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BA Athletics Club News Digest 26th December 2022

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2022 title.

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This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Wishing you a Happy New Year everyone - members and friends alike. Feel free to commit yourself to a exercise resolution for the New Year and put it in writing and submit it to the digest to make it come true.

Roderick Hoffman (BAAC Chairman & Communications)

Round Heathrow Run (Thursday from 12:00)

A reminder of this Thursday's Round Heathrow run. Meet outside the Bedfont Club (alongside the Duke of Wellington pub) at 12:00. We'll run in a clockwise direction mainly using paths and green spaces. The idea is that we will jog together at my pace or slower (7 to 8 minutes per km). The total distance is about 12 miles but it is possible to use public transport to get back from locations after halfway.  It may be muddy in places, so don't run in your brand new road shoes. I don't expect the Bedfont Club to be open but we'll have a drink and perhaps a bite to eat in the Duke of Wellington after we finish (likely to be after 2). Let me know to expect you, and we'll wait for you to arrive.

Details and map from last year's event: Round LHR Run

> Roderick Hoffman

One Mile Relay results #

The winter solstice mile relay was held at Bedfont on the Winter Solsice, Wednesday 21st December (2022), when else ???  The weather was cool but a lot warmer than the week before.  The now traditional well lit “L” shaped course down Hatton Road and the foot/cycle path towards the Duke of Northumberland River was used.

Late injuries and seasonal illnesses reduced the group of runners to just seven (prime number!) and with a strategy to minimise both pavement crowding and waiting around in chilly conditions runners were allocated to three teams of two with Paul Watt  chosen to run back to back legs in a team of one.  He was the only willing (ish) volunteer, quickly went into the lead, kept up a good steady pace and never looked like being caught.  Further back there some closer rivalries and everyone was pleased to have made the effort and blown away a few cobwebs.

Individual times:

  • Paul Watt 1 (6:22), Paul Watt 2 (6:40) – team total 13:02
  • Denis Foxley (9:00), Chris Kelly (7:39) – team total 16:39
  • Roderick Hoffman (9:02), Simon Turton (7:44) - team total 16:46
  • Julie Barclay (7:10), Steve Hillier (10:30) – team total 17:40

Timekeeper: Stephen Taylor, assisted by Steve Newell and Alan Anderson

> Steve Newell

Recent Activity Achievements

Just 11 club members and friends' achievements are listed below. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Barry Walters Running 6km Bracknell Mon am 00:45:28 Ran an easy effort from home on tarmac in the morning in milder conditions. In the evening did a 45 minute gym session followed by one hour of yoga at my local leisure centre.
Clara Halket Running 16.9km Local Country Park Morning run/intervals at the lake logging 16.90km and ticking off Days24-31 of  #RuntheRunway2022 #aviationactiion  Will be logging more miles into the New Year.
Emma Moreton parkrun 5km Bedfont Lakes Sat am 00:46:00 Completed Bedfont Lakes parkrun on Christmas Eve with my friend Mel in a double headed jumper. We had to tie our legs together to sync our stride . Managed 46 mins finish time!
Jain Reid parkrun Wilmslow Sat am 00:27:17 Parkrun on Xmas Eve for me in 27:17 @ Wilmslow. Pleased to run nearly a minute faster than last time I was here (August). Slowly getting stronger. Some great fancy dress - well done Wilmslow!
Janet Smith parkrun 5km Portsmouth Lakeside Sat am I did this in honor of my best friend Carolyn who lost her fight with cancer last week. I walked it with one of her sisters, who hadn't done parkrun before. I had the coughing bug so was happy to walk. Carolyn and I ran the Victory 5 many times on part of this course so it was a good one to do. Yvonne, Carolyn's sister is now registered for future parkruns.
Julie Barclay Running 5.5km Rushmoor Tue 00:30:00 5k run followed by 5x100m strides
Paul Watt Running 5.5km Rushmoor Tue 00:30:00 5k run followed by 5x100m strides
Piers Keenleyside parkrun 5km Gunnersbury Sun am 00:26:40 Gunnersbury Christmas parkrun today in 26:40 - about 1/2 minute quicker than yesterday.
Roderick Hoffman Orienteering 8.7km Ealing repeat Tue 01:03:55 The same event as last week though solo and in daylight. Choosing a "better" route I still took a wrong turning and ended up with a worse "score" than in last week's event.
Sarah Gordon Running 4 Miles Leicester Town Hall Finish 7pm 4 miles. Leicester running groups Christmas Lights Run. An annual event. Each running club starts their run from a different location in the city with the aim to reach the town hall for a group photo with runners from all over Leicester. Festive attire encouraged This is just the Squirrels club taking their own club photo. (I’m on the back row left hand side wearing bauble lights).
Steve Hillier Cycling 11miles Northolt / Hayes End Sat 01:09:00 Xmas eve cycle, 11 miles in 69 mins, in a Northolt , Hillingdon, Hayes End loop.

Photos next week.

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 24/25th December 2022

31 activities are recorded for the 24th, and 30 for the 25th. 23 did activities both days. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Day Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Alan ANDERSON Gunnersbury 25 502 361 0:48:00 54.48% 310th run at Gunnersbury
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 24 454       Funnel manager at Guildford
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 24 134 154 0:30:32 68.45% 46th run at Higginson, P-Index is 5
Alice BANKS Seaton 25 247 139 0:28:32 73.25% Improves own BA Grade record (but not time).
Barry WALTERS Upton Court 24 449 56 0:27:17 62.61% 26th run at Upton Court, statistically favourite run
Barry WALTERS Guildford 25 455 168 0:27:37 61.86% 3rd run at Guildford
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 25 485 37 0:24:40 57.91%  
Ben Kelly Reading 24 581 49 0:23:32 54.82% run #61, 53rd at Reading
Ben Kelly California Country 25 127 25 0:22:20 57.76%  
Benita SCAIFE Higginson, Marlow 24 134 201 0:33:26 63.46% run #247, closing in the "250"
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 25 335 273 0:34:22 61.74%  
Christopher T KELLY Dinton Pastures 24 164 146 0:28:53 54.13% 8th run at Dinton Pastures, P-Index up to 4
Christopher T KELLY California Country 25 127 184 0:45:42 34.21% Year BINGO - 02,12,22,32,52 and now 42.
David DUGGAN Bedfont Lakes 24 622 130 0:38:19 42.58% 54th parkrun so far in 2022
David DUGGAN Crane Park 25 485 172 0:50:35 32.26% walking pacer
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 24 327 136 0:29:52 61.44% 9 consecutive years of parkruns at Harrow
Denis FOXLEY Northala Fields 25 375 164 0:29:47 61.61%  
Diana Smith Bushy Park 25 909 1729 0:50:55 45.99% finished ahead of 60 others - but it is not a race!
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 24 622 139 0:46:49 33.11% Half of a double-act.
Emma Moreton Homewood 25 256 134 0:33:34 46.18%  
Fiona Bishop Woking 24 346 123 0:26:40 74.88% Run #215 ,92nd at Woking
Frankie HOGGE California Country 25 127 58 0:24:41 59.96%  
Harjit Jhooti Canons Park 24 257 115 0:38:48 46.05% 1st run at Canons Park, park #62
Harjit Jhooti Hogmoor Inclosure 25 179 206 1:02:42 28.50% carpark marshal and tail walker, park #64
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 24 908 495 0:25:34 62.71% run #485, at least once each year at Bushy since 2009
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 25 909 1474 0:34:34 46.38% Much slower than previous day.
Jain REID Wilmslow 24 338 112 0:27:17 67.26% PB by 59seconds.
Janet SMITH Portsmouth Lakeside 24 273 257 0:49:40 37.45% run #149, 2nd at Portsmouth Lakeside, P-Index is 4
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 24 327 194 0:38:21 62.10% 203rd  run at Harrow, P-index is 3
Joan FOXLEY Northala Fields 25 375 260 0:39:41 60.02%  
Joe NOLAN Black Park 24 638 409 0:33:49 50.52% run #401, 357th at Black Park, 13 years 2010-2022 at Black Park, P-Index is 4
Joe NOLAN Maidenhead 25 335 280 0:34:30 49.52%  
John SCAIFE Higginson, Marlow 24 134 202 0:33:27 51.57% 6th run at Higginson, P-Index up to 6
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 25 335 277 0:34:24 50.15%  
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 25 232 51 0:21:42 72.04% run #48, first Christmas Day parkrun
Julie BARCLAY Oak Hill 24 525 38 0:23:35 80.00% BA record female time and grade, park #117
Julie BARCLAY Bromley 25 600 113 0:22:17 84.67% BA Fastest Female and best grade.  Park #119
Keith Johnson Houghton Hall 24 188 26 0:22:53 65.48% PB - further 25second improvement.
Kevin HOLLAND Brooklands 24 127 330 0:36:59 50.38% 20th run at Brooklands
Maria JOVANI Crane Park 24 484 34 0:23:54 67.09% 10 consecutive years of Crane parkruns, P-Index is 7
Maria JOVANI Bushy Park 25 909 602 0:25:54 61.90%  
Melanie Miller Canons Park 24 257 116 0:38:49 46.03% 1st run at Canons Park, park #92
Melanie Miller Hogmoor Inclosure 25 179 202 0:58:57 30.31% parkwalker, park #94
Mike DENNISON Hanworth 24 115 6 0:21:15 78.20% run #482, 15th at Hanworth, P-Index  is 8
Mike DENNISON Bushy Park 25 909 87 0:19:38 84.63% tough at the top !
Murray Hogge California Country 25 127 59 0:24:42 66.06%  
Paul KNECHTL Frimley Lodge 25 601 8 0:18:34 80.07% 26second PB and improves his own club record by the same amount. First parkrun for exactly one year.
Paul TIMMS Cirencester 24 176 30 0:23:54 66.53% 41st run at Cirencester, P-Index is 4
Paul WATT Oak Hill 24 525 19 0:21:08 73.97% BA record male time, park#113
Paul WATT Bromley 25 600 49 0:19:31 80.10% BA Fastest Male. Park #115
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Gunnersbury 24 501 144 0:27:07 61.83% run #385, P-Index is 6
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Gunnersbury 25 502 141 0:26:40 62.88% 27seconds faster than yesterday
Roderick HOFFMAN Seven Fields 24 91 65 0:32:07 50.80% first run at Seven Fields (Swindon)  park #345
Roderick HOFFMAN Northala Fields 25 375       Timekeeper at Northala Fields (for 7th Christmas Day)
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 24 562 308 0:38:23 53.63% run #317, 110th run at Braunstone, 11 consecutive years
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 25 563 333 0:37:33 54.82% 50seconds faster than yesterday. 333rd finisher on 111st parkrun.
Scott DAVISON Bedfont Lakes 24 622 52 0:28:25 52.32% 14 consecutive years of parkruns at Bedfont Lakes
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 25 485 88 0:28:51 51.53%  
Steve NEWELL Richmond Park 24 733 327 0:47:43 42.09% 28th run at Richmond over 13 different calendar years
Trish MCCABE Hogmoor Inclosure 24 178 123 0:29:12 54.39% first run at Hogmoor, park #114, P-Index stays on 5
Trish MCCABE Crane Park 25 485 86 0:28:28 55.80%  

parkrun review Christmas 2022

The challenge of doing two runs of New Years Day won’t be on offer this time round but with Christmas Day falling on a Sunday the challenge shifted to a parkrun on consecutive days which for some is physically more difficult!  Younger readers may not be familiar with delayed onset muscle rigidity. Does a post run ice bath really prevent it? Volunteers for static tasks are always welcomed at parkrun.  parkruns on Christmas day don’t fit in with some families so not everyone was attempting the double anyway.

The weather on both days was a great deal better than the previous weekends and at some venues attendances were up to their largest since the Covid interruption.  We noted results from 30 members on Christmas Eve and 24 on Christmas Day and congratulations to Harjit Jhooti for her double volunteer act at Hogmoor Inclosure – first controlling a busy car park and then strolling round as tailwalker in just over an hour.  She is on a tourist steak of 19 as well.

Our fastest runner over the weekend was Paul Knechtl (18:40, 80.07%) which lowered the club record at Frimley Lodge which he has for a while anyway by 26 seconds.  Excellent Christmas morning runs too from Paul Watt (19:31, 80.10%) and Julie Barclay (22:17, 84.67%) at the hard surface winter course at Bromley. Mike Dennison found the going faster at Bushy (19:38, 84.63%) on 25th than he had at Hanworth (21:15,78.2%) on 24th.

This reporter will be on the high seas and visiting countries not yet introduced to parkrun for the first two Saturdays in January.  Anyone who would like to add a few comments should contact the editor.

Steve Newell

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

> Roderick Hoffman

And John Scaife writes on Facebook

"Great to see BA runner Joe Nolan among the 432 participants at Maidenhead parkrun on Christmas Day. Two Maidenhead parkrun legends were also present - 85 year old Malcolm Moody of Malcolm’s Corner fame (far right by the bike shed) and Lynne Jolley of Lynne’s lookout (middle of three), the latter doing her last ever volunteer shift at Maidenhead as she is moving out of the area. If you’ve ever left Maidenhead parkrun with Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run rattling around in your head, you have Lynne’s Bluetooth speaker to thank." [photo next week]

Letters to the Editor (or posted on Facebook)

Petra Otto writes: "I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year. May all your running dreams come true. "

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