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BA Athletics Club News Digest 20th August 2012

This News Digest

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Forthcoming Events

Don't forget the following priority club events:

Wednesday 22nd August Club In-house Event: Cranford Park Relay - meet at the Concorde Centre at 18:00.  Social in the clubhouse afterwards.

Tuesday 4th September    Run-of-the-Month    'Round-the-Park' Lunchtime 5k race in Cranford Park - meet in the Concorde Centre at 12:15 or Cranford Park at 12:30

Sunday 23rd September    BAAC Planesaver Track&Field Championship and Family Fun Day at Eton Track - see next week's digest for more details.

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events. 

The full events diary is on the club website at:

Cranford Park Relay

Club In-House event for August.  Meet at the Concorde Centre at 18:00 and we'll make our way over to Cranford Park to take advantage of the late Summer weather.  The event will consist of a relay with each runner running one lap.  Teams will be put together on the evening and will be designed to have similar capability.  Some runners legs may be shorter than others. Distance wise I mean.

Barry Walters will be overseeing the event.

Rosenheim Final - Results

Hi Everyone,

Just 3 of us at the Rosenheim Finals, Tooting Bec track Wednesday 15th August.

On a warm but blustery evening, Steve Hillier competed in the Shot Putt and The Javelin, including throwing a season's best. Eddie Giles sprinted in the 100, 200 & 400m races. Big thanks to Steve Newell who came and helped with the judging of the field events.

We came 7th out of 8 on the night ,so well done to everyone who was there at all or any of the league matches, to get us to the finals.  Results

The season now over for the Rosenheim league, hope to see you there next year.


Eddie Giles.

August Run-of-the-Month Crane Park parkrun Saturday 18th result








1st Claim Club


1 Henry HUGHES 19:04 SM20-24 67.66% M 1 Thames Valley 28
2 John TAYLOR * 19:40 VM45-49 73.22% M 2 British Airways AC 2
3 Barry WALTERS * 19:52 VM55-59 78.02% M 3 British Airways AC 11
4 Jeremy SHORT * 19:53 VM50-54 74.77% M 4   9
5 Christopher T KELLY 20:16 VM45-49 71.05% M 5 British Airways AC 113
6 Colin HAYLOCK 20:59 VM40-44 66.56% M 6 British Airways AC 23
7 Richard RUFFELL 21:12 VM50-54 69.58% M 7 British Airways AC 18
12 Ian HAYLOCK 22:20 VM40-44 61.57% M 12   135
15 Natalie RUFFELL 22:43 SW20-24 65.15% F 1st   18
16 Brian BENNETT * 23:18 VM70-74 77.61% M 15 Runnymede Runners 19
17 Eddie GILES 23:22 VM60-64 70.47% M 16 British Airways AC 27
20 John COFFEY 23:44 VM70-74 74.30% M 19 British Airways AC 126
21 Piers KEENLEYSIDE 24:30 VM55-59 62.72% M 20 Ealing Eagles 21
33 Alan ANDERSON * 27:07 VM75-79 72.53% M 28 British Airways AC 231
34 Roderick HOFFMAN 27:45 VM50-54 53.99% M 29 British Airways AC 30
36 Neil FREDIANI 28:04 VM55-59 54.75% M 31 British Airways AC 61
39 Steve NEWELL 30:43 VM65-69 56.16% M 32 British Airways AC 60
43 Marion WOODHOUSE 32:35 VW45-49 50.84% F 8 British Airways AC 8

* Age category record holders at Crane Park.

The parkrun had 48 finishers so BA, BAAC and related runners contributed over one third of the field!  And what great packing at the front and age category achievements! 

Some of us may have struggled to make it to the start in time for the photo call but all of us made it to the finish despite the record temperatures on the day.  Eddie's wife and Tom were also there to cheer us off at the start and made it to the finish before we did to welcome us all back in - not as easy as it sounds since it was a one and a half lap course.  Both Brian Bennett and John Coffey had already done the Crane Park parkrun, the rest of us had it as a new experience.  The park is a hidden gem running up and down either side of the River Crane on what used to be the site of the Hounslow Gunpowder Mills.  This produced gunpowder from 1766 to 1926 employing 320 men, women and children at its peak.  55 explosions were recorded, many of them fatal.  Little evidence remains of that industry today other than a substantial shot-tower that the parkrun runs past.  Those club members who weren't there on Saturday should find an excuse to visit the park either for a run or just a walk.

Another club parkrun will be organised for October or November - suggestions welcome.


Roderick Hoffman

World Airline Road Race 5k/10k Oct 11th to 14th - Qingdao, China - Brewery Update

There is still time to show interest in this event.  The organisers have confirmed that the welcome party will be held in the Tsingtao Brewery on October 11th and the T Shirt party at the Qingdao International Sailing Centre (2008 Olympics) on the 13th. Oh, and the races are 5k and 10k up and down the sea front - course maps:

Club event champion: Roderick Hoffman

BAAC Photo Caption Competition

Just for fun; you know what you have to do.  Think of the most amusing or apt caption for the following photograph featuring a club colleague and tell us at .  I've had two entries so far - show us your sense of humour.

(photo credit Ian Hudson)

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