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BA Athletics Club News Digest 27th June 2016


  • Monday 4th July - Track&Field Grand Prix 400m and Javelin - Hillingdon track from 18:00*
  • Tuesday 5th July - Paul Sinton-Hewitt at Waterside from 12:30 - see below
  • Wednesday 6th July - Rosenheim Track&Field St Marys, Twickenham from 18:45
  • Thursday 7th July - Dream Mile - Bath Road from 12:45*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated early June).

*Club Event Map:

Not for you, no longer interested?  remove me please.

Difficulty viewing this email?  Read it off the website instead - Latest.shtml. Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

Paul Sinton-Hewitt at Waterside on Tuesday 5th July from 12:30 - last call

I'm keen for members who are not British Airways staff to also come to this event if they want to and are able to.  I will however have to arrange visitor passes for them so I need to know in advance.  Please reply to me now and also advise me if you'd like to stay afterwards to include a visit to the BA heritage museum from 14:00 to 15:00.  Those I've got listed as needing visitor passes are: Alan Anderson, Alice Banks, Benita Scaife, Chris Kelly, Fred Ashford and John Scaife. 

Roderick Hoffman (

3rd Vets Track&Field at Battersea Monday 20th June 2016

Ian Haylock  MV45:

  • 100m    14.6
  • 1500m   5.17.2

Next week - Track&Field Grand Prix on Monday and then Rosenheim in Twickenham on Wednesday.

Eddie Giles

WARR Update

WARR Chicago 2016 announces Gala Awards Dinner venue at Chicago's iconic Navy Pier !

The WARR Chicago 2016 Organizing Committee is extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have secured the Aon Ballroom located at the end of Chicago's #1 tourist attraction, Navy Pier, for this year's Running with the Wind Gala Awards dinner! [Ed: where in Chicago is this?  Along with all the known 2016 WARR venues it's on the club map]

2016 WARR Gala Venue

You will not want to miss this year's WARR if you want to experience Chicago in so many unique ways - the race course right along the Lake Michigan shoreline along Grant Park, the Awards dinner at Navy Pier, and we hope to announce more unique venues for the Meet & Greet Party and the T-shirt Swap Parties very soon!  Click here to register for the race and the awards dinner today!

And don't forget to complete your Chicago Week experience with the O'Hare 5K on the Runway on Sunday morning September 25 at 8:00 AM.  Click here for information and registration.

With the O'Hare Airport Run on the Sunday don't forget to add your team as "British Airways" - at the moment the BA team consists of me, Paul Watt and Julie Barclay and there is plenty of space for more.

Roderick Hoffman : any issues or questions with either event - let me know.

Club parkrun results for Saturday 25th June 2016

25th June family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Scott Davison 22:19 Bedfont Lakes run #168 64%
Ian Cockram 24:44 Bedfont Lakes run #352 59%
Neil Frediani 26:48 Bedfont Lakes run #145 59%
David Duggan 28:09 Bedfont Lakes run #153 55%
Caroline Cockram 43:47 Bedfont Lakes 37%
John Lennon 27:37 Black Park first run at Black Park 56%
Trish McCabe 28:07 Black Park first run at Black Park 54%
Roderick Hoffman 27:10 Greenwich park #158 57%
Kerstin Luksch 20:35 Gunnersbury F-5, 185th run at Gunnersbury 73%
Piers Keenleyside 25:26 Gunnersbury 100th run at Gunnersbury 63%
Alan Anderson 32:14 Gunnersbury 193rd run at Gunnersbury 67%
Steve Newell 32:30 Gunnersbury 92nd run at Gunnersbury 56%
Steve Dodsworth 23:01 Harrogate course pb on 25th run 66%
Linda Dodsworth 26:05 Harrogate course pb on 24th run 60%
Richard Ruffell 21:25 Hatfield Forest park #53, club course record 71%
Benita Scaife 31:08 Maidenhead run #41 62%
John Scaife 31:09 Maidenhead run #47 52%
Sarah Gordon 36:13 Melton Mowbray 3rd run at Melton Mowbray 52%
Paul Watt 22:12 Riddlesdown club course record 67%
Julie Barclay 22:19 Riddlesdown club course record (F) 78%
Gary Rushmer 20:22 Sittingbourne BA park #268 75%
Barry Walters 21:11 Upton Court age cat 3rd/54 (all time) 76%
Monica Alonso 28:06 Woking 3rd run at Woking 57%
Kevin Holland 30:00 Woking 27th run at Woking 58%
Ray Hampton 29:23 Woodbank first parkrun for 17 months 62%
Chris Kelly 20:20 Woodley 30th run at Woodley 73%
Tony Barnwell 33:26 Wycombe Rye 47th run at Wycombe Rye 56%
Joan Foxley 47:19 Harrow tail runner 45%
Denis Foxley volunteer Harrow marshal
Tom Rowley volunteer Woking marshal

Some of the readership will have been celebrating midsummer, some will have felt the boost of supporting a winning side in a European football tournament [Ed: DON'T mention the Euros] and some maybe were just wishing they had bothered to vote in the referendum.  Anyway, whatever, parkrun jogs steadily on to provide us with a bit of stability.

Our runner nearest to Europe this week was Gary Rushmer (20:22) at Sittingbourne in Kent.  He was our first member to try out the course there in Milton Creek Country Park where parkruns only started at the end of February.  That time puts Gary 3rd out of the 29 runners in his age group who have tried it so far.  We have now been recorded in the results at 268 different parkruns worldwide.

Barry Walters (21:11) was doing a parkrun for the first time since St George's Day running at Upton Court.  That time puts him 3rd out 54 runners in his newish age category there. 

Paul Watt (22:12) and Julie Barclay (22:19) set new club records at Riddlesdown while Steve(23:01) and Linda (26:05) Dodsworth set pbs and club records at Harrogate.

Ray Hampton (29:23) ran his first parkrun for 17 months at Woodbank (Stockport).  Marathon legend Ron Hill still runs there occasionally and has recorded a best time of 31:52 so far this year.

Roderick Hoffman (27:10) is edging towards being labelled a "Londone" parkrunner with a run at Greenwich.  Neil Frediani still holds the club record there with 27:01.  That takes Roderick's score up to 158 different parkrun venues worldwide which puts him in 23rd place in the global rankings.  Bromley and Bexley are the two outstanding within the London area.

Ed: Meanwhile Richard Ruffell set a new club record at Hatfield Forest.  It was reported that there was a stampede of cows crossing the course before the finishing funnel which perhaps accounts for Richard's faster time.  

John Lennon (27:37) and Trish McCabe ran at Black Park for the first time, Piers Keenleyside (25:26) ran at Gunnersbury for 100th time.

Anyone planning to run at Maidenhead next week should think again.  The parkrun has been cancelled!  The same goes for Guildford where Stoke Park has been taken over by a steam rally. 

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell

Achievements update

Hannah Walker's 15:55 at St Albans on 27th July 2013 has been reinstated as the parkrun women's fastest running performance. This will be because Lizzie Williams' time at Dulwich last week has been flagged as a women's wheelchair time (and record). For Hannah's performance I'm able to say "I was there" which is why I keep an eye on that record. Why are records important?  Surely parkrun is a run not a race? A good question to ask Paul Sinton-Hewitt on 5th July.

Are you able to say "I was there" for a particular parkrun achievement or event? Or for any other running related achievement or event?  Write in and say.

Longest Weekend

It is traditional for parkrun enthusiasts to run more than one parkrun on the weekend immediately after or closest to midsummers day.   I decided to go with the date/time related theme and drove over to Greenwich to do my first parkrun there - my 158th different venue.  Greenwich parkrun is in Avery Hill Park which is well to the east within the borough, so about five km from the meridian that shares the Greenwich name.  More appropriately the parkrun is four minutes east of the Meridian.  After a quick second breakfast I then drove to Beckton parkrun which lies 3 minutes east (and a few miles north, and across the river).  Following my freedom run at Beckton I then drove another few miles north to do another freedom run at Wanstead Flats, just one minute west of the Meridian.  And after that where else could I go other than Gunpowder, another few miles north and this time on the meridian itself (the start is in the Western hemisphere and the finish is in the East).  So one timed parkrun and three freedom runs as I made my way from Greenwich to the Meridian.

Roderick (

Budapest Runway Run 4.0 sponsored by Airbus:

“The Race to Find the Fastest Airline in the World”, Budapest Airport Runway 13R-31L, 3 September 2016

10k or 5k, 30euro to enter (until 30th June, then 50euro) [all entry fees are donated to charity], 11:00 start.

Details of this event and how to register are at: .  In the past we have been tempted to enter a team into the event so if anyone is keen please offer your name as an informal BA team captain and see if anyone else joins you.

PS Last years results:

They had 439 finishers in the 10k and 284 in the 5k. Fastest 10k male 31:02, Female 40:40 and fastest 5k male 18:17 and female 17:54 (winner overall) 

Other Performances and Results

I'm sure that club runners were busy all over the place but as nothing else has been submitted perhaps the efforts and results weren't worth reporting.

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