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BA Athletics Club News Digest 28th December 2015


  • Tuesday 29th December - Round Heathrow Airport Xmas Run (12 to 13.5 miles) set-off from Hamondsworth Moor Car Park at 12:00* (see below).
  • Wednesday 30th December - no club run and social this week due to Heston Venue being closed.
  • Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd January - Opportunity to run three parkruns over 28 hours* (see below).
  • Thursday 7th January - Magic Mile, Bath Road from 12:45.*

New members and non-members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated Dec 24th).

Running related gossip and chat: Facebook "BA Runner" (link:

*Club Event Map:

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Green Belt Relay 2016 - participants needed

It's time to decide if we want to enter the Green Belt Relay next year, 21-22 May 2016, so we need to check we can get a team together. For those who haven’t done it before, it’s a challenging event, involving 11 runners, doing 220 miles over two days, in staged races, from 08:30 Saturday morning, through to Saturday evening, and 08:00 to about 18:00 Sunday, staying in a motel Saturday night, and with a BBQ/Awards ceremony Sunday evening. Along the way you run from point to point, around the shires, with legs ranging from 6-13 miles, averaging about 10 miles each per day, with varying distances (and amount of hills) around that. The logistical exercise of ensuring that every runner gets to their start at the right time and is collected from their finish afterwards adds to the event and sense of achievement.

I think it's my favourite event of the year, but I am a bit biased. We are looking for runners, and also there’s a bit of driving to do, and we have to marshal a few points to help it work, which helps get to know the event better.

So let me know if you are interested – either running, or as a reserve, in case you have doubts about your fitness at that point (due to preceding Marathons!), or as a supporting driver, or just for more info. Look forward to hearing from you.

Rgds, Chris Kelly


More information on the event:

Heathrow Airport Loop Run (29th December) - reminder

Course Map:

Round Heathrow course map

The start/finish is shown on the club Google map. The full map is mapped out on Strava: (image above). This version is the most accurate as the Google maps version wouldn't allow me to switch from A30 to Eastern Perimeter Road directly and wouldn't follow paths through the park off Earhart Way.  Google maps version is: 

Course Description: The route loops anti-clockwise around the airport without following the Heathrow perimeter road and without following main roads such as A30 or A4. It  begins in Accommodation Lane (behind the first public car park) adjacent to BA head offices at Waterside, Harmondsworth [the circle/cross on the map above] and proceeds anti-clockwise following trails across moorland and riverside down to Stanwell Moor village and then alongside reservoir and on minor roads to Stanwell village and then across the A30 and on to Bedfont before crossing the A30 again near Hatton Cross and following the A30 and crossing to the Eastern Perimeter Road and right on to Earhart Way. Just after the "toll booth" turn left and follow the River Crane up to the A4, turn left ,cross over the A4 and proceed back over the river and right into and through a small part of Cranford Park onto the ‘back roads’ Sipson Lane etc. etc. and back towards Harmondsworth village. Either continue through the village back to the start (about 12.5 miles) or turn right past the Five Bells through the Church yard to the back of the lake parallel with  the M4 and follow the lake and turn right and quick left along raised walkway, turn right, cross bridge and keep left back to the road, turn left and up to the junction by Waterside and turn right back to the start (about 13.5 miles).

BE READY TO RUN AT 12 on the dot on the Tuesday 29th December. This is not a race just a group of friends going for a training run with a difference.  If possible let me know if you intend to run, my number is 07882 655864 and email is .  Let me know your pace and if necessary we'll have a faster and a slower group.

Neil Frediani

Club parkrun results for Saturday 25th/and 26th December 2015

family and friends (25th) time (25th) parkrun (25th) comment (25th) grade (26th) time (26th) parkrun (26th) comment (26th) grade
Alan Anderson 34:22 Gunnersbury run #390 61%
Simon Ashford 25:34 Black Park only 2015 run at Black Park 55%
Alice Banks 25:44 Maidenhead 73% 26:41 Maidenhead run #45 71%
Julie Barclay 24:46 Frimley Lodge 69% 23:43 Frimley Lodge run #59 72%
Ben Chaytow 21:54 Crane Park 62%
Caroline Cockram 27:37 Exeter Riverside BA park #219 58% 30:57 Longrun Meadow BA park #220 52%
John Coffey 25:01 Bushy Park 73% 25:53 Bushy Park 71%
Jonathan Cox 22:12 Bushy Park 69%
Ian Cunningham 30:08 Bushy Park 50% 24:59 Bushy Park 61%
Janet Cunningham volunteer Bushy Park funnel management
Scott Davison 22:43 Bedfont Lakes 131st run at Bedfont 62%
David Duggan 26:45 Bushy Park 57% 27:48 Bedfont Lakes 55%
Denis Foxley 24:59 Northala Fields 68% 26:34 Harrow run #27 64%
Joan Foxley 33:48 Northala Fields 63% 33:38 Harrow run #20 63%
Neil Frediani 27:11 Bushy Park 58%
Alan Friar 28:41 Reading 62%
Adrian Haines 18:48 Tilgate 3rd / 234 77%
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper
Roderick Hoffman volunteer Northala Fields timekeeper 27:50 Hilly Fields park #135 55%
Piers Keenleyside 45:29 Gunnersbury tailrunner 35%
Chris Kelly 25:37 Reading 58% 21:37 Reading 68%
John Lennon 33:15 Bedfont Lakes 46%
Daniela Mayerova 28:50 Torrens course pb 51%
Joe Nolan 28:45 Maidenhead run #55, 2nd time at Fulham 56% 29:08 Black Park run #248 55%
Natalie Ruffell 25:04 Harlow run #247 59%
Richard Ruffell 21:36 Harlow first time at Harlow, 5th/72, run #99, park #49 71%
Gary Rushmer 20:21 Fulham Palace run #55, 2nd time at Fulham 75%
John Scaife 24:26 Maidenhead parkrun pb 66%
Sreeram Sethuraman 33:15 Oxford first run at Oxford 40%
Janet Smith 35:57 Havant 47%

Several of our members ran on both Christmas day and Boxing Day but with many parks not staging a run on the 25th that meant some runners had to travel away from their home run (and some were just touring anyway).

On 25th, Joe Nolan (28:45) went away to Maidenhead where John Scaife (24:26) was at home and ran his best ever parkrun.  Alice Banks was also at her home run at Maidenhead and ran on both days but faster on 25th than 26th (25:44, 26:41).  Denis and Joan Foxley who only really discovered parkrun when Harrow started last summer travelled just a few miles to Northala Fields where Roderick Hoffman put in a volunteer shift as timekeeper.  Richard (21:36) and Natalie Ruffell (25:04) went to Harlow.  That took Richard on to 99 runs in total and 49 different parks - see below. The best run on Christmas Day was by Gary Rushmer (20:21, 74.86%) at Fulham Palace.

Caroline Cockram was in the West Country for the festive season and ran at Exeter Riverside on Christmas Day (27:37) and at the intriguingly named Longrun Meadow (30:57) in Taunton on Boxing Day.  Both exactly 5000m, well maybe or perhaps just too much Xmas pudding.  Those two parks take the club total up to 220.

On Boxing Day, Adrian Haines made one of his rare but excellent performances at Tilgate where an 18:48 (77.22%) was good enough for 3rd place out of a field of 234.  Still enjoying a bit of summer Daniela Mayerova (28:50) improved her club record at Torrens park in Adelaide.  Sreeram Sethuraman (33:15) who usually runs at Upton Court visited Oxford for the first time, Janet Smith (35:57) was at Havant for a second time. 

Roderick Hoffman (27:50) will tell you he was going to go to Hilly Fields anyway and my suggestion made earlier in the month had nothing to do with it.  He found the mud and the hills in Brian Forrester's home borough of Lewisham quite challenging especially towards the end.  Neil Frediani's club record (27:14) set on New Year's Day 2014 still stands.  Come on everyone, give it a try.  Hilly Fields is actually quite easy to get to.  There are nonstop services from Waterloo East to Ladywell which take only 14 minutes (though you then have to walk up to the summit where the start is!)

Happy New Year.

Updated club parkrun stats: 

Steve Newell

Parkrun Tourism

Richard Ruffell will be executing a double double achievement on New Year's Day. In his own words:

"Run 1 = 50th venue and 100th run including one worldwide run (Root 44 in South Africa)

Run 2 = 50th venue and 100th run excluding worldwide runs

So I am  looking for (and now found) an area where I can do 2 runs on New Year's Day morning, both new venues for me…..all this has been years in the planning to hit these joint milestones on 1st Jan!!"

So - join Richard and congratulate him...if you can work out where he'll be!  I'm thinking that if he is travelling from home then his first run could be any of Peckham Rye, Wanstead Flats or Hatfield Forest (08:30!)...or any number of parkrun further afield.

Roderick Hoffman

New Year's Day parkrun map, colour coded by start time: Google map

Joe's 249th and 250th parkruns

Currently advised to rest but Joe Nolan is hoping to be fit enough on Saturday 2nd to run his 249th parkrun at Black Park which is his team's pacer day for anyone wanting to achieve a record time. That should enable him to do his 250th at the same venue on Saturday 9th. If confirmed next week then anyone in the family who is able to is welcome to change their plans to incorporate Black Park on the 9th and join in the celebration.

Joe, Roderick, Steve

Running Shorts

Update on Dave Barnard's walk up the Heron Tower

Just to report a short walk up the Heron Tower: 37 floors at 24 steps/floor making 888 steps total.  In total there were 98 ascents, but a number of people did several ascents each (!), so less people. The fastest guy took 4’25, but the next fastest was Mark Sims, perhaps our former member?, in 4’30. Being unfit for racing, I took a leisurely 14’11, & once was enough.

The gherkin is 180m tall, so the climb must have been a bit less, judging by the view from the 37th floor.

Dave Barnard at Heron Tower climb 2015

Anyone wishing to sponsor me retrospectively could link to either to support the Chilterns MS Centre, or for Action on Hearing Aid (the old RNID).

Dave Barnard

England Athletics "London Athletics" December Newsletter

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