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BA Athletics Club News Digest 21st August 2017


  • Wednesday 23rd August, Club-In-house-Event, BBQ on Harmondsworth Moor from 18:00* (see below)
  • Tuesday 5th September, Run-of-the-Month, Round-the-Park at Harmondsworth Moor at 12:30*
  • Thursday 7th September, Dream Mile, Bath Road from 12:45.

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Wednesday 23rd August, Club-In-house-Event, BBQ on Harmondsworth Moor from 18:00 - Reminder, tell us to expect you

Please turn up at our annual BBQ on Wednesday, and bring a friend.  Ideally tell us in advance so that we can bring enough sausages but getting there should be the priority.

For the event this is what Joe has planned...

2017 BA-thlon BBQ Relay

  • pre-event warm up session,
  • runners will be paired as A and B in each team,
  • each runner will run a lap of the marked 400m course alternatively, completing 3 laps each,
  • the first 20m of each running leg will include a section of low hurdles – the one person who negotiates these most effectively in the judgment of the referee [Ed: don't forget to smile] will have a bonus of 20secs deducted from their pair overall time,
  • whilst one of the pair is on their running leg, the other member will have 5 attempts at throwing a ball into buckets placed about 10m away - a bonus of 5secs will be deducted from their pair overall time for every ball ‘strike’,
  • the pair with the least accumulated time will be the event winners and a prize will be awarded,
  • post-event warm down session and then let’s crack open the beer and wine and enjoy the tasty BBQ !


On Harmondsworth Moor, but not in the usual place.  For the BBQ event we use an area just north of Moor Lane - it is shown on the club map (click on the extract here) and has easy parking in Moor Lane available from 16:30.

Roderick Hoffman obo Neil, Joe and Clara

September Venues for club evenings

"Times they are a changing" and we do expect to finally lose access to the Heston Venue changing rooms from the end of September.  These are our plans for Wednesday evenings in September as we continue to look around for alternatives:

  • 6th September - Wraysbury Lake, Sailing Base Club House - ad hoc run from 18:00, Neil will point out some run options, followed by our monthly Committee Meeting - NOTE no catering provided so bring your own food & drink.
  • 13th September - ad hoc runs from Heston Venue, optional visit to the Queen's Head afterwards - discount for those with BA Club's card though not as generous as it was before.
  • 20th September - Equinox 5k from Heston Venue, then the Queen's Head from 19:30. This could be our last use of Heston Venue.
  • 27th September - We have been invited to join Hayes and Harlington Runners for their regular Wednesday evening run.  This is from the Hayes and Harlington Community Centre (Albert Road, Hayes, UB3 4HR) and be ready to run AT 19:30 (so much later than we normally run). We can change there and shower afterwards and join the H&H Runners in the bar for a chat afterwards. They normally have half a dozen to a dozen runners on a Wednesday, with mixed speeds, so we could make good company for them. It would be good if there were at least half a dozen of us, and if we could tell them in advance how many to expect, so please consider it and let me know you'll be expected.

Roderick Hoffman {}

Club parkrun results for Saturday 19th August

BST 19th August family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
23:00 John Scaife 30:46 Menai run #99 54%
23:00 Benita Scaife 30:45 Menai (New South Wales, Australia) run #86, BA park #355 64%
09:00 Petra Otto 32:22 March run #22, 19th at March 64%
09:00 Ian Cunningham 23:17 Reigate Priory park #23, club course record 66%
09:00 Anne Bannister 27:43 Wimbledon Comm 1st run at Wimbledon 69%
09:00 David Duggan 27:34 Wimbledon Comm 1st ever run at Wimbledon 57%
09:00 Alan Anderson 31:52 Gunnersbury run #471 70%
09:00 Piers Keenleyside 23:24 Gunnersbury run #174 69%
09:00 Oliver Mathai 25:07 Gunnersbury run #44 66%
09:00 Steve Newell 34:42 Gunnersbury run #277, sb 53%
09:00 Caroline Cockram 25:53 Old Deer Park club course record (F) 63%
09:00 Ian Cockram 24:38 Old Deer Park run #399, 6th at Old Deer Pk 60%
09:00 John Coffey 26:28 Bushy Park run #249, 212th at Bushy 72%
09:00 Trish McCabe 26:19 Bushy Park run #197, 10th at Bushy 58%
09:00 Denis Foxley 27:49 Harrow run #80, 71st Harrow 62%
09:00 Joan Foxley 37:55 Harrow run #68, 64th at Harrow 57%
09:00 Jeremy Short 24:09 Osterley Park run #86, 12th at Osterley 64%
09:00 Ben Chaytow 24:41 Crane Park 149th run at Crane Park 60%
09:00 Jonathan Cox 23:02 Crane Park run #321, 34th at Crane 67%
09:00 Steve Taylor 24:56 Northala Fields run #70, 41st at Northala 61%
09:00 Scott Davison 23:24 Bedfont Lakes run #216, 185th at Bedfont 61%
09:00 Chris Evans 24:15 Bedfont Lakes run #174, 169th at Bedfont 62%
09:00 James Shoulder 20:07 Bedfont Lakes run #20, m-7 64%
09:00 Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
09:00 Joe Nolan 29:57 Black Park run #287 54%
09:00 Neil Frediani 27:04 Upton Court 1st run at Upton Court 59%
09:00 Janet Smith 33:34 Maidenhead run #72, 2nd at Maidenhead 51%
09:00 Julie Barclay 21:38 Rushmoor F-3, run #102 82%
09:00 Paul Watt 21:19 Rushmoor run #52 70%
09:00 Tony Barnwell 33:46 Wycombe Rye run #147, 69th at Wycombe 56%
09:00 Roderick Hoffman 28:01 Newport run #265, park #203 56%
09:00 Gareth Snook 24:22 Newport run #18, 1st at Newport, BA park #356 63%
09:00 Alice Banks 26:15 Colby run #93, 1st run at Colby, BA park #357 74%
09:30 Alan Friar tba Derry City (N.Ireland) tbc tba
16:00 Kimberley Turner 30:40 Clover Point (Victoria, BC, Canada) BA park #358 53%

Wanderlust and the global reach of our members continued unabated this week and instead of the action being confined to less than an hour starting at 9 a.m. it lasted for more like eighteen hours.

Benita (30:45) and John Scaife (30:46) started the ball rolling at Parc Menai to the west of Sydney at 8 a.m. where the clocks are 9 hours ahead of UK. So that is four new runs in Australia in four weeks.  John is now on 99 runs so maybe he will come back home to chalk up 100 at Maidenhead (ED: thus also increasing his parkrun mileage - see below).

Ian Cunningham (23:17) was the next member looking for greener pastures with his first run at Reigate Priory and setting a new club course record.

Gareth Snook (24:22) and Roderick Hoffman (28:01) finally met up at Newport in Monmouthshire, well after the plan was first hatched.  So that made the score Old South Wales 2, New South Wales 2 but Alice Banks (26:15) had travelled to Pembrokeshire to run at the attractive sounding Colby Woodland Gardens (National Trust) to make 3-2 to the old country.  That time places Alice 2nd out of 55 in her age/gender category.  Our old friends Bob and Linda Winning have run at Colby and Bob holds the VM80-84 record there.

David Duggan (27:34) and Anne Bannister (27:43) made their first visits to Wimbledon Common parkrun and as Anne was the first female member to run there that becomes the club record(F). Alan Friar travelled hoping to run at Derry City (9.30 a.m. start) but we’ve no confirmation that he made the start line and due to some glitch results are still awaited.  Morning and afternoon slid by as the sun travelled west to the Pacific shore of Canada and Clover Point on Vancouver Island where a parkrun started only earlier this month. Runs there start at 8 a.m. (in summer anyway) and clocks are currently 8 hours behind UK.  Kimberley Turner (30:40) became our first member to run there.  There may be opportunities for others to run there in 2018 with WARR destined to be in Victoria.

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats

parkrun Tourist Stats

In the Facebook "parkrunstatsgeeks" group someone started calculating great circle distances between consecutive parkruns run.  He thought his distance of 36,218 km was impressive but then he checked the leading tourist, Paul FREYNE, who had 168,894 km as his total.  Then he came across the BA Club.  My total (with annual trips to Melbourne) sums to 291,511 km which is just over 75% of the way to the moon.  My average therefore is 1,122 km between parkruns.  John Scaife has a lower total, 173,665 km, but a higher average, 1,754 km between parkruns, on average.

Dog fast

The Saturday before last Ben Robinson ran Penrose parkrun in 13:23. Yes, that is faster than Mo Farrow (or anybody) ran the 5,000m in the IAAF World Championships that weekend. It hasn't become the new parkrun record (still held by Andrew Baddeley at 13:48 set in August 2012) because Ben was greyhound assisted.  I'm glad I'm not his postman. The second place runner finished in 18 minutes - so over four minutes behind.

Olympians and Paralympians

Many Olympians and Paralympians took on the role of Tail Walker at parkruns last Saturday. Our runners managed to skirt around to miss them but don't be concerned - Joe Nolan points out that one of the Black Park regular pacer squad is an Olympian - Mark Moore, who usually paces 21/22/23, represented Great Britain in the 1984 Winter Olympics in cross country skiing!  And of course many of us have run with Paula Fudge at Frimley Lodge and in local races including the Concorde.

Roderick Hoffman

The Arethusa Mile - 30th August 2017 - Dusk

A few of us BAAC members have run the Arethusa mile which takes place on Wednesday evenings between mid-May and mid-September in Bushy Park on closed roads.  The timing varies with the sunset as that dictates the time that the roads are closed. There is no need to register online as you just let them know your name when they manually record your finishing place on your first event. A token (the original parkrun  finish tokens I believe) is handed out with your finish position on and then you queue to have your name recorded against your position. It is all very old school on the night but a good little free event often ending in darkness hence scanning barcodes wouldn’t be so useful. The course begins on the main avenue about 200m towards Teddington from the fountain and runs to the fountain, around it twice and then back to the start. Results and usually a video are sent out via Facebook. It might be possible to obtain results another way. Occasionally there are cakes and there has even been a beer run after the main event and sometimes there are great opportunities to photograph the sunsets, deer and  the runners and even to listen to live music at Hampton Court. If you want any more details then ask me, just remember to wear something light and leave your car outside the park!

Neil Frediani {}

Other results & reports

There are rumours of club runners undertaking marathons and triathlons last weekend but no reports have been submitted.

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