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BA Athletics Club News Digest 19th December 2022

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

It's time for me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I hope to see a number of you on Wednesday for our Christmas do to tell you in person. That isn't a formal evening so I'll use this opportunity to thank in advance Steve Newell for organising the pre-party one mile relay (tell him to expect you and what your mile time could be) and Steve Hillier for organising the food (we don't want food left over, so please tell Steve if you are bringing a dish). Note also that Steve Hillier has offered, with Linda, to host a club quiz again next year - in the diary for Wednesday 19th April.

# We made a late change last week to the Club Featured parkrun and, in my absence, it wasn't possible to let everyone know. All those who made it to Osterley or Gunnersbury will be awarded club points. There are now just two club points events left - Wednesday's mile relay event (points for runners and those that Steve Newell tell me helped on the evening) and then the Round Heathrow Run on Thursday 29th December.

Roderick Hoffman (BAAC Chairman & Communications)

Five Mile Handicap results #

It was chilly evening during a cold week and only three runners braved the near freezing conditions at Bedfont for the third leg (of six) and this winter’s 5 mile handicap event.

Conditions on the route were free of ice with fewer pedestrians than usual on the pavements.

Maarten Stenham (running without young Jacob on this occasion) didn’t hang about and was fastest by a margin.  Steve Taylor was closest to target and Steve Hillier making his debut for this season struck a steady rhythm just a little slower than predicted.

The club bar was welcomely warm with a friendly black cat monopolizing the best seat and totally ignoring the World Cup semifinal on the big screen.

Results target 5m time ranking points New Target
Maarten Stenham 46:00   39:56     3   18  40:00 (or 46:00)
Stephen Taylor 42:15 42:42 1  25  42:30
Steve Hillier  59:00    61:15  2 21  59:45
Timekeeper: Steve Newell

Points table after three events:

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Total
Stephen Taylor 18 25 25 68
Paul Watt 25 21 0 46
Julie Barclay 21 15 0 36
Roderick Hoffman 16 16 0 32
Maarten Stenham 14 0 18 32
Amanda Coombs 13 18 0 31
Steve Hillier 0 0 21 21
Jacob Stenham 15 0 0 15
Benita Scaife 0 13.5 0 13.5
John Scaife 0 13.5 0 13.5

> Steve Newell

The winner of the six run series is traditionally the runner with the most points from their best four runs out of the six. Thus, with three runs left, a new runner could still end the series with 75 points. The next event is on Wednesday 25th January.

Recent Activity Achievements

14 club members and friends' achievements are listed below. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Adrian Haines Sprints Curacautín, Chile Wed 5 x 400 at the track Curacautin ,Chile
Andy Rayner Running 1mile Cox Green Tue Tuesday 13 Dec. Approx 1 M in the dark around Cox Green. No time!  Also many Cox Green walks of 1 to 3 miles.
Barry Walters Treadmill 9km Bracknell Sun am 01:00:00 Ran a steady effort of one hour on the treadmill at the gym and then did 30 mins strength workout followed by 45 minutes slow and quick cycling at my local leisure centre.
Benita Scaife Running 3.5miles Maidenhead Thicket Sun 00:40:51 Our activity was a run from home to Saints cafe via Maidenhead Thicket, newly soggy after many days of hard frost.
John Scaife Running 3.5miles Maidenhead Thicket Sun 00:40:51 As Benita
David Cowell parkrun 5km Maaraue, Mainz Sat am Minus 8 degrees & snow doesn't stop German park runs going ahead!
Emma Moreton Running 10km To Hazelwood, with or without the parkrun also. Sat am 00:51:58 Not much to add. Ran to Hazelwood parkrun as Bedfont was icy!
James Edwards Running 24km Merthyr Mawr sand dunes and Ewenny, South Wales Sat 02:30:00 450m elevation, icy and crunchy underfoot. Was out for about 2.5hrs ‍♂️
Melanie Miller  Race 6.34km KLM Beach Race Sat pm 00:50:17 (see below)
Piers Keenleyside  Race Marathon Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon Sun am 04:49:02 (see below)
Roderick Hoffman Running 11km Zeller See (Zell am See, Austria) Wed pm 01:15:57 Round the lake at Zell-am-See after a good day's skiing. Very cold with some packed snow underfoot in places.
Stephen Taylor Running 10miles Ealing Sun 01:43:18 I did my weekend run in the afternoon after it had warmed ever so slightly and stuck to the main roads to avoid the icy bits.
Steve Hillier Running 6miles Eton Sun am 01:23:48 I skated around Eton.  Attached photo is from Brocas field.  I soon warmed up after a chilly start, and encountered just a few minutes of freezing rain half way round.
Steve Newell Indoor Rowing 2000m 09:27.3

[top row of pictures, those held over from last week] 

Week achievement photos

Roderick Hoffman

Piers adds: "My 195th marathon. The weather conditions were brutal - cold, very wet and windy. The worst running conditions of the 8 Portsmouth marathons that I have now completed. Finished in 4:49:02 - just 6 years ago I managed 3:35:45. I spotted Jasvir Singh out on the course and he finished in 6:09:33 - lost count of how many Jas has done - into the 3 or 400's now! I don't think I'll be running this one again - will look to Spain for my next December marathons - Valencia for 2023 and perhaps Malaga or Lanzarote for 2024."

KLM Beach Run

Melanie Miller writes, "Did the KLM Road Runners thing yesterday…actually made quite a change from parkrun which had a blanket cancellation ‘theme’ across Holland due to snow 'n' ice..out here tho we had perfect weather conditions albeit a tad cold, but a lovely undulating dunes route and then onto the beach which is the pic you see here…thanks Roderick Hoffman for organising we should try do a group expedition to these shores to fly-the-flag for BA next year!!!"

parkrun Results for Saturday 10th December 2022

21 activities are recorded this week. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Mike DENNISON Osterley 402 13 0:20:49 79.82% run #481, 12th at Osterley
Maria JOVANI Osterley 402 46 0:24:02 66.71% 16th run at Osterley, P-Index is 7
Barry WALTERS Osterley 402 96 0:27:23 62.39% best of three runs at Osterley in 2022
Trish MCCABE Osterley 402 113 0:28:32 55.67% 34th run at Osterley, P-Index is 5
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 402 123 0:29:03 58.29% run'#440, 29th at Osterley, P-Index is 5
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Gunnersbury 500 184 0:26:51 62.45% Gunnersbury's 500th run.
Benita SCAIFE Gunnersbury 500 375 0:34:04 62.28% 3rd run at Gunnersbury, P-Index is 4
John SCAIFE Gunnersbury 500 376 0:34:05 50.61% 4th run at Gunnersbury, P-Index is 5
Alan ANDERSON Gunnersbury 500 465 0:50:20 51.95% run #636, 309th at Gunnersbury, P-Index is 3
Steve NEWELL Gunnersbury 500 466 0:50:22 39.87% 146th run at Gunnersbury
Paul WATT Basingstoke 706 16 0:20:59 74.50% 1st run at Basingstoke, park #113. 1 second behind Chris Kelly's BA record.
Julie BARCLAY Basingstoke 706 68 0:24:35 76.75% 1st run at Basingstoke, park #117. Best BA age grade (from Maria)
Alastair HESLOP Broadwater 64 Marshal at Broadwater
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 907 834 0:34:13 46.86% run #484, 382nd at Bushy
Keith Johnson Dunstable Downs 117 36 0:26:47 55.94% 4th run at Dunstable Downs, attendance 50% above average
Emma Moreton Hazelwood 168 36 0:25:16 61.35% 8th run at Hazelwood, P-Index is 4
David DUGGAN Hazelwood 168 122 0:34:36 47.16% 2nd run at Hazelwood
David Cowell Maaraue 58 1 0:19:11 73.94% Germany, BA park #695. 1st first finish since joining the club.
Ben Kelly Reading 580 38 0:24:18 53.09% 52nd run at Reading, P-Index is 2
Christopher T KELLY Reading 580 39 0:24:19 64.29% 395th run at Reading, P-Index is 6
Jain REID Richmond Park 732 159 0:28:38 64.09% 112th run at Richmond - never anywhere else in London

parkrun review Saturday 17th December 2022

Dunstable Downs parkrun in the snowThe cold weather continued for another week and hundreds of UK parkruns were cancelled because of course safety concerns.  In UK as a whole only 46,000 completed a 5km parkrun against over 120,000 on the last Saturday of balmy November.  Attendances at some parkruns that went ahead were better attended than usual as frustrated runners sought somewhere to get their weekly fix {pictured - Dunstable Downs parkrun, Keith may be in shot}.

 There was one new parkrun in UK this week at Market Bosworth in Leicestershire – a well kept secret that attracted a mere 249 finishers!  Most of the runners were members of some club or other, so word must have got out!

The club featured parkrun at Osterley attracted five members led home by Mike Dennison (20:49) while five others defected to Gunnersbury which was celebrating its 500th run.  Former members and inaugural runners Mike Lawrence (23:14) and Bill Byrne (31:03, with Claire) were there too.  Lessons have been learned.  These two parkruns survived with volunteers scattering salt on icy patches before dawn while nearly all parkruns in London to the North of the Thames were cancelled.

One new parkrun was added to the club collection this week with David Cowell (19:11) recording a rare first finisher spot at Maaraue, close to the confluence of the Rhine and Main rivers in Germany.  The course includes stretches along the banks of both rivers.

With Christmas Day falling on a Sunday this year there will be opportunities to take in a parkrun on consecutive days on 24th and 25 December and then again on 31st December and 1st January.  All parkruns are scheduled to start at the usual time (0900/0930) so the opportunity to try to fit in two New Year runs won’t apply this time round.  Never say Never.

With Guildford cancelled the indefatigable Alastair Heslop volunteered as a marshal at Broadwater.

Steve Newell

Club Featured parkrun #

Club members at Gunnersbury and Osterley

A late change of club featured parkrun from Osterley to Gunnersbury followed an alert from the latter’s event director Arlene Gallagher that it would be Gunnersbury’s 500th running and that stalwart Alan Anderson’s presence was requested. Alan duly cycled from his Osterley home and met up with Steve Newell, Piers and Kathryn Keenleyside, and John and Benita Scaife in the bright but very frosty park.

The event had survived an early morning inspection but the briefing drew attention to the patches of ice on the paths, around which the 488 participants appear to have weaved without major incident. Piers warmed up (or at least thawed out) for a marathon the following day in Portsmouth by leading the BA team home in 26:51.

The post-event cafe turned out to be something of a BAAC reunion as we bumped into former members Bill Byrne and Mike Lawrence plus Bill’s wife Claire and their son Tristan, all of whom had also done the parkrun.

Meanwhile those who had failed to spot Roderick’s post which advised the change of venue - Mike D, Maria, Trish, Barry and Bob - completed the originally scheduled Osterley parkrun which had also escaped the long list of cancelled events.

John Scaife

Matters Arising - Cancellations

I updated my cancellations by reasons map to show last Saturday's cancellations. Click on the image to load the Google map to study the detail. Of 779 UK parkruns only 328 operated (42%). 52% had cancellation reasons referring to ice. Three were cancelled due to "Incidents" including Babbs Mill which was in the news all week and East Brighton which had an ambulance helicopter land on the course preventing a third of the field from finishing (it is the landing point for a nearby hospital). Greater London had 43 of its 60 parkruns cancelled due to ice and three for other reasons, though probably reasons caused by ice. But 14 parkruns did operate (23%). The Netherlands had 86% of its parkruns cancelled - including the one that Melanie Miller had travelled across to run.

Saturday's parkrun cancellation map

Roderick Hoffman

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

> Roderick Hoffman

Stockely Country Park parkrun Test RunStockley Country Park parkrun Test Run

This was held on Sunday and proved a useful training and learning exercise for the team. Twenty parkrunners finished including Ian Cunningham (and Janet with KiKi the dog), Sarah Gordon (trapped in London by the train strike) and Joan Foxley (as a replacement for the unwell Tail Walker). Some of the runners ran an extra half-kilometre demonstrating that extra course markers will be necessary. Steve Newell marshalled and Denis Foxley joined me as the finish funnel team. Sarah provided a photograph of three horses completely blocking the path. This could prove to be an interesting parkrun to undertake each week. The parkrun will start sometime in the next six weeks or so, but please don't spread the word just yet.

Finish Position parkrunner Time
1 ... 0:22:40
11 Ian Cunningham 0:35:57
12 Janet Cunningham 0:36:43
20 Joan Foxley 0:56:15

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