at Bedfont FC afterwards.  Thanks to Neil Frediani for ferrying it in from Dominos and the Indian Ocean {restaurant}.

Paul Knechtl 18:09
Chris Kelly 20:07
Steve Taylor 24:06
Trish McCabe 27:00
Neil Frediani 29:25
Roderick Hoffman 29:48
Christine Munden 31:20
Benita Scaife 31:35
John Scaife 31:36
Steve Hillier 32:11
Thanks to Roderick Hoffman and Joe Nolan for course setup.

Steve Newell (timekeeper)

Winter Five Mile Handicap 2018-19

The Winter Five Mile handicap is a monthly event we have been running for about ten years over the winter months.  Traditionally the course has been from and around Cranford and Heston but with the move of the club base it is now appropriate to use a new course around Bedfont, from the Bedfont Club.

There will be a twilight pathfinder evening on Wednesday 17th October starting (and finishing) at the Bedfont Club from 6.10 p.m.  Stretching and warm-up from 6 p.m. in the carpark.  The evening will allow runners to get familiar with the course, note landmarks. etc.  The handicap series itself will be an instinctive pacing exercise with the highest scores being awarded for gradual improvement over the winter.  The timing point will be the entrance to the football club carpark in Hatton Road.

The course:

Winter Handicap CourseStart on the pavement in Hatton Road and head north towards Hatton Cross.  The pavement along this stretch is adequately lit but best suited to single file.  When nearing the Hatton Cross area fork right along Steam Farm Road and on into Faggs Road which bends further round to the right opposite the Green Man pub.  After the junction with A312 the path widens a bit as the course heads south past the Fire Station and (c. one mile) Tesco supermarket entrance (caution required) and crosses the Duke of Northumberland’s River before the traffic light controlled “Minimax” crossroads (Staines Road Junction).  Cross Staines Road with care and continue in a southerly direction along Harlington Road West.

At the next junction (traffic lights) bear round to the right into Hounslow Road – the bridge over the railway line by Feltham Station will be visible in the distance.  Before that bridge bear to the right along New Road and keep to the right-hand side.  The path is narrow at this point especially over the bridge over the Longford River.  The station entrance (c. two miles) will be on your left hand.

The course bears right again into Bedfont Lane (heading northwest) which takes the runners back to the Staines Road and is the best part of a mile in length.  There are good pavements on both sides of this road – look out for a quiet moment and cross over to the left-hand side when safe and convenient.

At the junction with Staines Road (A315) bear round to the left and keep on the left for the next half to ¾ mile.  The three-mile mark is near the junction with New Road (Bedfont) and anyone wanting to bailout at this point should head up New Road and turn right at the top (Hatton Road). After passing the “Bell” pub cross over to the right-hand side of the road using traffic islands as necessary.  Continue along A315 to the Clockhouse Roundabout and keeping to the tarmac pavement bear round to the right.  There is now a short stretch along the A30 but after a quarter of a mile turn right into Stanwell Road (4 miles) (just before Thrifty car hire).  After one furlong {???} or so along here cross the road and turn left into Hatton Road at the T junction.   You are now on the home stretch so cross the road again one last time at a safe moment.  There is a modest rise over a bridge spanning both the Longford and Northumberland Rivers.  The club carpark and finish will be on the right-hand side (opposite Duke of Wellington pub).

The timed handicap runs will be on Wednesdays 31st October, 21st November (quiz evening) and 12th December 2018 with more runs in January, February and March.

Steve Newell

Club Vests

Paul Knechtl has recently restocked on BAAC Club Vests and as well as holding some stock himself he has also arranged for Neil Frediani to hold some.  So if you need a fresh club shirt please contact one or other.  The technical T-Shirts (BA on front only) cost £10.50 and the vests (BA on both sides) cost £12.00 . Available in most common gender styles and sizes.

Paul Knechtl

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 15th September 2018

15th Septparkrunner Time parkrun Comment Age Grade
John Taylor 19:40 Rickmansworth course pb, agegrade parkrun pb, club record 77%
Lesley Chamberlin 25:04 Hazelwood run #179, 7th at Hazelwood 75%
Chris Kelly 20:24 Reading run #397, 310th at Reading  74%
John Coffey 28:01 Hazelwood run #296, 22nd at Hazelwood 69%
Ian Cunningham 22:35 Bushy Park run #344, 282nd at Bushy 69%
Alan Anderson 33:31 Gunnersbury 289th run at Gunnersbury 68%
Benita Scaife 30:37 Richmond Park 1st run at Richmond 65%
Chris Evans 23:22 Bedfont Lakes run #211, 205th at Bedfont 65%
Paul Timms 24:25 Guernsey run #19, 1st in Channel Islands 63%
Piers Keenleyside 25:48 Hasenheide 1st parkrun in Germany 63%
Ian Cockram 24:37 Bedfont Lakes run #445, 268th at Bedfont 60%
David Duggan 27:23 Bedfont Lakes run #269, 185th at Bedfont 58%
Ben Chaytow 24:46 Crane park 176th run at Crane Park 56%
Marion Woodhouse 32:02 Rickmansworth 3rd run at Rickmansworth 56%
John Scaife 30:39 Richmond Park 1st run at Richmond 54%
Steve Newell 35:16 Higginson, Marlow park #104 plus token sorting ! 53%
Scott Davison 28:45 Bedfont Lakes run #267, 222nd at Bedfont 50%
Alastair Heslop 36:55 Lincoln run #7, 1st at Lincoln, BA park #441 45%
Alice Banks 49:04 Higginson, Marlow tailwalker plus token sorting 40%
Kevin Holland 49:45 Woking run #98, 56th at Woking 35%
Joe Nolan volunteer Black Park pacing squad coordinator
John Banks volunteer Higginson, Marlow finish tokens/marshal
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes run director
Anne Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Bob Bannister volunteer Bedfont Lakes marshal
Roderick Hoffman volunteer Northala Fields timekeeper
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow run director
Joan Foxley volunteer Harrow barcode scanning problems resolver

There are a lot of races on offer at this time of year and John Taylor (19:40) used the Rickmansworth parkrun this week as a warm-up for WARR in Victoria, British Columbia at the end of the month and set a new club record.  His wife Marion (32:02) will be in a different team when they get there as she competes for Air France!  Sorry, sometimes I forget we are not a corporate club anymore.

Piers Keenleyside (25:48) was one of several hundred who couldn’t resist the Hasenheide parkrun in Berlin on the eve of the marathon there.  The attendance of 512 was over twice the previous record. In the marathon itself which saw the men’s world record broken by over a minute, Piers maintained his parkrun pace for the first half before slowing down somewhat. It happens!   Chris Kelly (20:24 at Reading) is closing in on his 400th parkrun but is thinking more about his upcoming run in the Chicago Marathon next month.   Roderick Hoffman had such respect for the Hamburg Airport 10 mile race on Sunday that he settled for timekeeper duties at Northala Fields.

Alastair Heslop (36:55) has fulfilled just about every volunteer role available at Guildford over the years but this week ran at Lincoln parkrun-  now approaching its fifth anniversary and regularly attracting 400-500 runners.

Next week we have a club featured parkrun (cfp) at Homewood (Ottershaw Memorial Fields).  This is cross country in nature so this is probably a good time of year to give it a try.  This parkrun started a couple of years ago and moved location slightly after a few weeks.  It has recently celebrated run #100.  Attendances are usually between 100 and 150 so not too crowded.  After that, the next cfp is scheduled for 20th October at Upton Court – requested by Barry Walters at the AGM.

Steve Newell

Updated parkrun stats - club parkrun stats

Records and Inaugurals

Steve mentions above the record number at the Berlin Hasenheide parkrun. There were 19 with no barcode and 18 were doing their first ever parkrun.  Of the others 55 had previously run that parkrun but the other 420 were doing their first parkrun at the venue and would have mostly been Brits over for the Marathon.  Note that the previous record, 218 was set five weeks ago during the World Athletics Championships so again was boosted by UK visitors. The average attendance at Hasenheide is from 80 to 90.  But also note that there was also a new parkrun in Germany on Saturday - at Seewoog, SE of Frankfurt. The inaugural attendance was 104 and 91 of them were doing their first ever parkrun (including those without barcodes).  Only 13 had previous experience of parkrun and apart from Jakub Fedorowicz (the Polish parkrun manager, and heavily involved in setting up parkrun Germany) the others had only 122 previous parkruns between them!

There were three inaugurals in the UK - one near Leeds attracted 453 mainly Bradford and Skipton locals, one near Dover attracting 248 and one at Wendover Woods, near High Wycombe, that attracted 198. Be aware that Wendover Woods promises to be scenic and hilly - but like nearby Tring offers a single lap parkrun. I expect club runners to run there very soon. Ruimsig was another inaugural on Saturday - in South Africa - and it attracted 1,100 attendees BUT things are different there - fewer influential dog walkers to upset for a start.

Jack Nisbet writes in about Henstridge Airfield parkrun from last week "It was an enjoyable run. I was on holiday in the area. It was my first time at an inaugural run which was interesting.    I would not call it a scenic course, but the added opportunity of seeing a plane take off as you are running around makes it more interesting."

Roderick Hoffman

World Masters Medalists

Club runners have been running and throwing competitively at the World Masters in Malaga over the previous fortnight. I've been promised a report for next week's digest.

Hamburg International Airport Run

Hamburg International Airport RaceEvery year for the last 35 years there has been a Hamburg International Airport Race.  This year Petra Otto and I decided to enter…encouraged by the organiser, Lufthansa's Ralph Behrens, offering us free entries!

The day was lovely - sunny but not too warm and with a little headwind in places.  The course is ten miles or 16Km around the outside of the airport parameter.  The footing varies including roads and pavements and some tracks through pleasant woodlands. It is mainly flat but includes an interesting upwards circular spiral ramp in one of the carparks and later a downwards cycle ramp to take one down to a tunnel under the end of one of the runways. The organisation was excellent with plenty of marshals, three over-manned water stations and excellent facilities at the Lufthansa Sports Club at the start/finish.

In the race Petra started ahead of me - with 2,000 runners it was over two and a half minutes before I crossed the start line…but with chip timing that was no issue and ensured that the field was well spread long before any narrow sections of the course.  Petra has selected a faster start position and so I found myself catching up with her and passing her at the 1km gone point. I then led her for 14Km until at the 1km to go point she speed past me as I was fading. I considered trying to finish just behind her and beating her on chip timing…but I doubted I had the energy so didn't try.

All in all a highly worthwhile event so look out for a similar offer from Ralph next year.

Pos in G/AgeGrp AgeGroup Name Team Chip Time
399 (of 471) / 10 W65 Otto Petra (GBR) British Airways 1:54:15
1127 (of 1176) / 105 M55 Hoffman Roderick (GBR) British Airways 1:54:34

I note that I was seven minutes ahead of Kipchochge's time in Germany on Sunday, albeit he ran 26 miles to my ten!

Roderick Hoffman

Another finisher in the Berlin Marathon

2018 Berlin Marathon MedalAs you may have seen I did my 2nd Berlin Marathon yesterday.  Due to my ongoing injury I could only manage a time of 4:50:57 - two years ago I did 3:27:21. I seem to be on the mend though so if things progress I may bag another sub-3:30 come April and the London Marathon. I was very unfit yesterday having only been back running for 5 weeks and had only managed 2 'long' runs of 13 miles - my longest runs since the London Marathon back in April.

I found the course very crowded for the whole of the first half and the wave starts meant that there were faster runners pushing through the slower runners (like me) the whole way round. I suppose I could have started at the back but I had earned a pen nearer the front with a 3:23 qualifying time from London 2017 and I wanted to use it! 

Great to say I ran with the new world record holder (I think that time will remain for quite a while) and the medal has his image on the back as the current Olympic Champion.

On the Saturday I had gone to the Hasenheide parkrun where they had a turnout of over 500 as compared with an average of under 100. Finished in 25:48 - a mildly undulating course with a small loop up quite a hill near the end!

Piers Keenleyside

Running Shorts...

  • Street-O Result from West Norwood - Roderick 35th and scoring 66pts, Christine Munden 55th and scoring 46pts. Good start to the season. Next event 9th October at London Bridge.

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