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BA Athletics Club News Digest 28th August 2023

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Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2023 title.

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Monthly Mile (please submit your August Mile performance by the end of the month):

Run one mile and send me your time or add the details to the prompt in Facebook. The mile can be somebody else's formal event or even one mile within a longer run. I'll then produce a fancy graph showing your time this month compared to those of other people and previous runs over the last year: [no need to submit if your best mile is one of the Arethusa miles, I'll check the tables].

Mile Participant Location Date How Measured Duration/Time Comment: e.g. event

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

Boston Manor NOW - Tuesday 22nd August - report

NOW Boston Manor photographs

Piers organised the NOW event at Boston Manor last Tuesday. Photographs reveal that there were 13 of us with ten doing the jog and three a walk. After visiting the cafe some of us explored the house whilst others went round the park a second time.

The five (yes five) photographs above were from myself, Piers and Melanie.

There isn't a future NOW in the diary - but it would be easy for you to propose one or simply put one in. We will have one in Cranford Park when they complete the cafe and facilities there.

August Track-on-Field Results

Three "Track-on-Field" results this month. Roderick and Simon fairly equally paced and Hayley slower until it came to the 100m where she let fly.

August Track-on-Field results 

Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

11 members' achievements were communicated to me.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Andy Rayner Fast walk Varied Mon 21August, fast walk on the estate for 10m 19s. Thurs 24 August, fast walk in Windsor for two miles (untimed). Fri 25 August, fast walk on the estate plus half XC in 48m.
Benita Scaife Running 7.5miles Windsor Great Park Sun am We did a Sunday morning run in Windsor Great Park in perfect late summer weather…
John Scaife Running 7.5miles Windsor Great Park Sun am ...Picture shows Benita on Prince Consort’s Drive on the climb up from the Ranger’s Gate.
Emma Moreton  Race 10km Polesden Lacey 10k Sun am Polesden Lacey NT 10k. A course PB and Strava crown for “Second Big Uphill” (This is a free non-timed, non-marshalled run on the fourth Sunday of every month at 9am)
Jain Reid Running 20km Thames Putney / Kew loop 02:10:24 20k river run:walk Putney to Kew loop. Very unstructured depending on the music.
Julie Barclay  Race 5km Portsmouth Lakeside 5k Series Wed 00:23:03 Lakeside 5k series hosted by Havant A.C. See below.
Paul Watt  Race 5km Portsmouth Lakeside 5k Series Wed 00:20:14 Lakeside 5k series hosted by Havant A.C. See below.
Melanie Miller Hike 21.01km Brockenhurst, New Forest Sun 04:39:26 Lovely day doing a Brockenhurst Circular ramble stopping only for a picnic snack and drink at a lovely Forest pub but lots of wildlife to keep those cameras clicking en route. I felt pretty knackered afterwards.
Petra Otto parkrun 5km Wisbech Sat am parkrun tourism, walking at a very friendly Wisbech parkrun, on their second event.  A very nice, flat park with beautiful old trees, four laps on tarmac with, I would say, a definite PB potential. Plus the usual gym this week with a 1/2 hour fast treadmill walk.
Piers Keenleyside  Race Marathon Marathon des Oussailles Sun 04:01:47 A point-to-point event in the Pyranees foothills 100 Km south of Toulouse finishing in Saint-Girons.  1st marathon since May due to groin injury - felt OK today. Moves my total to 201. Official time exactly two minutes slower due to being in the toilet queue at the start. Was 4th in my age category - would have been 2nd!
Roderick Hoffman Running 9miles Canal to Hosenden Hill and back Wed 00:55:33 My slowest ever time doing this run and I walked all of the steep bits up the hill…but the mileage counts.

Week achievement photos

World Record

Yes, for the second time this year Adrian Haines participated in a World Record setting performance. In February he had helped the British Masters team to an indoors M55 8x800m record of 8:57.37 and last week it was the outdoors M55 8x800m record which was lowered by 19 seconds to 8:46.03.

Portsmouth Lakeside 5k

It was time for us to find out where we stood in terms of running form and performance.

It has been a strange and inconsistent year for both of us as illness, niggles and injuries - plantar fasciitis, calf strains, hamstring strains and even shingles - had dictated what we ran, jogged or walked this year. Entries into the Eastleigh 10k and Richmond 10k were ‘wasted’ and we missed the Yateley 10k series and the entire track season but thank goodness for parkrun for maintaining our sanity and some fitness. But as we know, all parkrun courses are different and to gauge personal achievement by time alone is not accurate: a lot is about how you feel at the end.
We have all had setbacks and I am sure that there has been a time in everybody’s past when a test has been required to actually discover current fitness levels.

We therefore decided to enter a very competitive 5k as a reality check of where we currently were and we agreed that we would not be disappointed or disheartened by the result and to accept it with the presumed need for improvement. The last event of this years Lakeside 5k at Portsmouth was chosen: a flat tarmac two-lapper albeit with about 1.5k of compacted gravel to negotiate. We have entered this course in the past and know it quite well.

I always have an excuse, not a valid reason, for performances that I may not be pleased with but last Wednesday, there were no hills, no cyclists or dog-walkers, no traffic, no wind and the clouds arrived just before the start lowering the temperature to a very comfortable level.
We both finished just a few seconds short of our realistic targets (I must have selected inappropriate footwear!) but we both ran well and were quite pleased with our results.

We know now that we are not far from where we would like to be and have a good idea of what training is required to get there….after all, we need to be fighting-fit to go to WARR.

Paul and Julie

parkrun Results for Saturday 26th August

38 activities are recorded below. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun 10th June Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Roderick HOFFMAN Abbey Park 19 113 0:30:20 54.29% first run at Abbey Park, park #359. First BA male.
Sarah GORDON Abbey Park 19 162 0:35:52 58.27% PB by 2:43. Improves own BA record ladies time and grade.
Paul TIMMS Bedfont Lakes 656 18 0:23:46 67.46% first run at Bedfont Lakes, park #23
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 656 23 0:24:05 64.84% F2
Paul WATT Bedgebury Pinetum 311 21 0:21:56 71.88% first run at Bedgebury Pinetum, park #156. BA male record (from Roderick).
Julie BARCLAY Bedgebury Pinetum 311 89 0:26:34 72.02% first run at Bedgebury Pinetum, park #159. First BA lady and grade record (from Denis)
Vera Simms Bedgebury Pinetum 311 127 0:28:51 68.23% [member check] PB by 1:45.
Joe NOLAN Black Park 674 185 0:28:31 60.49% best time this year, equals time for August Bank Holiday 2022
Scott DAVISON Bournemouth 442 493 0:34:24 43.56% run #429, 2nd at Bournemouth
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 945 349 0:24:42 60.66% run #377
Diana Smith Bushy Park 945 1285 0:48:21 49.26% best time this year 
Steve NEWELL Catford 205 191 0:52:01 39.47% tailwalker (v), Wilson Index up to 208
Janet Smith Chippenham 414 184 0:36:33 50.89% first run at Chippenham, park #62. First BA lady at Chippenham.
Joan FOXLEY Church Mead 72 75 0:38:50 61.33% 48 second PB on 3rd run at Church Mead.
Ben CHAYTOW Crane Park 520 19 0:22:08 64.53% back home after month on tour, best run at Crane this year
Trish MCCABE Dartford 380 64 0:27:31 58.27% first run at Dartford, park #127. First BA lady at Dartford.
Barry WALTERS Edenbrook Country 62 162 0:29:24 58.11% 15th run at Edenbrook
David Cowell Forest Rec 445 Funnel Manager at Forest Rec.
Alastair HESLOP Guildford 484 Funnel Manager at Guildford.
Mike DENNISON Hazelwood 201 4 0:20:17 82.66% ninth run at Hazelwood but P-Index is still 8
Christopher T KELLY Henlow Bridge Lakes 97 136 0:41:33 37.95% run #571, first at Henlow Bridge Lakes, park #77
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 161 Timekeeper at Higginson, Marlow.
Adrian HAINES Ifield Mill Pond 130 4 0:19:44 78.55% run #86, 13th at IMP
Melanie Miller Leavesden Country 44 72 0:38:04 46.94% first run at Leavesden Country, park #130, John Wright barcode scanning.
Ian CUNNINGHAM Lloyd 616 28 0:24:24 66.33% Brave man, first run at Lloyd Park, park #64
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 370 229 0:33:08 65.04% staying home for the Bank Holiday weekend
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 370 230 0:33:09 52.59% just one pace behind
Elise LAWRENSON Nonsuch 547 202 0:24:38 66.44% run #234, best age-grade this year at Nonsuch
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 438 72 0:24:29 69.78% run #473, 44th at Osterley, P-Index is 5
Anne Bannister Osterley 438 211 0:30:48 67.86% 37th run at Osterley, (200 at Bedfont Lakes)
Jeremy SHORT Osterley 438 322 0:47:41 34.22% 47th run at Osterley
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 438 325 0:49:01 55.59% Osterley ten year anniversary run.
Ben Kelly Reading 605 96 0:24:20 53.08% Some weeks they play polo at the Polo Club!
Harjit Jhooti Renton 224 42 0:31:55 55.98% first run at Renton (Seattle), park #94
Jain REID Richmond Park 770 177 0:28:07 65.26% fastest parkrun at Richmond since February
David DUGGAN Southall 81 70 0:33:29 49.18% run #475, 14th at Southall, P-Index is 6
Ray HAMPTON Wilmslow 372 164 0:33:44 62.30% run #30, first at Wilmslow, sixth parkrun this year
Petra OTTO Wisbech 2 122 0:42:57 52.70% Wilson Index is still 5. New BA parkrun #754.

parkrun Review 26th August 2023

A bank holiday weekend and a day of spectacularly heavy rain showers for some.  Many members stayed close to home if not running at their home parkrun but the notable exception was Harjit Jhooti (31:55) who visited Renton parkrun in Washington State where Boeing has a heavy presence.

The ladies monopolised the pb achievements this week with Sarah Gordon (35:52) improving on her previous time at Abbey Wood in Leicester by 2:43, Vera Simms (28:51) trimming her best at Bedgebury Pinetum (Kent) by 1:45 while Joan Foxley (38:50) was rewarded by taking on the hills at Amersham Church Mead for a third time with pb by 48 secs.  Her time earns her a fourth place out 21 in her age group there.  Diana Smith (48:21) achieved her best time at Bushy Park this year [Ed: But still outside the top 1,000!].  Elise Lawrenson (24:38, 66.44%) achieved her best age grade score at Nonsuch this year.  Jain Reid (28:07) ran her best time at Richmond so far this year.  Anne Bannister (30:48) ran at Osterley for the 200th time.  Trish McCabe (27:31) established a female club record at Dartford, just inside the M25 and Petra Otto set the overall club records at the new Wisbech parkrun.

Evergreen Ray Hampton (33:44) ran at Wilmslow for the first time.  That makes six runs this year already!  Something of a record.  Joe Nolan (28:31) ran his best time this year at Black Park, matching his time from the 2022 August Bank Holiday weekend.

And the fast boys – Adrian Haines (19:44) took the honours at Ifield Mill Pond ahead of Mike Dennison (20:17) at Hazelwood – they both finished fourth this week.  Ben Chaytow (22:08) got his best time of the year at Crane Park.

Steve Newell

Club Best Non-Tourists...

One beauty of parkrun is that it can be different things to different people. I enjoy using parkrun to visit many different places. But for others their local Saturday morning parkrun may be the one immovable object in their lives.  The term "passionista" has been applied to anyone who has only ever run at one parkrun. The leading passionista is Andrew Wyeth who has run at Basingstoke parkrun 718 times and never anywhere else. Basingstoke parkrun has had 743 events so very rarely without Andrew taking part (and he also has some non-running volunteer efforts to his name). Since the Basingstoke parkrun is a multi-lap course he must know that park quite well by now. Occasionally they do run the event at an alternative venue.

This club contains many members for whom travel is a way of life and most of us are affluent enough to be able to afford to run a car and stay overnight in distant cities.  But some of us do frequently achieve home runs. The following table shows how frequently BA club members have run at the same parkrun. This is for current members who have totalled 250 runs or more (including any before they joined). So for example Ian Haylock has run at Bushy Park 368 times over his total of 377 parkruns. That is 98% of his parkruns. He has visited six other venues including Crane Park three times.

It could be said that Alan's runs at Bushy Park, then Gunnersbury and more recently Osterley, should all count towards a single ratio since each was progressively nearer his house. The result would be about 96%.

I'm at the bottom of this list, as one would expect. If volunteering was included then my most frequented parkrun would be Stockley Country with 26 occurrences, ahead of Northala Fields with 25.

Club Member Total Runs Max Runs Max Venue Ratio Next max runs / venue Venues
Ian Haylock 377 368 Bushy Park 98% Next commonest parkrun - Crane Park, 3 times. 7
Joe Nolan 431 386 Black Park 90% Crane Park 9 23
Murray Hogge 348 309 Reading 89% California Country 12 11
Joan Foxley 268 230 Harrow 86% Rickmansworth 22 10
Ben Chaytow 345 285 Crane Park 83% Bushy Park 24 32
Ian Cunningham 519 412 Bushy Park 79% Nonsuch 14 64
Bob Bannister 473 342 Bedfont Lakes 72% Osterley 44 42
Chris Kelly 571 407 Reading 71% Woodley 35 77
Anne Bannister 293 200 Bedfont Lakes 68% Osterley 36 38
Scott Davison 430 282 Bedfont Lakes 66% Crane Park 90 22
Alan Friar 298 189 Reading 63% Woodley 98 10
Piers Keenleyside 342 209 Gunnersbury 61% Osterley 13 66
Neil Frediani 304 158 Bedfont Lakes 52% Prudhoe Riverside 31 71
David Duggan 475 235 Bedfont Lakes 49% Hanworth 33 130
Benita Scaife 280 132 Maidenhead 47% Wycombe Rye 12 103
Alan Anderson 671 311 Gunnersbury 46% Also 211 at Bushy Park and 120 at Osterley 21
John Scaife 305 133 Maidenhead 44% Wycombe Rye 14 111
Trish McCabe 429 168 Bedfont Lakes 39% Osterley 51 127
Maria Jovani 413 152 Bedfont Lakes 37% Crane Park 77 67
Sarah Gordon 340 121 Braunstone 36% Leicester Victoria 36 142
Steve Newell 477 148 Gunnersbury 31% Richmond Park 28 127
Paul Watt 258 54 Rushmoor 21% Frimley Lodge 25 156
Julie Barclay 310 51 Rushmoor 16% Frimley Lodge 33 159
Roderick Hoffman 468 10 Northala Fields 2% Pymmes 9 359

Of members who have done fewer than 250 runs the following are worthy of mention:

  • David John Bird has run 101 parkruns with 99 of them at Bedfont Lakes. His first non-Bedfont Lakes parkrun was at Root 44 during the WARR 2013 weekend in South Africa. He has also run once at Hazelwood.
  • Steve Waite has only done 43 parkruns but they have all been at Riddlesdown so he meets the passionista definition.

Roderick Hoffman

Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

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