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BA Athletics Club News Digest 17th February 2014

Forthcoming Events:

  • Monday 24th February - Uxbridge Track from 18:00 - Tom Rowley training session. Details below
  • Wednesday 26th February - Run-of-the-Month 5 Mile Handicap AND Club Annual Awards Evening - Concorde Centre from 18:00
  • Sunday 2nd March - Run-of-the-Month - Berkhamsted Half and 5 Mile Fun Run

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

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Track Training Session Monday Feb. 24th from 18.00 Uxbridge

A speed endurance session to suite all standards/ages.  Will benefit all runners competing from 100m + 5k thro' to marathons. Your own individual idea's can permutate the session a 100 different ways including a injury recovery. Also a pre-race plyometric group of exercises that Julie Barclay will Dem/guide you thro'.

The whole evening session last 45 minutes.   If a group trainer/coach come along take notes as the session can be done on the Concorde Club field during the lighter evenings. Julie would welcome 1 or 2 ladies as company and a personal chat.

Thank you    Tom Rowley.  More details contact: Eddie Giles

World Airline Road Race Dublin Friday 3rd October to Sunday 5th October - early forecast required

This year's World Airline Road Race is being held in Dublin over the weekend of October 3rd to 5th.  As usual the event will consist of one or two pre-race parties, a choice of well organised 5k and 10k road races and an awards evening in a top Dublin venue - delivered by friends and with opportunities for beer and cheer with 1,000 plus airline colleagues from around the world.  All standards are welcome and the bigger the BA team the better the event will be.  Participants from Amadeus, BA CityFlyer and other aviation related companies can join with BA or enter as their own teams  Non-airline participants are also welcome. 

At this point it would be really helpful for me to give the Aer Lingus Team a forecast of how many runners to expect from here.  Please let me know if you are likely to attend or indeed if you are a WARR regular but already know that you won't.  Also could I ask those BA staff with access to the yammer "Running and Jogging" group to respond to the survey I've initiated there - we want to build a momentum.

Please respond: Roderick Hoffman

Surrey League Cross Country Final Results

Ladies , Croydon

Venue: Lloyd Park, Croydon
Distance; 2 x 2.5 miles ...yes!  TOTAL 5 MILES
Conditions: Expected gales and rain with Mud, Mud and Mud
Team: Monica, Marion and Helen
Arrival conditions: No parking, grey skies, rain with people huddling under umbrellas
Team remark: What are we doing here?
Start of Race: Rain stopped, sun out, very muddy
Course: Long, hilly, lonely, muddy, but beautifully sunny, oh and muddy...
Finish of Race: Monica first BA Lady home, who cheered in Helen, then Marion
Conditions: Sun still bright and skies clear blue, more mud everywhere
Kit: Filthy, studs really great, why hadn't I got some before this year?
Post Race: Clean-up with fresh running water in the changing rooms.   But it is amazing how much mud one can clean off in dirty puddles before reaching the clean water.........
Team:  All Exhausted.   THANK YOU MONICA for the delicious home-made Bread and Butter Pudding cake just what we needed to cheer us up.
Results: Probably attached ....... but who cares...we're home and dry now!
Helen Smith  

 Individual position (out of 290 runners)

234 787 51:37 MONICA ALONSO W45 BA A Div2
260 792 55:02 HELEN SMITH W55 BA A Div2
285 789 63:52 MARION WOODHOUSE W50 BA A Div2
Team position after 4 matches (out of 48 Div 2 teams)

  Team Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Total Score (4 matches)
16 British Airways A 352 458 377          565      1752
40 British Airways B 772 0 841              0 1613
Hope we can get a ladies team for the Sandhurst XC on 22Feb, and also for our own BAAC/ASCA XC on 22Mar.

Clara Halket

Men Div 4, Newlands Corner, Guildford

Hi all, CONGRATULATIONS to men's cross country team for Gaining Promotion To Division 3 The 4th & final Surrey cross country race took place at a very wet & windy and very muddy course at Newlands Corner, where we had to overturn a 12 points deficit to finish second, well I did not need to worry.

We had a great turnout of 13 runners ( even with two of my regulars off sick? So they said) and finished a very good 2nd on the day, so finishing 97 points ahead of Epsom oddballs on the day. That gave us 2nd place in the league behind Elmbridge & 85 points ahead of Epsom overall.
Nice to see a fit John Coffey running his first cross country of the year and even turning up on his birthday.

A huge 'Thank You' to ALL the runners who have run during the season and for their support.

Individual match results for Newlands Corner Div 4

2nd      Paul Knechtl           31.51 26th    Mark Taylor              38.13 47th    Graham Taylor        43.08
8th      Gary Rushmer*          34.23 31st    Simon Turton           39.02 57th    Mark Turner            45.25
10th    Chris Kelly                34.44 33rd    Jeremy Short          39.13 69th   John Coffey             49.15
22nd   John Taylor              36.46 37th    Ian Cunningham     40.01
25th    Richard Ruffell        37.11 39th    Barry Walters           40.42

Division 4 final team results. 
                                  BA         ELM       DUL       EPS       LING       RUN       VET       
Match 4 points           233        167         534        330         365         319         538
Position                       2             1            6             4            5              3            7
Final points               1140       608        2260      1225       1392       1388       1987
Final positions             2            1             7            3             5             4             6

Many thanks, Gary Rushmer  {*individual v50 champion Div 4}

Wednesday 12th February Club-In-house-Event "Poker-Chase" results

The evening turned out much better weather-wise than looked likely just a few hours before.  With the surrounding countryside less than 10 miles away flooded and premiership football matches further afield postponed due to hurricane force winds, the four competitors and six officials enjoyed comparatively balmy conditions.  Several Wednesday evening regulars were absent and had sent plausible excuses.

Competitors had 70 minutes after collecting their first card from the pavilion team (Brian Forrester, Paddy O'Shea) to visit the four other dealers and collect the best poker hand (5 cards) they could with the swap option available once the basic five cards had been collected.  The dealers were Paul Brandon (Chicken Express, Brabazon Road), Steve Newell (Nice Moments, Crossways), Nick Edge (Costcutter, Fern Lane) and Harry Wild (Leeway Stores, Convent Way).  A single circuit was estimated at about 5 miles.

The best hand collected was a "straight" by Barry Walters.  He exclaimed it was his first ever.  However Barry had initially followed the 2011 route and wasted time searching for nonexistent dealers and was penalised for returning 10 minutes after his cutoff time after probably running 10 miles.

Our USA based occasional guest Simon collected two pairs (including two aces) in 63 minutes, just slightly better cards than Alan Anderson (also two pairs in 58 minutes).  Simon Turton collected one pair in 63 minutes.

Steve Newell

parkrun update

Several cancelled events last week end including Black Park at 8am due to fallen trees - so well done to Joe Nolan for diverting to nearby Upton Court.  Other Black Park regulars made it to Wycombe Rye where I also ran having spotted that after last week's cancellation they had derived an alternative course wholly higher up the side of the valley.  The photo of the old course makes the necessity for the change obvious.

 Wycombe Rye showing a lake across the parkrun course

Alan Anderson managed his 298th run, Neil Frediani his 98th - well on the way to his 100shirt AND jacket.

Updated parkrun stats:

 Roderick Hoffman / Steve Newell

Floods and London Training Update

Just an interim mid February mara training update, from flooded Wraysbury....

Not been a good last few weeks here with my training interrupted but mainly being 'core strengthening' having been wading through mucky water up to 4ft deep helping save people/belongings/chickens and horses so far.  It has been dreadful in parts here - much of the initial media coverage surrounded Datchet where an inch of water slowly came across the road whilst we were up to 3ft deep already, and then on hearing, the worlds media/ MPs/ Milliband et all came down here - I have spoken to many BBC/other 'faces' and probably been seen by some of you splashing around in the background at times.  I can only describe the situation as some sort of bizarre bad dream or disaster movie with the army/fire-services/rescue boats/helicopters/media/police including mounted/rspca teams/evacuation and respite centres etc etc etc in our normally quiet (except for aircraft noise) village - I am putting up some evacuated friends and unruly cats at the moment too.  Damage to a large number of properties is extensive but luckily I am on slightly higher ground and only got a shallow wash. Water levels have now started to go down but we are on high risk of another surge in the next few days.

I struggled through the very wet and windy cold Gade valley 12 miler a fortnight ago and unfortunately the Wokingham half mara was cancelled a week ago.  I did however get comfortably through yesterdays Bramley 20 miler intact, albeit a bit slower than 20milers in the past as I ran with a local parkrun girl training for her first mara and never having gone beyond 15miles before (she experience a mini-wall between 16-18 but helped her get through !).  Apart from further flood duties this week I hope to get back to my training schedule which will include the Gade Valley 17 miler next Sunday (assuming the Hemel Hempsted area hasn't all collapsed into sink-holes and the Reading half mara the w/e after !

Gosh, what we go through to entertain the public on April 13th !!

Cheers, Joe Nolan

Nick Edge also reports "I heard from Brian Bennett yesterday. He's OK but marooned {also in Wraysbury} as the lane is above car interior-level. The water came within about 3" of the house but has now dropped somewhat.".  And Janet Smith has posted to Facebook several pictures of flooded Datchet prior to finding a hilltop retreat.


Hi, There are some benefits from running cross countries! On returning to road racing (gentle undulations rather than boggy hills) this weekend at the Valentines 10k I managed a lifetime PB of 43:05, and a best ever age grading. Obviously some things mature with age! Cheers, Ian Cunningham

We have got an entry for the Green Belt Relay and I'll be letting the interested parties know soon.  Still keen to hear from folks to list as reserves - we always get some dropouts...  Rgds, Chris Kelly

The Harrow Hill Race is traditionally six miles with two full climbs of the hill - half of one climb being up the steepest "Football Lane".  This year they got Hugh Jones to re-measure it as a 10k AND alter the start of the course to add an extra half climb up the hill and with one and a half of the climbs up Football Lane. So steep that, well, sorry, I kept myself going by the thought of Hugh falling off his bicycle.  I had trained on the old course and thought I'd have a chance of running all the way but the new course (and a developing cold) put paid to that.  Still, I was pleased with my time of 57:20 (I've run slower flat 10ks) and 125th place of 203 finishers.  Old friend of the club Petra Otto finished in 1:02:59. The winner took 36:11. Roderick Hoffman

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