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BA Athletics Club News Digest 19th June 2023

Events Calendar - online here

Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2023 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Results for Next Week

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Monthly Mile (please submit your June Mile performance by the end of the month):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the prompt in Facebook. The mile can be somebody else's formal event or even one mile within a longer run. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year:

Mile Participant Location Date How Measured Duration/Time Comment: e.g. event

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Editorial - AGM approaching with lots of options

The AGM is on the evening of Wednesday 5th July. Please plan to be there if you can. To encourage you, there will be a mile run beforehand (optional) and food provided by the club. The food is also optional but I doubt if many will turn it down!

The club is changing because change is inevitable and there isn't an option to stay exactly the same. Next year the change may be significant since, for one thing, the club will have a new Chair. The AGM is an opportunity for you to understand how the club is changing and to influence that change. So, perhaps this year, your influence is needed even if you like the club the way it is. You could even propose yourself for a role on the committee. That is also an optional action, but one that would be most welcome.

If you will probably be there, or if you usually are but you expect to be absent this year, then please let Steve know so that he can manage the numbers. >>> Steve Hillier

Roderick Hoffman (outgoing Chair)

2023 Speedbird Ladies on Wednesday 21st June

With two days to go we've got 54 registered for the Speedbird Ladies Race. The maximum we'll allow is 70 and we won't allow entries on the day. If you, or someone you know, is hesitant about registering, please do so before 7pm on Tuesday.


We will need volunteers on the day. The following is the plan:

16:00 onwards Meet in the first carpark to set the course Anyone there at 16:00 can help set the course.
18:00 BA team arrival Register as marshals etc.
18:00 Test run of course Any male members can test run the course.
18:30 Participants arrival Assistance in the carpark would be welcome – remember the concrete curbs!
18:30 Registration Stephen Taylor will lead the registration.
18:45 Team to marshalling points Maps will be provided.
18:55 Race Briefing At the start near the usual bridge.
19:00 Race Start Water and Roses to be given out to finishers
19:50 Awards Individual and teams.
20:00 Clear away All able to help.
20:30 Close

Obviously I'd prefer it if you told me in advance that you'll be there - but turn up anyway!

>>> Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

17 members' achievements were communicated to me. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Cycling 3.5miles Cox Green Thur 00:17:30 Three Cox Green 3.5mile cycle rides. Wed 14th June (18:30) & Thurs 15th June (17:30) & Sat 17th June (18:05) "GREAT DAY FOR KING CHARLES!"
Benita Scaife parkrun 5km Southampton Sat am In Southampton for a Friday evening concert at the University so the obvious choice on Sat morning was Southampton parkrun…
John Scaife parkrun 5km Southampton Sat am ...Benita’s first run for two weeks after a stubborn cold/cough, so pleased with a sub-32.
Chris Kelly parkrun 5km Clarens (South Africa) Sat am Clarens parkrun, Free State, SA. Amusingly cold frosty start - down in the village - contrastingly warm and sunny at the gaspingly highest point - 1912m (6272ft) - on excellent single tracks etc around the Dam above.
Clara Halket mixed Run/Walk 8km The Ridge Sun Post night shift morning workout on the ridge, 8 km logged. Brunch, homemade banana pancake with mixed fruits.
Emma Moreton parkrun 5km Mole Valley Sat am 00:22:47 Mole Valley parkrun - first timer, first female! 22:47. And some wine purchased
James Edwards Swim 12miles Local swimming baths 12:00:00 Completed a ‘Swim the night’ challenge with local swim club, starting at 6pm and swimming 1mile every hour on the hour through to 6am. 12miles / 19.2km / or 768 lengths. Not running due to a slight knot in my calf, giving it a rest.
Julie Barclay Running 8km Torremolinos Tue 00:50:00 An early morning, but still hot, run along the promenade.
Melanie Miller Walking 10km Island of Monte Isola (Italy) Sun 02:27:15 One of the prettiest walks I’ve done on this trip so far, walking round the beautiful Island of Monte Isola in full sun. Average temperature only 32 degrees!!
Mike Dennison  Race 5km Battersea Park Tue pm 00:19:46 My first actual 5k race! Finished in 198th place (of 340). It was a pretty fast field...just over 200 people ran under 20 minutes. The winner ran 14:35, but there were also 7 people over 30 minutes. Definitely more stacked towards the faster runners though!
Neil Frediani Running 3.19miles Austrian Alps Sat parkrun replacement run in the Austrian Alps. 3.19miles and 700' of elevation
Paul Watt Running 8miles Rushmoor Sun am 01:02:23 Run around Rushmoor and North Camp before time-keeping at Queen’s Parade junior parkrun.
Petra Otto Various Local The hardest ever (new) exercise class (circuits) pushing a 30kg box along a straight, Nordic Skiing machine, battle ropes, weights, burpees and other ‘torture’ equipment!!! Plus 3x gym, a HIIT class today, and March parkrun ending with this year’s fastest walk in 43:45. A very tough week.
Roderick Hoffman Running 7.89km Grand Union Leicstershire Wed 00:59:20 Canalathon mileage - Kilby to Fleckney. Time excludes ten minutes spent reuniting the divided family pictured.
Sarah Gordon  Race 5miles Beacon Hill Sun ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ up and down the Beacon Hill parkrun course. Fabulous run with fabulous bling, medal, personalised can of spring water and no-alcohol beer.
Simon Turton Orienteering 8.3km Lower Earley Sat am 00:49:50 A week after the official race I re-ran the course and tweaked some of my route choice, ending up with a time 10 mins quicker and 700m shorter than last week. Slightly cooler temperatures also helped.
Stephen Taylor parkrun 5km Northala Fields Sat am 00:28:20 A parkrun sandwich at Northala on Saturday. 3 miles there, parkrun in 28:20 and a slower three miles home again.

Week Achievements 

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 17th June (only!)

36 activities are recorded below. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun 10th June Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Bob BANNISTER Bedfont Lakes 646 42 0:26:25 64.10%
Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 646 43 0:26:31 56.51%
Anne Bannister Bedfont Lakes 646 91 0:31:26 66.49%
Joe NOLAN Black Park 664 200 0:28:57 59.59%
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 149 284 0:35:37 53.21% 14 second PB , run #135, 30th at Brooklands
Mike DENNISON Bushy Park 935 74 0:19:59 83.90% 300th run at Bushy Park, earns triple-ton badge
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 935 94 0:20:43 72.33%
Maria JOVANI Bushy Park 935 161 0:21:54 73.97%
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 935 715 0:28:43 55.83%
Diana Smith Bushy Park 935 1210 0:51:11 45.75% run #33, all at Bushy - 1252 finishers this week
Steve NEWELL Catford 196 204 0:48:28 42.37% 6th run at Catford.  Very dry this week.
Christopher T KELLY Clarens 149 67 0:46:01 34.26% New BA parkrun #738.  Another in Southern Africa.
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 510 25 0:22:51 62.51%
Sarah GORDON Daventry 380 236 0:44:07 47.37% run #333, 13th at Daventry
Fiona Bishop East Park 111 18 0:24:30 82.72% First BA lady.  Nelson collection, going well, 111,222,333.. etc.
Melanie Miller Farfalle 177 23 0:41:59 42.56% New BA park #739, "Butterflies parkrun". run #146, park #120
David DUGGAN Hanworth 139 46 0:33:36 49.01%
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 352 181 0:34:25 54.14% Also VI Guide
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 352 205 0:38:14 62.29% "Hot"
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 151 119 0:28:57 72.19%
Alastair HESLOP Homewood Volunteer tourism - Funnel Manager at Homewood
David Cowell Maaraue 85 3 0:19:03 74.45% 2nd run at Maaraue, 8 second PB
Paul WATT Malling 310 5 0:20:43 76.11% 248th parkrun, park #146, BA male record.
Julie BARCLAY Malling 310 39 0:24:51 77.00% BA female and grade record. 300th parkrun, park #150
Vera Simms Malling 310 87 0:28:15 69.68% park #32
Petra OTTO March 303 118 0:43:45 50.90%
Emma Moreton Mole Valley 209 34 0:22:47 68.03% First lady finisher, BA female record, from Maria.
Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 398 107 0:28:20 56.59%
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Osterley 428 165 0:28:34 59.28% Big turnout at Osterley due to the 10k event afterwards.
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 428 378 0:48:06 56.65%
Steve Waite Riddlesdown 576 118 0:33:17 55.13%
Harjit Jhooti Severn Bridge 164 155 0:32:16 55.37% run #202, park #86
Benita SCAIFE Southampton 499 579 0:31:55 67.52% park #101
John SCAIFE Southampton 499 580 0:31:57 54.56% park #110
Roderick HOFFMAN Stockley Country 23 Run Director at Stockley Country
Alastair HESLOP Woking 370 Late report from last week - Marshal at Woking

parkrun Review 17th June 2023

There were no special extra foreign parkruns available this week but it was pointed out to us by a well informed BBC commentator at the ‘Trooping of the Colour’ that UK is one of only two countries in the world (the other is Denmark) that does not have a national day but the monarch’s official birthday would be a good candidate.  It is always a Saturday so I suggest that is not really a very good suggestion!

Three members were abroad and visited parkruns. Chris Kelly(46:01), warming down after the Comrades double marathon last weekend, was at the Clemens parkrun close to the Lesotho border which boasts of a challenging hilly trail course.  David Cowell (19:03) was at much flatter Maaraue parkrun near Wiesbaden (Frankfurt) where the River Main flows into the Rhine and clipped 8 secs of his previous time there.  Melanie Miller (41:59) was at Farfalle parkrun (Padua, Northern Italy) which has been going since March 2018. John Wright volunteered.

A notable run from last week which I failed to mention was Ray Hampton (33:41) at Forfar Loch parkrun (09:30 start time) not far from Glamis Castle. This week, Kevin Holland (35:37) achieved a course pb at Brooklands on his 30th run there.  He has also run 60 times at Woking with a best time there of 27:57.

Mike Dennison (19:59, 83.9%) qualified for his “Triple-Ton“ badge as he completed his 300th Bushy parkrun. Emma Moreton (22:47) was the first female across the line at Mole Valley and bettered the club female record previously held by Maria Jovani. Fiona Bishop (24:30, 82.72) added to her Nelson collection at run #111 at East Park, Wolverhampton.  She has also been to run #222 at Market Harborough, run #333 at Long Eaton (just last week!), run #444 at Crane Park (and also York and Upton Court), run #555 at Pymmes, run #666 at Bushy Park.  Look out for a triple seven at Richmond in October.

Harjit Jhooti (32:16) tried the (“Old”) Severn Bridge parkrun for the first time. The course starts and finishes in Wales but visits the English counties of Gloucestershire and Avon during the 5km.  Benita Scaife (31:55) and John Scaife (32:57) visited the popular Southampton parkrun for the first time. 823 finishers this week.  The ever roaming Paul Watt (20:43), Julie Barclay (24:51) and Vera Simms (28:15) were at the scenic lakeside Malling parkrun close to a junction of the M20.

On the volunteering front Alastair Heslop is determined to branch out and visit other parkruns besides Guildford (cancelled this week due to “Travellers” invading the park in numbers).  Perhaps even take up the alphabet challenge. He followed up marshalling at Woking last week with funnel managing at Homewood this week.  Denis Foxley (34:25) has carried out almost all the possible roles at Harrow and this week guided a Visually Impaired runner round the 5km course.

Steve Newell

Who finished first? Chris or Melanie?

Both Chris and Melanie ran at new parkruns for the club. In the table above Chris has been allocated #738 and Melanie #739. Why that order? We try to work out who finished the parkrun earliest, converting all times to London times and assuming that all parkruns start at their scheduled time (not strictly true - on Saturday Stockley Country started at 09:07, blame the RD). Melanie ran four minutes faster than Chris. Melanie ran near Venice which is in Italy, one hour ahead of London. Chris ran in South Africa, south of Johannesburg, which is also one hour ahead of London.  Melanie's parkrun was scheduled to start at 9am local time. Chris' parkrun was scheduled to start at 8am local time. Therefore Chris is assumed to have finished his parkrun 56 minutes before Melanie finished hers - hence Chris has been allocated the lower BA parkrun number.

All this is perhaps in vain because we only record who finished first in this report - the excel database I use does the calculation alphabetically by parkrun name, in the local language ("Farfalle" is Italian for "Butterflies" where as "Clarens" is named after a Swiss town and is also known as the "Jewel of the Eastern Free State").

Other Matters Arising

We also had a Visually Impaired runner at Stockley Country and their escort was Paul Fielding - the man who has seen more different parkruns than everyone else, other than Paul Freyne. Fielding has now done 606 different events and Freyne 627. But that does mean that members of the BAAC have done more than either of them!  The VI run went well, although that was partly because I had played the VI card and had got the golf club to clear the nettles off from the paths used for the course.


Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

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