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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th May 2023

Events Calendar - online here

Events marked "#" are points scoring for the club's participation trophy - for the 2023 title.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

For future weeks: inclusions, with photos, please to Roderick Hoffman at

Results for Next Week

Please help me by sending in your results, for instance by filling in the tables below and forwarding to Some events will have "Prompts" set up in Facebook. These allow the posting of a single image and some text and make it easy to flip through everyone's entries.

Weekly Athletic Achievement (by Sunday evening) or use the Facebook group prompt:

Participant Event Distance Location Day/Start Time or Duration Details or comment, and other achievements
e.g. Running

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>>> Roderick Hoffman

PS I don't know when next week's digest will be issued - it could be Sunday evening, it might be late Tuesday.

Concorde Medals2023 Concorde One Hour on 4th June and Speedbird Ladies on Wednesday 21st June

With one week to go we've got 19 registrations for the Concorde event. If you intend to enter please do so promptly so that we know how much to allocate for the prizes (10% of the pre-entry income).

With a month to go we have 27 registered for the Speedbird Ladies. We need one more BA first claim runner to make up a team in our own event! 

Please do what you can do to promote these club events. 

We will need volunteers on the day, particularly for the Concorde event.

>>> Roderick Hoffman

2023 Track and Field

The T&F matches come thick and fast at this time of year.  Next on the agenda is the second Vets League match of the summer, at the Uxbridge track, on the evening of Monday 5th June.  All standards are welcome.  If you would like to join me there for this event, please let me know as soon as possible.

Events to be featured are:

200m/800m/3000m, Hammer/Shot, Triple Jump/Long Jump and the 4 x 100m

>>> Steve Hillier

Ride London Essex 2023

This legacy of London 2012 has become a traditional part of London’s sporting calendar, having changed its route in recent years from Surrey to Essex.  Eighteen keen BAAC marshals supported London Marathon Events, by managing a box crossing close to Tower Bridge.

Ride London PhotosThe planned finish location of the event changed three times in 24 hours over the weekend, so we started the day not knowing whether we would be marshalling on the course or behind the finish.  As it turned out, we enjoyed the excitement of cheering the 22,500 riders around the final bend to finish on Tower Bridge. 

The day was hot and sunny, although those on the tape were in shade and subject to a wind tunnel between tall buildings.  As well as dealing with enthusiastic (and very occasionally, grumpy) crowd of spectators, we also dealt with stray, non-competitor bicycles, wheelchair photographers and ambulance activity around our pen. 

The long day came to an end at 18:30, when Tower Bridge was opened to allow a large yacht to be towed alongside HMS Belfast.  This meant that the race finish had to be moved yet again, off the bridge and to our pen.  We mingled with the LM events staff handing out the large wooden medals.

Thanks to everyone who helped in making the day successful.

Steve Hillier

The club had at least two cyclists in the event. Details in achievements below.

40th World Airline Road Race Update

Early bird pricing ends on June 1st - so if you know you will be going you should register now and save yourself $10 or so. To register go to: World Airline Road Race . Currently signed up on the BA+ team are:

  • Roderick Hoffman (team captain),
  • John S,
  • Benita S,
  • Ben C,
  • Richard R, [no - not "Ruffle", this is a different Richard R]
  • Paola H,
  • Phil H,
  • Paul W,
  • Julie B

Eligibility for the main prizes is for current and historic airline employees, but there is also a non-airline classification for friends and relatives.

Race day is Sunday with 10k and 5k options (including both). There will be a warm-up 5k at Nosehill parkrun on the Saturday (the Team Captain's Meeting has been moved to 12am to facilitate my the Team Captain's Meeting).

Mail me with any questions. Though I don't know myself yet what routing I'll be using to get to Calgary.

>>> Roderick Hoffman

Recent Activity Achievements

14 members communicated their achievements to me or I found on Facebook. Your achievement not listed? It could be because you didn't submit it.

Colleague Activity Distance Course When Duration Comments
Barry Walters Running 13km Bracknell Sun am 01:13:37 Ran a steady effort over Swinley Forest in the morning doing an out and back with a loop run. Conditions were dry and pleasant. Later completed a one-hour body pump session and a 45-minute group cycling class at my local leisure centre.
Benita Scaife Running 4.5miles Marlow via Bisham Woods 00:55:14 We ran from home to Marlow through Bisham woods. Behind Benita is Marlow suspension bridge, opened in 1832…
John Scaife Running 4.5miles Marlow via Bisham Woods 00:55:14 ...It was designed by William Tierney Clark and is a nearly identical but much smaller prototype of his famous Széchenyi bridge across the Danube in Budapest.
Clara Halket Running 12.46km Local Fri 01:45:28 Early morning slow jogging the most comfortable workout in a long while.
Emma Moreton parkrun 5km Bedfont Lakes Sat am Getting to parkrun with my daughter for her arbitrary 30th and coordinating the pacing team … after a few drinks at Thames Side Brewery on Friday night
Melanie Miller Walking 22.66km Mersea Island Last week 04:34:00 A wonderful walk round the Island done an hour or so after the parkrun…don’t think I’ve ever done 17-18 miles in 1 day..feet certainly felt it as felt like cardboard the next day…lol but thanks to Harjit Jhooti & Mirella for ‘tagging’ along.
Michael Ball parkrun 5km Woking Sat am 00:28:09 It a parkrun for me this week - I don't get to do many due to working Saturday mornings.
Petra Otto parkrun 5km March Sat am with 3x gym, plus one HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session.
Piers Keenleyside  Race Marathon Edinburgh Sun 04:12:58 My 200th Marathon! Was hoping to better my recent London time of 3:45 but thwarted by a groin strain and lack of long training runs over the last 5 weeks.
Roderick Hoffman Running 9.91miles Milton Keynes Wed am Grand Union Canal from Wolverton to Fenny Stratford. I've now run or walked 292 different miles next to UK waterways since 1st July 2022. Look closely in the picture for the cyclists!
Stephen Taylor Cycling 100km Ride London Sun 07:35:00 Ride London 100 in 7hrs 35. A tough ride as I haven't really done enough bike training but still enjoyable. A great finish across Tower Bridge too.
Steve Hillier Running 3.8km Roxbourne Park 00:28:53 Plus (picture) our latest Thames Walk, from Greenwich to the O2, including a circuit of the Dome.  5.1km walked in 1:20 moving time (plus 30 minutes of photography stops).
Steve Newell Walking 1mile Atlantic Ocean (perhaps) On board Fred Olsen " Balmoral": "Mile with a Smile", 4 laps of Deck 6. Not timed. The path was quite narrow in places. No jogging or power walking allowed!
Trish McCabe Cycling 100km Ride London Sun 07:47:00 Ride London-Essex 100 in 7 hrs 47 and fundraising for Prostate Cancer Research, a charity that means a lot to me! So far I have raised Ł1,150 plus Ł231.35 in gift-aid.

Week Achievement photos

Roderick Hoffman

parkrun Results for Saturday 27th May

36 activities are recorded below. Please get in touch if your activity is missing.

Club parkrunner parkrun 27th May Run# Pos Time Age Grade Comment
Sarah GORDON Abbey Park 7 202 0:38:35 54.17% Leicester - New BA parkrun - #730
Emma Moreton Bedfont Lakes 643 136 0:34:54 44.41%
Alastair HESLOP Broadwater 88 Finish Token Support at Broadwater (Guildford canx)
Ian Haylock Bushy Park 932 145 0:21:20 70.23%
Ian CUNNINGHAM Bushy Park 932 287 0:23:44 67.56%
Diana Smith Bushy Park 932 1251 0:52:17 44.79%
Paul TIMMS Cirencester 196 26 0:22:56 69.91%
Mike DENNISON Crane Park 507 9 0:20:48 80.61%
Maria JOVANI Crane Park 507 20 0:22:33 71.84% First lady
Scott DAVISON Crane Park 507 53 0:26:50 55.40%
Ben Kelly Dallas Burston Polo Club 66 19 0:23:22 55.28%
Melanie Miller Delftse Hout 50 47 0:38:42 46.17% Netherlands - New BA parkrun - #729 *
Ben CHAYTOW Finsbury Park 593 304 0:27:16 52.38%
Denis FOXLEY Harrow 349 143 0:30:13 61.67%
Joan FOXLEY Harrow 349 212 0:38:02 62.62%
Fiona Bishop Henlow Bridge Lakes 84 28 0:25:35 78.05% BA best age grade (from Julie)
Alice BANKS Higginson, Marlow 149 150 0:32:06 65.11%
Adrian HAINES Horsham 389 5 0:18:07 85.56% Improves own BA Age Grade record. Just 17seconds outside his best time from 2015.
Benita SCAIFE Maidenhead 357 250 0:34:32 62.40%
John SCAIFE Maidenhead 357 251 0:34:32 50.48%
Petra OTTO March 301 130 0:58:25 38.12% Tail Walker at March
Bob BANNISTER Osterley 425 63 0:24:42 68.56%
Anne Bannister Osterley 425 163 0:29:53 69.94%
Harjit Jhooti Osterley 425 195 0:31:39 56.45%
Alan ANDERSON Osterley 425 292 0:48:41 55.97%
Trish MCCABE Osterley 425 301 0:57:41 27.80% Tail Walker at Osterley
Neil FREDIANI Prudhoe Riverside 260 63 0:30:57 54.71%
Christopher T KELLY Reading 595 116 0:25:24 61.55%
John TAYLOR Rickmansworth 254 80 0:23:08 68.16% 28th run at Rickmansworth
Steve Waite Riddlesdown 573 129 0:33:11 55.30% Fastest since 2020.
David DUGGAN Stockley Country 20 64 0:33:55 48.55% Second run at Stockley - PB by two and a half minutes.
Roderick HOFFMAN Stockley Country 20 Run Director at Stockley Country - and nettle shearer
Barry WALTERS Upton Court 471 71 0:29:05 58.74%
Micheal BALL Woking 368 183 0:28:09 57.49%
Paul WATT Zuiderpark 80 30 0:20:05 78.51% Netherlands - BA fastest male (from Ian Cunningham) *
Julie BARCLAY Zuiderpark 80 65 0:23:17 81.03% Netherlands - BA fastest lady and best age grade (from Harjit) *

Stockley Country parkrun - with shears* Guess who will be doing a Dutch extra parkrun on Monday (plus at least two more of us). Find out in next week's digest.

parkrun Review 27th May 2023

Steve's all at sea again, and I'm in The Netherlands taking part in the extra Whitsun special parkrun. So this review is short, very short.

Paul and Julie ran at Zuiderpark in an event which had the first finisher in 13:36...and it was a lady! This was Cludia Burrough, in a racing wheelchair.

Record attendances were set on the Saturday but then exceeded on the Monday so I'll report on them next week.

Roderick Hoffman

Stockley Country parkrun Gardening

Spring has sprung and we had to use two pairs of shears to make the course safe for overtaking. The extra efforts were appreciated. Perhaps we need to add a role of gardener to the roster? [or perhaps nag the golf course staff to undertake their contracted work]


Full club parkrun database - {read access to club parkrun database} - Download or save a copy, and explore at your leisure.

Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

Roderick Hoffman

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