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BA Athletics Club News Digest 18th April 2022

Events Calendar - online here

Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by Sunday 8th May, to be reported on in the following digest) [but see below for shared "Track on Field" Thursday 5th May]:

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Editorial - 500 Digests!

I first produced a weekly digest on 6th August 2012. Last year I decided that it would be worth making a fuss over the 500th of these digests. But having forgotten about that idea until now I've just done a rough count and worked out that this digest is about number 506. So instead I'll plan a fussy issue for early August to celebrate ten years of these digests. Then perhaps it'll be time that someone else took over.

Roderick Hoffman

Track is Back- Summer 2022!

Yes, itís true, a new season of Track & Field is almost upon us.  We can offer competition for all standards, whether you are a beginner, a star sprinter, a field athlete, or a veteran.  Please come along and enjoy something from the T&F menu.

The season commences with an in-house competition at Feltham track, on Thursday 5th May [not Wednesday 4th as previously advertised].  You need to run five events: 1500m, 800m, 400m, 200m and 100m, with an opportunity for a breather between each.  This will be a season warm-up, and a chance to show your consistency, or your prowess at a favoured distance.

We compete in the Southern Veterans League, a chance for everyone from 35 to 95 to compete against their peers in age graded events.  These events are all located in the West London area.  This year the calendar includes a new category, V70s.  These are really fun evenings, so please make an effort to join us.

We also compete in the Rosenheim League, a friendly T&F competition spread around tracks south of Heathrow.  Again, all standards are welcome, and you will find someone to compete with, whether you plan to run 100 metres, 3000m, or try a field event.  Thereís always a place available in our legendary relay squads!

Here are the planned dates:

  • Thu 5th May, From 18:00 (start nearer 18:30): ďTrack on FieldĒ competition, Feltham track: 1500m/800m/400m/200m/100m
  • Mon 16th May:  Veteranís League, Battersea
  • Wed 18th May:  Rosenheim League, Kingston
  • Mon 13th June:  Veteranís League, Uxbridge
  • Wed 15th June:  Rosenheim League, Epsom
  • Mon 27th June:  Veteranís League, Battersea
  • Mon 13th July:  Veteranís League, Perivale
  • TBC July:  Rosenheim League, Walton

Steve Hillier                

One Hour Run at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit - results and findings #

The Concorde One-Hour race is being held on Sunday 5th June 2022. We had a practice event at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit last Wednesday. Thank you to everyone who made an appearance. We learnt a great deal about the venue and its facilities. I don't think that we discovered any problems that would trouble us on race day - other than we need to publish a definitive length for the laps of the course because everyone will come up with different figures from their watches, phones and tracks.

Steve Newell walked round the two laps to be used with our measuring wheel and the results of 1005.7m for the short lap and 1499.3m for the long lap are used in the results below.

We are yet to have the distances returned by Mark Jefford, the official measurer for the event, so when we do we will adjust our understanding of the lengths run. We know that Mark's figures will be shorter than Steve's. Mark not only measured each three times, using the shortest running route each time, but the counter on his bike will have been calibrated before and after his visit to us to take into account the weather conditions on the day (whereas our wheel was simply take out of Steve's boot and used).

Runner Start Time Finish Time Total Laps Max Distance Competition Distance Average Speed (km/h)
Mike Dennison 0 00:59:34 9 13.000 13.000 13.000
Paul Watt 0 01:04:59 9 13.000 12.036 12.036
Steve Taylor 0 01:04:09 8 11.501 10.759 10.759
Denis Foxley 0 00:59:25 7 10.002 10.002 10.002
Julie Barclay 0 01:04:00 7 10.002 9.545 9.545
Maartin Stenham 00:12:36 00:55:33 6 8.996 8.996 11.387
Jakob Stenham 00:12:36 01:03:44 6 8.996 8.395 10.627
Alan Friar 0 01:05:24 6 8.502 7.829 7.829
Amanda Coombs 00:26:45 01:04:20 4 5.997 5.419 9.778

Six runners started on the gun and ran one short lap followed by any number of long laps. Three later arrivals did the number of long laps they could in the time left. Simon Turton recorded everyone's laps and final times (despite having been given a dodgy pen). Steve Hillier provided support and encouragement out on the course, at the point where the two laps diverted (so stopping anyone taking short cuts after their first lap!). Jas Singh-Modaher checked out the kitchen and considered the best location for the drinks station.

All the runners discovered that the cycle circuit is not flat. Mike covered the maximum distance in the hour with exactly 13km (using Steve's measurements). Mike could have started another lap but that would have only added about 95m to his one hour distance. Paul also covered the 13km distance but in over the hour. His one-hour distance is calculated from the 11.501km of his first eight laps plus 35.7% of his last lap time (his last lap was from 57:14 to 64:59 hence 35.7% would have taken him to exactly one hour). Fortunately I have Excel to do all of the math's necessary.

The fastest short lap was by Mike with 4:44. The fastest long lap was Mike's 6:42 on his 7th lap since he managed to get progressively faster as he went on, though revealed he was human by slowing for the last two. Jakob and Maartin started fast with their first long lap times of 6:43 and 6:44 respectively.

Having had the test event we can be confident that we will only need a few marshals. Also Jas is confident that he can provide refreshment crews. Thus could I suggest that any club member who thinks that they can run the event on the 5th June should enter now - taking advantage of the Early Bird rate which is available until the end of April.  > Concorde One Hour Race - Concorde 1hr (

> Roderick Hoffman

Reminder NOW Bluebells from Osterley Park lunchtime 20th April from 12:00

See you there!

> Roderick Hoffman

Mile Results for April

I've had a couple of mile results submitted but only a couple. I'll hold over the April results to next week in the hope of getting some more.

Recent Activity Achievements

I picked up on 21 club members and friends reporting recent activity achievements.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Running 4miles XC Mon 00:52:10 And Thurs 14 Apr- fast walk Marlow riverside to Temple Lock and return in 24m 10s out & 23m 24s rtn. Plus Sat 16 Apr 4Mile XC in 55m.
Barry Walters Running 13km Swinley Forest Sun am 01:16:03 Enjoyed this run around the Swinley Forest and heathland area. Started slowly but managed to pick up the pace. Conditions were ideal in the warm sunshine.
Ben Cooper Running 10.51km Caerdydd Sat 01:00:00 Matching this week's one-hour challenge - "long easy run for exactly 1hr. Meant I had a 10 minute walk home to cool down "
Benita Scaife  Race 10km Mortimer 10km Sun 01:09:22 Our activity was the Mortimer 10k. A hilly woodland trail run in perfect conditions. 1:09:22Ö
John Scaife  Race 10km Mortimer 10km Sun 01:09:22 ...The race organiser was ex-BAAC member Andy McAskill. His mum Lesley McAskill is also ex-BAAC and was marshalling. The photo shows us with Andy and his dog.
Chris Kelly Walking 3.65miles Bottle n Glass Walk, South Oxfordshire Sun pm 01:18:37 Easter Sunday Stroll with the kids
Clara Halket Mixed Walk/Run   Sun am A short workout on a very early misty morning. Saw what I thought were ice flakes, on closer look they were night mist hanging onto ground spiders' webs!
Emma Moreton Running 6.8km Sandown, IOW Sun am 00:38:32 Seafront run from Sandown to Shanklin (IOW). Pleased that Iím increasing distance gradually, with no pain
Harjit Jhooti Walking 16.58km Heathrow Mon am 03:18:29 A walk around the perimeter road of Heathrow Airport.
Jain Reid parkrun 5km Richmond Sat am 00:31:50 Gradual improvements post covid. No issues with back so will start ramping up the mileage again.
Jasvir Singh Modaher  Race 10miles Maidenhead Easter 10 Fri 01:52:49 Spotted by the Scaifes.
Keith Johnson  Race 10km St Albans Easter 10k Fri 00:47:23 On Good Friday.
Melanie Miller Hike 14.11km Rhossili and The Worm Head (Gower, Wales) Sat 03:54:18 Tough Ďlittleí hike point 2 point Rhossili then on to The Worm Head with the tide soon closing in on us but a great day 2 b had by all!
Melanie Miller (again) Hike 11.15km Brecon Beacons Mon am 02:02:00 4 waterfalls around Brecon spectacular waterfalls, the one in the photo we went behind too.
Michael Ball Sprints Best exercise this week 5x 50 mtres resistant runs and daily routine of v sits plank and burpee press-ups.
Neil Frediani parkrun 5km Silksworth (Sunderland) Sat am 00:29:20 Starting between the football pitches, ski slope and skate park. 3 parkruns in a row have been my only runs for the last 4 or 5 weeks so I was surprised to run non-stop and sub 30, my fastest since last summer.
Petra Otto parkrun 5km March Sat am Tailwalking with a parkrunner who on his previous parkrun had gone from having a niggle to having a fractured tibia! Plus hard workouts in the gym.
Roderick Hoffman Orienteering 8.76km King's Cross Street-O Tue evening 01:00:14 I took the photo of St Pancras whilst walking from the station to the start. I then had to run back because this exact point was my first Control to be visited. Better run - 16 controls visited.
Sarah Gordon Walking Morocco Walking with camels
Simon Turton Walking 6.5km Local Sat am 01:05:00 Saturday morning walk around the local lanes and footpaths. Still not running but foot feels a little better. Plenty of cyclists out. 6.5 km in circa. 65 mins.
Stephen Taylor Running 20miles Ealing parks Mon am 03:37:46 More long slow runs in prep for EDF. My second 20 miler and not as tough as the first one but still a challenge.
Steve Hillier Running 3.8km Roxbourne Park Sun 00:25:46

Week Achievements

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 16th April 2022

36 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 589 25 0:25:05 61.33%
Trish MCCABE Bexley 461 163 0:29:42 53.48% First BA lady runner
Anne Bannister Black Park 602 459 0:52:44 39.03% 3rd run at Black Park
Bob BANNISTER Black Park 602 460 0:52:45 31.79% 11th run at Black Park
John COFFEY Brooklands 93 192 0:33:22 62.99% 6th run at Brooklands, top of MV80-84 age-group (time and grade)
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 93 207 0:36:09 51.54% PB: 92 second improvement on 7th run at Brooklands
Michael Dennison Bushy Park 872 79 0:19:47 83.99%
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 872 102 0:20:20 73.11%
Maria JOVANI Bushy Park 872 159 0:21:33 74.40%
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 872 273 0:23:13 68.49% 1278 finishers, largest since the restart (other than for Xmas Day)
Alice BANKS Church Mead 2 122 0:32:16 63.79% park #53, BA park #641, Amersham's run #2 - I consider that a good time for a very hilly run, and as the middle section of a ten-mile run!
Ben Kelly Dallas Burston Polo Club 25 17 0:22:25 57.55% On the road (oddly has run 29 times at Reading, but never at Woodley). BA men's and grade record.
Paul WATT Great Salterns 13 8 0:21:24 73.05% BA men's and grade record.  Wilson Index up to 16. 25th volunteer occasion.
Julie BARCLAY Great Salterns 13 58 0:28:03 66.31% BA ladies record (from Melanie).  Wilson Index up to 17.
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 426 No time off for good behaviour - Timekeeper at Guildford.
Scott DAVISON Hanworth 82 27 0:28:09 52.40%
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 292 89 0:28:32 64.31%
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 292 151 0:36:34 64.04%
Harjit Jhooti Homewood 219 72 0:42:17 41.70% Back on the flattish.
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 153 38 0:24:56 60.09%
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 300 242 0:32:48 63.72% Maidenhead run #300.
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 300 243 0:32:49 52.56%
Petra OTTO March 248 125 1:03:39 34.41% Tail Walker at March parkrun
Roderick HOFFMAN Northala Fields 340 Welcome and Barcode Scanning, 50th volunteer occasion.
Paul TIMMS Osterley 371 19 0:22:32 69.97% run #64, 1st at Osterley
Anne Anderson Osterley 371 212 0:48:32 59.38%
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 371 213 0:48:33 51.87% Run #611, Wilson Index remains on 2.
Steve NEWELL Prospect 125 124 0:47:34 42.22% run #414, park #119, Almost matching Prospect run number (125) with own position number (124).
Christopher T KELLY Reading 548 96 0:26:54 57.62%
Jain REID Richmond Park 697 252 0:32:19 56.01%
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 197 27 0:20:25 75.92% run #32, 16th at Rickmansworth
David Cowell Sandringham 28 5 20:14 69.52% New BA park #640
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Sedgefield 453 101 0:27:58 59.95% Close to his own BA age grade record set in 2018.
Neil FREDIANI Silksworth 561 90 0:29:20 57.16% First BA runner at former Sunderland parkrun since the Dodsworths.
David DUGGAN Swanley 24 100 0:34:13 47.69% run #399, park #103
Barry WALTERS Upton Court 413 66 0:28:36 59.21% parkrun 123

Paul Timms (22:32 at Osterley) is well travelled round the global parkrun scene with appearances in Southwest England, Northern Ireland, Australia, USA, Singapore, South Africa and Guernsey but this was his first parkrun in the London area.  Osterley has become a popular course for our club, especially since the two-lap format was adopted, and over fifty members have run there at least once over the years.  Only Bushy Park and Bedfont Lakes have attracted more of us.

John Coffey (33:22) at Brooklands has been involved in parkrun since the early days when the choice was Bushy Park or Bushy Park [Ed "...or stay in bed"].  He had a significant birthday recently and it is good to report that he is now at the top of the MV80-84 rankings at Brooklands.

Trish McCabe (29:42) continued her tour of the rarely visited parkruns to the southeast of London with a run at Bexley and established a club female record at Bexley.  Erstwhile member Caroline Cockram did run there once in 29:00 around the time of the London Olympics but before she joined us.  Trish has now run at 42 out of the 59 parkruns in London.

Recent joiner David Cowell (20:14) travels widely and appeared at (Royal) Sandringham to notch up his 41st different park while still 3 runs short of this red 50 vest.  That took the club total to 640 and there was more to come.  Alice Banks (32:16) wasted no time in setting a club record at Church Mead (Amersham) which only started last week and pushing the total to 641.  There is a club featured parkrun scheduled there on 2nd July.

John Taylor (20:25) was only a few seconds outside his age group pb at Rickmansworth where he lies 37th out of an astonishing 654.

Paul Watt (21:24) and Julie Barclay (28:05) were at Great Salterns (Portsmouth) and set new club records while doing some volunteering as well.  They improved their Wilson Indices to 16 and 17 respectively.

Steve Newell

parkrun Volunteers

I've done a further analysis of club parkrun volunteers. You will recall that this isn't easy to do from the publicly available information - one has to make a snapshot of all of each club members volunteers to date and compare that with the previous snapshot made (on 19th December 2021). Things are made complex by:

  •  members joining or not renewing, [so, for instance, David Cowell wasn't included in the December snapshot. As of this snapshot he has 38 volunteer credits to his name but I have no way of knowing how many of these have been since December, or since he has become a member],
  • by volunteer activities being added or renamed [in the last couple of months "First Timers Briefing" has become "First Timers Welcome" and "Run Report Writer" has become "Report Writer" - these map one to one but still makes comparing the snapshots difficult].
  • people changing their names [you would be surprised, two of our male members have recently done so!]

So, with apologies to anyone I've missed or underrepresented [please let me know]...

I notched up my 50th volunteer occasion on Saturday. 19 club members have already exceeded that number. As of last week David Duggan led the way with 481, Emma Moreton had 356 and Alastair Heslop had just achieved his 251st. Denis Foxley has recently earned his 100 volunteer shirt and recent 50 achievers are Steve Newell, Ben Chaytow, Anne Bannister and Piers Keenleyside. Julie Barclay earned her 25 shirt a few week's ago but with Paul Watt's achievement this week they can now order two of them. In total the current members of the club had around 3,300 volunteer occasions between them. Former members such as the Cockrams and Dodsworths also have hundreds to their names.

Sum of Credits since December has David Duggan with 91 [but he shouldn't expect to get the club parkrun trophy every year], Mike/Michael Dennison has 42, Emma Moreton 40, Alastair with 20, Paul Watt with 18 and then 16 (one a week) for Julie Barclay, Maria Jovani and Melanie Miller.

Looking at credits for specific roles since December:  In the 16 weeks between the snapshots we have performed the "Communications Person" role 43 times. That equates to Emma performing the role almost continuously for two parkruns and David for one parkrun [and don't expect the editor of this digest to belittle the communications role!]. Next highest is "Volunteer Co-ordinator" [another thankless task I'll give thanks for] with 32 credits, mostly David but Alastair and Denis Foxley also made contributions, then the traditionally most common volunteer role, "Marshal" also with 32 credits. Then comes the "Report Writer" with 26 credits (nine of us have done this since December - including some who never contribute to this digest!). Next highest are the App users - "Barcode Scanning" with 22 and "Timekeeping" at 20. A current growth area is "Tail Walker" with 17 (again between nine of us). We were only the "Run Director" provider on 16 occasions - down from previous periods.

 I agree with the parkrun principle that all volunteer efforts are equal and whereas volunteering works for some there are others for whom it is not appropriate - so I won't discredit anyone for not getting volunteer credits - except that I'll mention one example to prove the point; Alan Anderson has 226 credits to his name but none since December, and anyone who has seen him pushing Anne around the course at Osterley fully understands why that is.

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

Other Races

I am the fixtures secretary at Ranelagh Harriers and wanted to extend an invite to you and all at British Airways AC to our half marathon on Sunday 8th May.

Itís a fast flat and scenic race, ideal for a PB, around Richmond and Twickenham, down to Hampton Court and then back along the towpath to Ham. Itís part of the Surrey League, and hosts the Surrey Half Marathon Championships.

Itís only £20 for England Athletics members. Sporting Feet are sponsoring prizes for all are groups and all runners will receive a race day memento. Please enter now at Ranelagh half marathon entry

Any queries, please let us know.

Best wishes

Gerry (ranelagh fixtures)

Letters to the Editor


Mariko Yugeta, the 63-year-old limbering up to run a sub-three-hour marathon

David Barnard

Ed: The club's Men's Marathon record for V60 is held by Ray Hampton at 3:17:20 (London, April 2006). We don't have any ladies records above V45 (let me know if you think that you can claim one). Our ladies' Open record is sub-3 with Any Stiles at 2:50:34 (London, 2000).

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