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BA Athletics Club News Digest 24th April 2023

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2023 title.

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Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

2023 Speedbird Ladies - Wednesday 21st June (to be confirmed)

I've put this date into the diary for the Speedbird Ladies race. This is not yet confirmed, but appears to be agreeable to all parties including the landowner. Please keep this date reserved in your diaries. Let me know of any issues or clashes with other events.

>> Roderick Hoffman

BAAC Quiz: Results

22 of us attended the 2023 club quiz, run by Linda and Steve Hillier. That made three teams of six and one team of four.  There were ten normal rounds, on one of which the team's joker could be played to double the score, and there was a marathon round with 26 picture questions, each worth half a point. The maximum score was therefore around 123.

The lowest scoring team managed 91.5 points which is really very good - around 3/4 of the total. That team consisted of the Stenhams, helped or handicapped with Steve Newell and Alan Anderson.

The Coombs formed the team of four. They particularly enjoyed Food and Drink on the night - scoring the maximum 20 points with their joker on that round and ended the quiz with a total of 94.5 points. Given that there were only four of them they could, and did, claim to have scored the most points per player!

Spurs Ground from Heathrow approachBut that left two teams fighting for the coveted top spot. These were Team Taylor, habitual winners of this event, and a team with two Taylors, Steve and Marion, but also other members of the club committee including myself. The Club Committee Team got off to a good start. Marion was confident that our best round would be the Science round and this confidence was well placed with us achieving the maximum twenty points. After three rounds we had a ten-point lead on Team Taylor.  At that point the evening's food arrived so we took a break to chomp through the Pizza and Curry selection, and turned our attention to the marathon picture quiz. All the faces were familiar…but what was the name of the guy who played the Chinese kid in Indiana Jones? We didn't know. And would Linda really have two pictures with the same answer, "Barcelona"? Yes she would! Everyone contributed - I recognised the Tottenham Hotspur ground from a recent aircraft approach into Heathrow (pictured) and Paul Brandon recognised Durham from having been there a long time ago.

Falklands Island FlagAs we resumed the rounds the Taylors were chipping away at our lead and had a good joker round themselves. Questions had a range of difficulties - surely everyone knows that the equator is the imaginary line around the earth but who, other than Falkland Islanders, know that a sheep appears on the Falklands Island flag? Perhaps the Taylors knew.  With two rounds to go we had a lead of just half a point - 89points to 88.5. And in the penultimate round the Taylors got an extra point on us so going into the final round they had the half-point lead! It all hinged on the last set of questions - and who could make the best stab at the spelling of "Chicago". No, I don't mean the US city, I mean "Dr. Chicago" with a "Z", the film with Omar Sharif. So was it "Zhicago"? Close. Three teams got it right - "Zhivago" - but whilst team Taylor were on the right lines their effort was not quite worthy of the full point. So at the end of two hours quizzing the Committee team was first AND Team Taylor retained their title - tied at the top with 108 points from a possible 123.

Thank you to Linda and Steve for an enjoyable evening's quizzing.

Roderick Hoffman

2023 London Marathon Results

Colleague Chip Time Comments
Harjit Jhooti 05:32:25 "Pain is temporary but bragging rights are forever”
Jain Reid 04:44:11 A fantastic day. I finished slower than I'd hoped after 4:38 in Manchester last weekend. I set out for a sub 4:30 which was fine for the first half but after a long wait at a toilet stop and a lot of stop/start I stopped pushing and just enjoyed the day with amazing crowd support throughout. Lovely to bump into Steve on the course and to get hugs from my friends volunteering at Birdcage Walk crossing 3. Nice that the sun came out at the end too. I have my third in Milton Keynes next weekend.
Jenny Bouffler 05:40:21
Leigh-ann Ketterick 06:18:04
Maria Jovani 04:00:45 [Second big city marathon of the week - see below.]
Maureen McCabe 06:18:11 [Over £1,400 raised for Pulmonary Fibrosis.]
Petra Otto 08:21:08 [Virtual] A very cold, and very windy walk during the last six miles. No rain, even some sunshine. My third Virtual London Marathon, and overall my 25th marathon.
Piers Keenleyside 03:45:05 My 22nd London and 199th lifetime marathon. Target time was sub-3:45 which I missed by 6 seconds! I was 54/419 in the MV65 age category. My Garmin watch played up around Canary Wharf - added 2+ miles to my distance and sent my pace data all over the place for a good 15 to 20 minutes.
Stephen Taylor 04:38:54 Iconic landmarks, huge support from the crowds and great to see all the BA marshals in the home stretch when it matters most. I thought I'd be around 4:40 based on my training runs so really happy with time.

Jain went on to say "...A wonderful day. Thanks so much to all the volunteers. I watched the Elite highlights on BBC. The sheer happiness of Sifan Hassan's interview after winning her inaugural marathon was pure joy to listen to."

Roderick - "I confess I watched it all on the TV (until 3pm) and Kelvin Kiptum's second fastest time ever for a marathon has to be a high spot, but for entertainment value the Ladies Wheelchair race and then Sifan Hassan's performance in the Ladies Marathon (Steve Cram on the commentary was urging her to drop out at eight miles to avoid damaging herself - and he seemed to have a valid point) were not to be missed...unless you were running or volunteering for the event itself. Oh, and it was good to Stephen and Jain cross the finish line and to also see the BA Marshalling points as the lead runners ran past - including a glimpse of Colin Bloomfield."

And from Graham Taylor...

"Our claim to fame was Mark’s daughter's cousin ran and finished in 8th place, just in front of Sir Mo Farah, in 2:10:22 (Phil Sesemann). Her brother also ran his first marathon yesterday in 3:24. He did get some tips from his cousin, who said “Run as hard and fast as you can for as long as you can”. It doesn’t work for everyone though."

Editor: I'd like to include more London Marathon stories from runners and spectators in next week's digest, including pictures. Please let me have them by the end of Friday.

>> Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

24 members communicated their achievements here or above in the marathon results. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Jain Reid  Race Marathon Manchester Marathon Sun 04:38:57 Not reported on last week, but worthy of a mention in this digest.
Andy Rayner Fast walk Cox Green Sun 00:17:16 Three reports please. Monday 17 Apr: Fast walk Marlow to Temple Lock and return in 15:24, Thurs 20 Apr: Cycle around Cox Green Estates in 18:45, Sunday 23 Apr: Fast walk in Cox Green in 17:16.
Barry Walters Running 5km Bracknell Thur am 00:30:00 Ran a tempo out and back effort in Swinley Forest and reached halfway in 16:03 which was uphill and speeded up on the downhill return which I completed in 13:57. Conditions were good with a gentle breeze and the surface drying out.
Benita Scaife Volunteering London Marathon Sun all day 09:15:00 We staffed the London Marathon crossing point at Somerset House…
John Scaife Volunteering London Marathon Sun all day 09:15:00 ...Photo shows Benita at 10:50 just before the leading wheelchair athlete came past. The calm before the storm.
Clara Halket Fast walk 7.91km Turf Hill Wed 01:13:27 Afternoon workout before a twilight shift at the hospital.
Emma Moreton parkrun 5km Bedfont Lakes Sat am 00:22:16 First female and PB.
James Edwards Ultra-run 53.8km Vale Coastal Ultra Sat 00:06:57 Vale Coastal Ultra from Penarth to Ogmore, following the coastal path which in some parts was very wet and boggy. First ultra, no injuries and nutrition strategy seemed to work well
Janet Smith parkrun 5km Ferry Meadows Sat am Ferry Meadows parkrun in Peterborough. My 2nd most run parkrun after Black Park. This is the one I do after partying until 03:30 at the charity ball ‍♀️
Julie Barclay Running 4.5miles Morecombe to Lancaster Mon 00:45:00 Along a resurfaced disused railway line.
Paul Watt Running 4.5miles Morecombe to Lancaster Mon 00:45:00 As Julie.
Maria Jovani  Race Marathon Boston Marathon Mon 04:14:17 Yes, Maria's first big city marathon of the week! "Very wet and windy".
Roderick Hoffman Running 16.23km To/from Stockley Country Park Fri pm 02:00:02 I've been running the Stockley Country course each Friday to check for fallen trees - this is the first time I've done it running from and returning to home. I don't live that close!
Sarah Gordon  Race  10km Longhorn 10k Sun am 01:26:30 Happy with 1.26.30 for my 10k given the muddy conditions - tho my legs are still complaining!
Simon Turton Volunteering 35000 London Marathon Sun All day 35,000 steps - and Alan Friar did the same.
Steve Newell Indoor Rowing 5000m Virgin Active Balcony Mon am 00:23:48 5000m (C2 rowing machine) - on the Virgin Active balcony. Quicker than last week by 1:24.


Week Achievement photos 

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 22nd April

37 activities are recorded below. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 638 16 0:22:05 70.19% 1st Female and another PB, by 15 seconds.
Joe NOLAN Black Park 656 211 0:29:19 58.84% run #418
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 581 Marshal at Braunstone
Mike DENNISON Broadwater 83 9 0:21:07 79.40% 500th run. BA Fastest male (from Paul W) and best age grade (from Julie).
Maria JOVANI Broadwater 83 42 0:24:55 65.02% first run at Broadwater, run #398, First female.
Benita SCAIFE Broadwater 83 129 0:34:36 61.32% first run at Broadwater, run #264, park #98
John SCAIFE Broadwater 83 130 0:34:36 50.39% first run at Broadwater, run #288, park #107
Christopher T KELLY Broadwater 83 148 0:38:23 40.73% run #557, second at Broadwater
Steve NEWELL Broadwater 83 156 0:49:14 41.71% first run at Broadwater, run #461, park #126
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 141 325 0:36:55 51.33% 26th run at Brooklands
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 927 140 0:20:54 71.69% run #362, 353rd at Bushy
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 927 801 0:28:36 56.06% run #502, highest attendance (1456) at Bushy parkrun this year.
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 502 27 0:23:57 59.64%
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 502 55 0:27:18 54.46%
Barry WALTERS Edenbrook Country 45 101 0:26:47 63.78% twelfth visit to Edenbrook (Fleet)
Janet SMITH Ferry Meadows 442 470 0:37:00 50.27% Annual run at Ferry Meadows (Peterborough)
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 471 Token Sorting at Guildford
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 344 128 0:30:05 61.94% I misread Joan's report - I thought Den's fastest time this year was because he was chasing a fridge - it was actually a mistyped "fight".
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 344 225 0:43:09 55.20%
Paul WATT Morecambe Prom 139 16 0:20:18 77.67% run #235, park #133, new BA parkrun - #721.
Julie BARCLAY Morecambe Prom 139 94 0:27:12 69.36% run #287, park #137
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 420 88 0:25:31 66.36% run #455, 7th at Osterley in 2023
Trish MCCABE Osterley 420 89 0:25:31 62.83% 45th run at Osterley - PB by 20 seconds.
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Osterley 420 96 0:25:58 65.21% 10th run at Osterley, P-index is 6
Anne Bannister Osterley 420 226 0:32:44 63.85%
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 420 294 0:47:30 55.05% run #654
Murray Hogge Reading 590 26 0:23:07 70.58%
Ben Kelly Reading 590 37 0:24:05 53.63%
David DUGGAN Squerryes Winery 114 88 0:38:44 42.51% first run at Squerryes, run #456, park #125 (84th in UK)
Roderick HOFFMAN Stockley Country 15 Timekeeper at Stockley Country
Fiona Bishop Storeys Field 87 116 0:23:50 83.78% first run at Storeys Field (Cambridge), park #67
Paul TIMMS Tetbury Goods Shed 129 14 0:22:21 71.14% They all count - PB by 1 second.
Adam MOQUET Tooting Common 300 2 0:17:41 75.02% Collecting a "300"? Or just passing? BA fastest male (from Paul W)
Harjit Jhooti Victoria Dock 171 560 0:32:32 54.92% One of 699(!) at the pre-London Marathon run next to the ExCeL registration centre. Double their previous record (and 1).
Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 363 105 0:26:29 66.58% run #137, 101st at Woking
Adrian HAINES Worthing 275 1 0:17:47 87.16% Fastest parkrun since 2018, Worthing PB by 58 seconds. Improves own records.
David Cowell Wynyard Woodland 2 4 0:18:29 76.74% run #71, park #56, new BA parkrun - #720.

parkrun Review 22nd April 2023

The scheduling of the matches at the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield didn’t allow Ronnie O’Sullivan time to sneak out for a quick run round the nearby Concord parkrun (note the English spelling).  In truth, Ronnie (pb 18:08 at Hackney Marshes) has yet to appear at a post- Covid19 parkrun but reportedly harbours the ambition to run a decent marathon when he finally hangs up his cue.

Mike's 500th parkrun at BroadwaterMike Dennison (21:07) choose Broadwater (Godalming), where he had not run before, for his 500th parkrun and after the word “go” wasted no time and within just over 21 minutes had established himself at the top of the rankings in his age-group. He was joined by his wife, daughter and several club members including blue vest wearing Chris Kelly (run #557) who all enjoyed a splendid spread of cakes and biscuits afterwards.  496 runners have now reached the 500 target so we might see the 500th next week.  Astonishingly 80 out of the 84 who have reached 600 were still adding to their score this week including Alan Anderson (47:30) at Osterley.

There were a couple of really fast runs this week.  Adam Moquet (17:21) was in second place at Tooting Common to follow his unreported 17:37 and first place at Fulham Palace last week.  Adrian Haines (17:47) was first home at Worthing this week with a course pb and his fastest parkrun since 2018. His age grade of 87.16% is high by any standards but run close by Fiona Bishop (83.78%) on her debut at Storeys Field in Cambridge.

Harjit Jhooti (32:32) was part of a field of 699 at Victoria Dock which proved very popular with TCS London Marathon entrants visiting Excel Centre.  The attendance record was doubled (almost exactly) in one morning.  It is worth noting that at the BAAC hosted WARR in 2010 at the same venue we had slightly more finishers in the 5k, 757.

Trish McCabe (25:31) ran her best ever UK parkrun at Osterley.  Her best ever time remains (24:09) at Cootehill (ROI), where the course is split over two counties (Monaghan and Cavan), in 2015.

Two new parks were added to the club collection this week pushing the total up to 721.  David Cowell (18:29) was 4th home at Wynyard Woodland (Stockton-on-Tees) which held its inaugural only last week. Paul Watt (20:18) was back in good form at Morecambe Prom parkrun which features an out-and-back run up the promenade by the Irish Sea (if the tide is right!).

Steve Newell

Club parkrun Volunteer Efforts

Public parkrun reports are very poor at revealing who volunteered doing what and where, but there is a report available to Run Directors. I've used that to compile a full list of volunteer efforts by club members - covering those who have been members in the first quarter of this calendar year, up to last week (so not including last Saturday).

Whilst parkruns could not operate without volunteers it is important that they are volunteers not conscripts. As a Run Director I confess to being overjoyed when someone volunteers to be timekeeper, to give out finish tokens or to be a fixed point marshal on the course, but officially all activities are considered equal and anyone undertaking one activity for a parkrun is as welcome as someone undertaking several.

The high level summary is that as a group, from 1st January 2023 to 20th April 2023, 30 of us undertook 400 activities at 256 occurrences of 70 different parkruns (including Junior parkruns) on 31 different dates.


David Duggan leads the way (as usual) with 64 activities at 33 event occurrences. Now, since there have been only 31 event dates in the period "33" event occurrences is very impressive -  achieved since the Communications role requires workload throughout the week, but not during the event itself - hence David has been able to marshal at a second event on the same day.

Paul Watt and Julie Barclay have delivered volunteer activities at 25 events, Emma Moreton one behind at 24, Mike Dennison at 17 then Alan Anderson and Ben Chaytow with 15. Historically, Alan had picked up hundreds (all right, 187) "Pre-event Setup" credits at Gunnersbury but his efforts these days are as a Marshal at the Osterley Juniors each week.

Completing the top twelve we have Melanie Miller and Alastair Heslop on 13, myself on 11 (all at Stockley Country) and then David Cowell and Harjit Jhooti on 10.


Top here is Hanworth Juniors with 29 individual/event involvements (14 from David D, 13 from Mike and 2 from Harjit). Then comes Queen's Parade juniors, Aldershot with 20 (ten each from Paul and Julie), Stockley Country (17, 11 from me and one each from six others), Crane Park and Osterley juniors (15 each), Laleham juniors (14), Bedfont Lakes and Guildford (12 each) and Harrow (11). The Harrow total is due to the Foxleys and last year they were doing the same for Pinner Village Gardens juniors. Also last year Bushy Park made the top ten (thanks in no small part to Di Smith's twenty activities across the year), as did Wollaton Hall (David Cowell). There are 26 events where we've carried out a single volunteer role so far this year and yes, these are mainly Token Sorting (6), Report Writing (4) and Walking roles (6) but they are all helpful contributions.

parkrun volunteer locations


For 35 event occurrences we delivered the Communications Person role (David D and Emma). 34 times we have provided Marshals (a neat ten different club members at ten different parkruns). 33 times we have been engaged in Pre-event Setup, 30 times with Token Sorting, 29 times Event Day Course Check, 26 times Post-event Close Down, 22 times Timekeeper and 21 times Run Director and also Volunteer Co-ordinator. The least carried out role so far this year is "Finish Token Support" (John Scaife, once at Maidenhead) but there are other roles where we haven't been engaged at all. And between us we've already carried out the mysterious catch-all "Other" category three times this year.

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

Tom Rowley BenchTom Rowley Bench

Jacqui Haines reports that Tom Rowley has been honoured with a bench in Woking Park, presumably on or close to the parkrun course.

"Running is taking part not winning" Tom Rowley 1927 - 2021, A lifelong member of Woking Athletic Club. Inspired many and loved by all."

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