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BA Athletics Club News Digest 27th September 2021

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Events marked "*" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

This Week's Events

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Track-on-Field (by end of Sunday 3rd October, to be reported on in the following digest):

Name Date 1500m time 800m time 400m time 200m time 100m time Comment:
              e.g. Location

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by late Sunday) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

2021 Equinox 5k Result and Report

The event was held at Bedfont Lakes Country Park as a curtain raiser for the club's fortieth anniversary celebrations at Bedfont & Feltham FC clubhouse later in the evening.

Most members used the Bedfont Road carpark as recommended and for future reference it was due to close at 1930 - 30 minutes after sunset. Other members ran from and back to the clubhouse/changing rooms in Hatton Road.

Bedfont SunsetThe course chosen was the same as in 2019 but not all members are yet familiar with the new surroundings.  Those who missed critical left turns still got round to the finish but ran extra metres.  Those following the map faithfully agreed the course was an accurate 5km.

In the early years of the club there was so much concentration on the London and New York City Marathons that whatever appetite there might have been for shorter races went unsatisfied. WARR 5k runs were seen as the junior partner to the 10k and parkruns were still decades away. The club was about ten years old when the first Equinox 5km was staged on busy roads near M4 junction 3. Although always labelled the Equinox 5k it has only rarely been held run on the correct date - astronomically speaking.  Even when the calendar was helpful the third or fourth Wednesday in September would sometimes clash with WARR week or Brian Forrester's birthday which was usually marked with a lung bursting relay round the Concorde Centre field. Today however could be an exception with the Equinox 5k being run on date of the autumn equinox.
Runners were started from "The Motte" in small groups designed to bring everyone to the finish (after two laps) about 5-10 minutes before sunset (prediction - 18:59 BST). [Sunset photo - Janet Smith]

Results Equinox 5k Wed. 22nd Sept. 2021
5km run (2 laps)
Adrian Haines 20:34
Paul Watt 21:26
Mike Dennison 23:00
Emma Moreton 23:03
Julie Barclay 23:04
Maarten Stenham 23:22
Steve Taylor 25:35
Michael Ball 27:52
Denis Foxley 29:24
Roderick Hoffman 30:55
Alan Friar 33:21
Benita Scaife 33:25
John Scaife 33:25
Harjit Jhooti 37:19
Janet Smith 38:14
Steve Hillier 38:22
Melanie Miller 38:49
Fiona Bishop dnf
Amanda Coombs dnf
Graham Taylor dns
2.5km walk (1 lap)
John Wright 31:42
Mike Coombs 31:42

Thanks to Alice and John Banks for their marshalling (part time) and to Amanda Coombs and Steve Hillier for their first-aid administration.

Steve Newell

Bedfont Equinox Participants

All those involved scored points in the club's participation table and both Denis Foxley and Amanda Coombs have now achieved the ten points deserving of recognition. Nine members have scored such so far this year and another four, including three in the picture, are within one event of doing so. There are six points scoring events in October - marked with a "*" in the diary.

40th Anniversary Event - 22nd September 2021

We had a fine evening. Janet Smith has published photographs taken at the event on Facebook (BA Runner | Facebook). Checking the photographs and cross-checking with those at the Equinox race I've counted that there were forty attendees of our 40th anniversary celebration - a very nice number. The club provided food (thanks for the order and set-up Steve Hillier) and thanks to the generosity of a member who was unable to attend (Jeremy Short) we were able to provide a free bar. The maturity of our members, and the approaching half and full marathons, meant that the attendees stopped ordering drinks before the bar ran dry.

We'll do the same again one day...but it may not be for another five or ten years. But in the meantime we do have a Christmas event to look forward to (though we haven't yet put this in the diary).

Roderick Hoffman

London Marathon kit distribution reminder (Wednesday 29th Sept for Sunday 3rd October 2021)

There is a kit distribution event on 29th September at the Bedfont Club from 6pm. If you are a volunteer then please attend this if you can. Any collected kit will reduce the load of extra kit your team leader has to carry on the morning of the marathon.

Activity Achievements for the week 20th September to 26th September 2021

20 individuals recorded activities and a few additional ones are referenced.

Colleague Activity Distance Course Start Time Duration Comments
Adrian Haines  Race 3.71km Sussex Goodwood relays Sat pm 00:14:45 A double whammy. Pacing Jacqui Musselwhite to SB at Woking parkrun then down to Goodwood racecourse for the Sussex x/c relays earning age group silver.
Andy Rayner Running 4miles XC Sun 00:51:50 10 seconds slower than last week…but ten seconds faster than the week before!
Ben Cooper Running 6.46km Vale of Glamorgan Tue lunch 00:31:08 Furthest ever BAMC lunchtime run.
Benita Scaife Running 4miles Little Marlow to Wycombe Rye Fri 01:00:58 Up over Wycombe Hill and down to Wycombe Rye via Abbey Barn and Dean Garden Wood. A perfect early Autumn day…
Denis Foxley Running 5.5miles Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:00:00 Round the woods and lido.
Jacqui Musselwhite Running 10.14km Parcoul-Chenaud, France Wed am 00:50:35 10k near Adrian’s French house. Great conditions, sunny but fresh. Excellent running on rural roads with very few (if any) cars.  Training for Great South 10 mile soon.
Jain Reid Running 6km Home from Richmond Sat am 00:36:54 Still getting back into it and sticking to run-walk and flat/downhill running. Feeling easier. Hope to try a parkrun soon
Janet Smith Throwing Battersea Park Sun Final throws competition of the season. In my most hated [throwing] event, the javelin, I managed my best throw since 2018 . Average in the shot, discus and Hammer.
Joan Foxley Running 4.5miles Ruislip Woods Sun am 01:00:00 Round the woods and lido.
John Scaife Running 4miles Little Marlow to Wycombe Rye Fri 01:00:58 A perfect early Autumn day marred only by some intermittent knee pain necessitating a bit of walking. Foot OK though.
Julie Barclay Running 8.2km Trafalgar Sq to Tottenham Sun 00:01:17 On the weekend of the Tottenham / Arsenal Derby match.
Kelly Davis parkrun 5km Bedfont Lakes Sat am 00:47:19 I did parkrun with my girl as its my time to rest up for London. Chloe did amazing with sub 47 min! Almost a pb! Maybe next week. [No photo - proving that what you have done on Facebook has worked]
Melanie Miller Walking 24.41km Borough Green to Tonbridge Sat 04:58:50 Following meandering river, crossing orchards, poly tunnels full of strawberries and a field where a horse tried to snuff out my apple. All 'n' all a good day out.
Michael Ball  Race 5.07km Equinox 5km Wed pm 00:27:54 40th anniversary run [GPS track shows that Michael ran the slightly longer distance].
Mike Dennison parkrun 5km Ifield Mill Pond Sat am 00:19:46 With Maria Jovani. See below.
Neil Frediani Weight Lifting Ashford All week This week's effort has been 3 days of packing and moving furniture and boxes from a 2nd floor flat in Ashford into storage and up north.
Paul Watt Running 8.2km Trafalgar Sq to Tottenham Sun 00:01:17 Second of our Trafalgar Sq. to football ground runs.  Tottenham today and will run to Arsenal on Monday.
Piers Keenleyside  Race Half-M Ealing Sun am 02:05:02 Another half marathon - couldn't get under 2 hours like I did last Sunday at Hampton Court due to the hills in North Ealing and the Hanwell Cuckoo estate. Official chip time 2:04:59
Roderick Hoffman parkrun 5km Woking Sat am 00:28:41 This was my time - the official time was 6s fast. Both were still faster than I ran the course in January 2017, so my best achievement of the week.
Simon Turton Cycling 11.5km To Wokingham Fri 00:38:00 Cycled to pick my car up after a service. Pretty boring really but the weather was nice .
Stephen Taylor  Race Half-M Ealing Sun am 02:13:00 A regular for me as it goes past my front door. Not ideal timing, one week before VLM, so treated as a training run, walking the hills to keep the running distance down. Great to bump into Trish at the finish.

Week Achievements

Roderick Hoffman

Mike Dennison writes...

"A visit to Ifield Mill Pond parkrun for Maria Jovani and I this Saturday, where we both ran our 50th different parkrun, and also getting the 'I' for the parkrun alphabet challenge. Maria is now on 320 parkruns, and I am on 420. My wife, Sue, was also there, doing her 20th different parkrun (93 parkruns overall).

Maria was also first lady home, and 12th overall. I was 2nd overall in 19:46 - which was also a VM60-64 course record!

It was a nice, friendly parkrun, with a smallish number of runners (74), which made things easier on the course, with its many out and back sections, and five U-turns on quite narrow paths. All tarmac, and pretty level, though.

Apologies for the photo - we forgot to take a better one of the two of us!"

Other Half Marathon Results

Not submitted for the digest but each of the following represented British Airways AC...

  • Trish McCabe did the Ealing Half in 2:24:10 and posted the included picture of her with Stephen,
  • Jasvir Singh Modaher did yet another half marathon, The Windsor Half, and finished in 2:32:49.

parkrun results for Saturday 25th September 2021

42 runners and volunteers listed below - get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun Pos Time Age Grade PB? Comment
Vera Simms Banstead Woods 80 00:28:27 67.25%
Janice Jones Banstead Woods 88 00:29:36 60.36%
Maarten Stenham Bedfont Lakes 13 00:22:39 62.10%
Harjit Jhooti Bedfont Lakes 81 00:32:15 54.01%
Kelly Davis Bedfont Lakes 134 00:47:19 31.98% With Chloe
Paul PRESCOTT Bedfont Lakes Barcode Scanning at Bedfont Lakes
Natalia Prescott/Mikhaylina Bedfont Lakes Barcode Scanning at Bedfont Lakes
Sarah GORDON Braunstone 261 00:34:49 58.21%
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 178 00:22:26 70.88% Best time/grade for nearly two years.
Andrew William Jordan Bushy Park 199 00:22:40 67.79% 133rd run at Bushy, best this year
Di Smith Bushy Park 1042 00:50:28 45.61% PB   Another 1:45 off from the PB
Paul TIMMS Cirencester 18 00:24:16 64.97%
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 37 00:25:31 57.81%
Murray HOGGE Dinton Pastures 26 00:22:26 71.47%
Frankie HOGGE Dinton Pastures 25 00:22:26 65.97% PB   PB by 35 seconds
Christopher T KELLY Dinton Pastures 232 00:38:04 40.72% Pacing Sarah Kelly to another new PB
Julie BARCLAY Grovelands 26 00:22:58 80.99% 1s faster than Jacqui (different course), Best BA ladies time and BA grade.
Paul WATT Grovelands 7 00:20:37 75.18% Best BA time
Alastair Heslop Guildford Finish Tokens at Guildford
Denis Foxley Harrow 92 00:28:03 64.47% 140th run at Harrow, best since lockdown
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 192 00:36:58 62.26%
John COFFEY Hazelwood 81 00:33:28 61.35% run #371, 83rd at Hazelwood
Mike Dennison Ifield Mill Pond 2 00:19:46 83.31% 2nd finisher. Best BA grade. 1s faster than last week (different course), 50th different parkrun
Maria Jovani Ifield Mill Pond 12 00:22:31 70.54% 1st lady, 50th different parkrun
David DUGGAN Ifield Mill Pond 44 00:32:33 49.72% first run at I.M.P., park #89
Benita Scaife Maidenhead 207 00:33:18 62.76%
John Scaife Maidenhead 208 00:33:19 51.28%
Petra OTTO March 127 00:40:27 54.14%
Stephen K TAYLOR Northala Fields 230 00:41:13 38.25% Saving for Ealing half marathon the next day
Anne ANDERSON Osterley 291 00:46:42 61.71%  (Assisted)
Piers KEENLEYSIDE Osterley 154 00:29:00 57.30% Should of been saving himself for Ealing half the next day
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 292 00:46:43 53.91% Assisting Anne
Anne Bannister Poole 204 00:24:57 81.23% Best BA ladies time and best grade, first run at Poole, park #31
Bob Bannister Poole 187 00:24:13 69.24% first run at Poole, park #35
Jain Reid Richmond Park Barcode Scanning at Richmond Park
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 23 00:20:59 73.87%
Trish MCCABE Sandhurst Memorial 69 00:29:16 53.76% Ealing half marathon the next day
Steve NEWELL Sutcliffe 230 00:45:51 42.89% New London parkrun (week 3). BA Park #590. Londone again (for one week only)
Barry WALTERS Upton Court 73 00:28:53 58.63%
Jacqueline MUSSELWHITE Woking 35 00:22:59 75.78% 100th parkrun / best time for two years / 3rd best grade ever
Adrian Haines Woking 36 00:23:01 66.18% Pacing Jacqui on her 100th.
Roderick HOFFMAN Woking 135 00:28:35 56.62% Watching Jacqui and Adrian from back down the course. 399 runs (400th will be on Oct 9th but I don't know where)

Steve Newell (45:51) made his way to Sutcliffe Park in Eltham (Greenwich Borough) adhering to his own criteria and using only his bike and public transport to visit his 57th London different parkrun.   At the moment he is part of a select group of only 34 (out of 7 million barcode holders) who have completed all 57 London parkruns but this glory will be short-lived as yet another new parkrun will start at Charlton Park, less than two miles away from Sutcliffe, on 2nd October, so group membership will be reduced to only those who attend the inaugural (normally discouraged). This area is very close to the start of the London Marathon.

Mike Dennison (19:46), Maria Jovani (22:31) and David Duggan (32:33) all visited Ifield Mill Pond for the first time.  Mike and Maria both reached 50 different parkruns and Mike has finished in under 20 minutes at a different park for six consecutive weeks.

Benita Scaife (33:18) ran at Maidenhead for the 100th time.  There will be a club featured parkrun at Maidenhead (Braywick Park) on 23rd October.  25 of us have run there at least once in the past so surely somebody will come away with a pb!  An opportunity to wear your club vest.

Steve Newell & Roderick Hoffman

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download and explore.

Triathlon News

The 2021 World Championship race planned for October in Hawaii (Kona, Big Island) has been postponed yet again due to ongoing Covid infections. For the first time in its 40 year history the "2021" final will now be held away from Hawaii in St George, Utah and not until 5th Feb 2022.  Alistair Brownlee is still on the start list of 51 for the men's race along with fellow Brits David MacNamee and Joe Skipper who came 6th in 2019.  The women's race which will start 5 minutes after the men will include as many as ten women from UK in a line up just 45.  Lucy Charles-Barclay was runner up in 2019 and will be trying to go one better.

It is hoped that the 2022 Ironman will return to Hawaii and revert to October.  There are plans to hold the women's and men's elite races on separate days.

Steve Newell

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