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BA Athletics Club News Digest 21st December 2015


  • Tuesday 29th December - Round Heathrow Airport Xmas Run (12 to 13.5 miles) set-off from Waterside at 12:00 (see below).
  • Thursday 31st December/Friday 1st January - Free opportunity to run three parkruns over 28 hours.
  • Thursday 7th January - Magic Mile, Bath Road from 12:45.*

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

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Parkway Mile Relay Wednesday 16th December - results

The traditional 4 x 1 mile relay on the Parkway cycle track was held in extraordinarily mild conditions for mid December - the temperature was about 14 degrees C.  Some years it has been close to freezing.  Thanks go to Harry Wild at the turnaround cone and to Paul Brandon and Ann Coffey on the start/finish line.  Brian Forrester and Nick Edge were also there marshalling.

John Taylor (5:50) made a rare appearance and immediately stamped his authority on the first leg group and was the only one to return in under 6 minutes.  Richard Ruffell (6:07) ran a storming second leg for the Bright Stars who were the eventual winners.  Christine Munden (guest) ran the event for the first time and was the only female runner. 

Grandfather and grandson, John and Joshua Coffey ran for a third year and age triumphed over youth for probably the last time.

Parkway Mile Xmas Relay 2015 # split time clock time 2014
Barry Walters 51 6:29 06:29 6:15
Richard Ruffell 52 6:07 12:36 6:18
Christine Munden (TVH) 53 8:08 20:44
Steve Hillier 54 8:39 29:23 8:32
Chris Kelly 21 6:08 06:08
Neil Frediani 22 6:59 13:07 7:12
Denis Foxley 23 7:25 20:32 7:52
Steve Newell 24 9:10 29:42 8:50
Gary Rushmer 31 6:10 06:10
Piers Keenleyside 32 7:03 13:13
Eddie Giles 33 7:21 20:34 7:36
Alan Anderson 34 9:15 29:49
John Taylor 41 5:50 05:50
Joshua Coffey (jun) 42 7:51 13:41 7:36
Alan Friar 43 8:47 22:28 8:02
John Coffey 44 7:42 30:10 7:30

The post event social gathering in the Washington Room was well attended and there were very generous supplies of mince pies and tasty sandwiches. Closer to a re-enactment of the feeding of the 5,000 than a celebration of the birth the saviour.

Steve Newell

Heathrow Airport Loop Run (28th December)

Originally this was designed for BA staff based at Waterside to fit into a lunch break between Christmas and New Year and inspired by our occasional off-piste Wednesday lunchtime runs where one person will try and take people on an unusual route of sometimes unknown distance.

Round Heathrow Map

I designed this route to loop around the airport without following the Heathrow perimeter road and without following main roads such as A30 or A4. It  begins in Accommodation Lane (behind the first public car park) adjacent to BA head offices at Waterside, Harmondsworth [position "E" on the map above] and proceeds anti-clockwise following trails across moorland and riverside down to Stanwell Moor village and then alongside reservoir and on minor roads to Stanwell village and then across the A30 and on to Bedfont before crossing the A30 again near Hatton Cross and following the A30 and crossing to the Eastern Perimeter Road and right on to Earhart Way. Just after the "toll booth" turn left and follow the River Crane up to the A4 [note that the map above doesn't show that bit correctly], turn left ,cross over the A4 and proceed back over the river and right into and through a small part of Cranford Park onto the ‘back roads’ Sipson Lane etc. etc. and back towards Harmondsworth village. Either continue through the village back to the start (about 12.5 miles) or turn right past the Five Bells through the Church yard to the back of the lake parallel with  the M4 and follow the lake and turn right and quick left along raised walkway, turn right, cross bridge and keep left back to the road, turn left and up to the junction by Waterside and turn right back to the start (about 13.5 miles).

Maps: this route is the most accurate as the google maps version wouldn't allow me to switch from A30 to Eastern Perimeter Road directly and wouldn't follow paths through the park off Earhart Way.  Google maps version [copy above] is here: 

BE READY TO RUN AT 12 on the dot on the Tuesday 29th December. This is not a race just a group of friends going for a training run with a difference.

If possible let me know if you intend to run, my number is 07882 655864 and email is .  Let me know your pace and if necessary we'll have a faster and a slower group.

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 19th December 2015

19th Dec 2015

Family, Friends,+





Richard Ruffell 20:48 Long Eaton BA park #218, park#48, run#98 73%
John Coffey 25:04 Bushy Park run #194 73%
Alice Banks 26:29 Maidenhead plus pre-event set up 71%
Chris Kelly 20:58 Reading run #266 70%
Jonathan Cox 21:59 Bushy Park 69%
Denis Foxley 25:03 Harrow run #25 68%
Alan Anderson 31:56 Gunnersbury run #389 66%
Neil Frediani 24:01 Bedfont Lakes 2015 pb 66%
Eddie Giles 26:11 Black Park run #64 65%
Kimberley Turner 24:47 Bognor Regis first time at Bognor 64%
Joe Nolan 25:07 Black Park run #246 64%
Joan Foxley 33:33 Harrow run #18 63%
Alan Friar 28:14 Reading run #184 63%
Ben Chaytow 21:43 Crane Park run #117, 97th at Crane Park 62%
Kevin Holland 28:48 Woking run #33 59%
Roderick Hoffman 26:44 Cornwall Pk AKL BA park #216, park #134 57%
Steve Newell 31:14 Gunnersbury run #202 57%
Tony Barnwell 32:35 Black Park run #95 56%
Scott Davison 25:03 Bedfont Lakes run #142 56%
Caroline Cockram 30:53 Bedfont Lakes 52%
David Duggan 30:53 Bedfont Lakes run #126 50%
Janet Smith 35:20 Black Park run #40 48%
Daniela Mayerova 30:58 Torrens (Adelaide) BA park #217, park #19 48%
David Gall 32:17 Cornwall Pk AKL WARR photographer, run #3 46%
John Lennon 34:22 Bedfont Lakes run #185 44%
Kerstin Luksch volunteer Gunnersbury lead bike
Benita Scaife volunteer Maidenhead finish tokens
John Scaife volunteer Maidenhead scanning
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

On the second to last Saturday of 2015 Richard Ruffell (20:48) continued his late flourish to the year with his 98th run, his 48th park (Long Eaton near Nottingham) and took the club total on to 218. Ed: So we can speculate whether Richard is aiming for a 50th venue on his 100th run and if so where and when it will be - perhaps as early as this Saturday.

parkrun Saturdays now seem to last about 40 hours. Earlier Roderick Hoffman (26:44) had been running at Cornwall Park in Auckland (8 a.m. start) when it was still Friday evening at Greenwich.  Also in that field was David Gall who any WARR goer of recent times will have met on the wrong end of his camera lens.  Only a little later Daniela Mayerova was running at Torrens parkrun in Adelaide.  Many hours later, well into Saturday afternoon in the UK) 21 runners (including several first timers) turned up at Crissy Field in San Francisco.  The results don't arrive for many hours after the run meaning that the "days" full results can only be processed on Sunday morning.

Crissy Fields event is nearing its first anniversary and the turnout this week was fairly typical.  Give it time, Pymmes in north London struggled in its early days but now gets over 30 on a regular basis.

At Black Park, where the attendance was 466, Joe Nolan (25:07) moved closer to his 250 shirt with his 246th run. Other members there were Eddie Giles (26:11), Tony Barnwell (32:35) and Janet Smith (35:20).  There was a close to record breaking field of 381 at Gunnersbury including Steve Newell (31:14) and Alan Anderson (31:56) and a huge number dressed in Santa Claus suits which made running in the abnormally mild conditions rather uncomfortable.

Kimberley Turner (24:47) established a female club course record at Bognor Regis.

Next week's review will include the runs on both Friday (Christmas Day) and Saturday (Boxing Day).

A merry Christmas to all parkrun fans.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Parkrun Tourism - Expansion and my first parkrun visit to Cornwell

parkrun continues to spread its wings. As a group we have now run at 218 different parkruns. This time last year we had run at only 146 so we have added 72 new parkruns over the last twelve months.  In the same time the number of parkruns worldwide has increased by well over 100 to 784 so we are losing ground despite our best efforts.

Newly announced is a fifth parkrun in the USA, this one at Washington or more precisely Fletcher's Cove ( starting on Saturday 9th January. Also the rumours of a second parkrun in France in Toulouse have recently strengthened with a start month of February suggested. Now Toulouse isn't difficult for us to get to and since the event is likely to be supported by Airbus I thought that we might be able to get a team together to go to the inaugural run there or one soon after if the date of the inaugural isn't convenient. We could travel out from Heathrow on the Friday (departure time 19:40, advance committed hotline ticket price for any non-BA members is about £110 return), stay overnight near the airport, take in the run and fly back that afternoon - or on Sunday to make more of a weekend outing.  If you are interested in this please let me know and I'll let the organisers know that we'd like to come.  Mail me if you could be interested: .

My run this week was at Cornwell - a very nice park in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.  The trees are different but like many UK parkruns the park bandstand features at start and finish. The course is undulating and includes troublesome tree roots to be weary of which is my excuse for a slower time than last week but WARR colleague Dave Gall achieved a parkrun pb beating his previous time there and his "Root 44" time...though he then cursed me all of Sunday for the pain in his legs!

Roderick Hoffman

PS I'm shortly back in the country [this digest is being sent from the Singapore transit lounge!] and whilst I can't guarantee anyone a PB time I will do my best to record a good one for you on Christmas Day at Northala Fields parkrun where I'm due to be timekeeper.

Running Shorts

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon - 20th December 2015

I ran the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon for the 4th year running today - did my slowest time yet!  Did an OK first half in 1:46 but the return journey on the out and back course was not so good. My general lack of fitness and only having done a maximum of 15 miles in my long runs since my last marathon at the start of October told.  There was also a very strong headwind for the last 2.5 miles that really sapped my strength - at 24 miles I thought I had a good chance of still getting under 4 hours but no such luck. The second half took me more than 2:15 and I finished in 4:03:18. I saw Jasvir Singh Modaher from BA running as well - he finished in 6:00:55.

It was my last race of the year - I did 40 races in 2015 (excluding parkruns) clocking up 680 miles. It included 12 marathons.


Piers Keenleyside

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