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BA Athletics Club News Digest 29th August 2016


  • Thursday 1st September - Dream Mile (anniversary event) - Bath Road 12:45*
  • Tuesday 6th September - Round the Park - Waterside/Harmondsworth Moor 12:30 (details below)*
  • Wednesday 14th September - Brian's relay and social (tbc) - Heston Venue from 18:00*

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml (updated 22nd August).

*Club Event Map: [long Google-map hyperlink you would not copy]

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BA Athletics Club BBQ Wednesday 24th August on Harmondsworth Moor - report and results

Runner One Runner Two Total Time Holed Balls Boxed Clubs Net Time Position
Barry Walters Stephanie Owen 20:25 0 3 19:40 1
Neil Frediani Alan Friar 21:07 0 1 20:52 2
Christine Munden Debbie Helsdon 21:28 1 0 21:23 3
Eddie Giles Steve Hilliar 21:46 3 0 21:31 4
Colin Haylock Tony Barnwell 22:06 0 2 21:36 5
Chris Kelly Alan Anderson 22:04 0 0 22:04 6
Denis Foxley Trish McCabe 22:46 0 0 22:46 7
Piers Keenleyside Kathryn Keenleyside 25:30 3 0 25:15 8
Harvey Ryan 24:35 0 1 24:20 dnf

We had a last minute panic when Joe Nolan informed us that he would be unable to attend due to ill health so Neil Frediani and I quickly organised the event itself. This took the form of a BA-thlon relay consisting of team members running alternate laps round the 400m perimeter of the area of Harmondsworth Moor we had sited ourselves in. The first team member had five laps to run, the second four. After each of the first four laps each runner had one attempt to throw a ball or a juggling club into a box about ten meters away. Each successful throw would deduct five seconds off their total time for a ball or fifteen seconds for a club.

Disregarding our attempts to level things up the team consisting of one of our founder members, Barry Walters, and our newest joiner, Stephanie Owen, managed to get round in the shortest time AND get the most deductions for landing objects in the box.  Neil and Alan Friar came second and Christine and Debbie third of the nine teams. Only the one team, Colin and Tony, overtook one other, Chris Kelly and Alan Anderson, due to their greater success throwing.  Next year we'll have to increase the rewards for accurate throwing!

Piers and Kathryn finished well down the order - that is the risk you take when you are the last to arrive!  Harvey and Ryan (guests of Harry Wild) found the full event rather long but appeared to enjoy the evening.

I looked after the throwing event and recorded the results, Steve Taylor did the timings.

The event was followed by the BBQ, excellently sourced and cooked by Clara Halket, and assisted by Julie Peters, Lesley Giles and others.

The end of the BBQ was marked by a brief summer shower followed by a light show over Heathrow as we packed up.  After the event it was impossible to know that we had been there so we remain on good terms with the rangers.

Roderick Hoffman

PS Joe has confirmed that he is recovering from the symptoms that had had him briefly hospitalized last week. He was fit enough by Saturday to fill a volunteer role at Black Park parkrun. 

Club BBQ August 2016The BBQ in full swing.

Round-the-Park Tuesday 6th September Harmondsworth Moor start 12:30

The event starts near the wooden bridge beyond the main car park.  It is a two lap course and is approximately three miles in length, so just a bit shorter than five km. This is a fun event and ALL levels of runners/joggers are welcomed.

2016 round-the-park course

Those not at Waterside wishing to take part will not be able to park in the parkland car parks. You should either use the bus to get to Waterside or consider parking in the eastern side of Moor Lane, assessable only from Harmondsworth village. There is a single yellow line here with parking permitted between 10:30 and 15:30 and spaces are freely available.

The race entry fee is £1 per person with all proceeds going to the White Lodge Charity. You can either enter the race as an individual or as part of a team. Teams are to be made up of 4 mixed runners, including at least one male and one female.

In an attempt to avoid too much of a rush on the day and inform the rangers of expected numbers, please could you let know if you are going to take part. Please provide your details and if you are entering a team the team name and the names of all four team members. We will hand out numbers and collect your entry fees on the day at the start, so please arrive a few minutes early. Entries will still be taken on the day.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Paul Knechtl

Rearranged date for final Track & Field Grand Prix events - to Monday 19th September 2016

We decided to reschedule the final 100m and Hammer events until the 19th September to enable more people to take part.  The events will take place at the Uxbridge Track as usual from 18:00. No experience necessary - not even for the hammer!

Look forward to seeing you there. 

Eddie Giles

Club parkrun results for Saturday 27th August

27th August family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Monica Alonso 28:24 Reading first timer at Reading 58%
Alan Anderson 32:18 Gunnersbury 199th run at Gunnersbury 67%
Simon Ashford 25:10 Chichester run #18, 6th at Chichester 56%
Alice Banks 25:36 Maidenhead cf pb 25:15, run #63 75%
Julie Barclay 21:20 Rushmoor run #80 82%
Tony Barnwell 34:00 Wycombe Rye 50th run at High Wycombe 55%
Ian Cockram 27:00 Bedfont Lakes 54%
Ian Cunningham 30:05 Bushy Park run #254 51%
Janet Cunningham 30:03 Bushy Park run #128, 70th at Bushy Park 59%
Dave Dixon 18:03 Hackney Marshes M-4, run #5 83%
David Duggan 33:26 Bedfont Lakes 46%
Joan Foxley 36:23 Harrow run #41 58%
Neil Frediani 26:13 Bedfont Lakes run #149 61%
Alan Friar 27:18 Reading run #208, 140th at Reading 65%
Eddie Giles 25:11 Northala Fields course pb 68%
Sarah Gordon 35:39 Amager Strand acting tailender, park #68 53%
Alastair Heslop 45:43 Guildford official tailender, run #2 36%
Gareth Hobby 26:48 Reading run #24 52%
Roderick Hoffman 30:10 South Oxhey run #220, 2nd at South Oxhey (pw) 51%
Kevin Holland 31:13 Woking run #59, 31st at Woking 55%
Andrew Jordan 21:19 Bushy Park run #117, 106th at Bushy 69%
Chris Kelly 24:05 Reading run #300 62%
Kerstin Luksch 22:44 Gunnersbury run #194 66%
Oliver Mathai 24:33 Gunnersbury run #39 66%
Trish McCabe 26:48 Bedfont Lakes Bedfont pb 57%
Natalie Ruffell 21:38 Tring F-2, course pb, run #48 68%
Richard Ruffell 24:24 Tring run #107, 7th at Tring 63%
Benita Scaife 31:13 Maidenhead run #45 64%
John Scaife 31:14 Maidenhead run #54 54%
Sreeram Sethuraman 38:21 Upton Court pacing daughter to pb 35%
Robbie Stewart 22:34 Tilgate run #4 63%
Barry Walters 21:05 Reading run #45 76%
Paul Watt 21:02 Rushmoor Run #24 71%
Caroline Cockram volunteer Bedfont Lakes Run Director
Joe Nolan volunteer Black Park Other

The standout performance this weekend was by Dave Dixon (18:03, 83.01%) over the fast and flat course at Hackney Marshes.  He was fourth over the line, missing 3rd spot to a student 30 years his junior by a whisker. Paul Knechtl still holds the club's best time of the year with 17:59 at Bushy last month - though an inferior Age Grade at "only" 78.87%.

Chris Kelly (24:05) celebrated his 300th parkrun at his home course at Reading.  Only 53 weeks on from his 250th run last year when he was held back by a slow hound, this time he was well beaten by the evergreen Barry Walters (21:05).  Alan Friar (27:18) running at Reading for the 140th time and Monica Alonso (28:24) making her debut there joined the party.

The well trailed appearance of Alastair Heslop (45:43) as trail runner at Guildford passed off gracefully. He had two first-timers to shepherd round the course.  Running ten minutes quicker, Sarah Gordon (35:39) was in Copenhagen and was last to finish.  Life's like that sometimes.  She has now visited 68 different parkruns.

The Ruffells travelled to Tring where the course was reversed to celebrate the 100th edition of the parkrun there.  Natalie (21:38) set a course pb and seemed to enjoy it more than Richard (24:24).  Natalie's time (21:38) at Tring places her 2nd out of 124 in her age group (SW25-29).  No word from the cows {Ed: The cows were probably catching up on sleep having been kept up all night by one of the locals running the course nineteen times (anti-clockwise) before joining the full field for the formal event (clockwise).  The start was held back for five minutes to enable him to complete his nineteenth lap.  In total then he ran a 100k ultra-run through the night on a very hilly course}.

Eddie Giles (25:11) set a course pb at Northala Fields, likewise Trish McCabe (26:48) at Bedfont Lakes. 

Tony Barnwell (34:00) reached a landmark 50 runs at Wycombe Rye.  Will he celebrate by buying an personalised apricot T-shirt? 

Steve Newell (

Updated parkrun stats:

Steve Newell


Not quite a record turnout in the UK on Saturday though there were local records at about 32 parkruns including Tring and Bedfont Lakes.  Several GB Olympians made appearances at parkruns including Maidenhead and Rushmoor (see below).

parkrun Tourism

parkrun Sweden kicked off last Saturday at Haga parkrun with 91 runners (15 with no barcode, 51 first parkrun, 25 established parkrunners).

parkrun Canada had its second outing at Okanagan with 75 runners following 96 at the inaugural. 33 ran both weeks. Calgary parkrun starts this Saturday.

A third parkrun has just been announced for Italy - Milano Nord (translation - Milan North) starting 24th September.  This looks like an easier one for UK runners to pop over for.

There is an assumption by some that parkrun tourists don't contribute as much to parkruns as do local regulars.  I'm not sure that that is the case (though I do know that there are some tourists who plan their visits around opportunities for extra cake) but as a counter the parkrun tourists are proposing providing all of the volunteer roles for the following three parkruns and dates (this has been agreed with the event directors):

  • Rosliston parkrun 12th November
  • Southwark parkrun 12th November
  • Queen Elizabeth parkrun 19th November. Steve Newell and I will be volunteering at this one.

Anyone else with twenty or more parkrun venues to their name is welcome to volunteer for any of these - contact me for more details.

Roderick Hoffman

The Rowley Report - Rushmoor parkrun Sat. 27th Aug and Runneymede 5 Miler 25th Aug.

A very pleasant and different parkrun atmosphere that definitely made it more enjoyable to the 299 running. Being “Team GB” week-end local Olympian Steph Twirl straight from Rio came along to  jog/run alongside her many friends    Steph did not register so no time was given - she ran about 20.00 so a good minute ahead of Julie Barclay/Paul Watt.  After the run the Bar-Code queue then formed  to have their photo’s taken with Steph that she willingly and patiently obliged.  Not having my camera handy Julie queued up with this weeks AW that had a picture of Steph inside  who signed/wrote a personal note to Julie. It was carefully written, not just scribbled.

The run - Julie/Paul ran first 2k together, then Paul eased slightly ahead 20m for the remaining 3k to finished 36th in 21.02 just 9 seconds outside his best.  Over the final 400m Julie attempting a sprint finish to stay close although not narrowing the distance kept her pace to finish 38th in 21.20 (17 sec. outside her PB).  Steph’s autograph made Julie forget her lost seconds.

Also on Thursday 25th both Paul/Julie ran the Runnymede 5mile at Savill Gnds.  The evening very humid. Being a handicap event Paul went away 5 min’s before Julie caught him at 4 miles and although trying to pass Paul was not having that and stayed 2/3 metres behind, then a mad fun/dash from Paul to both finish dead heat.  Julie ran 37.17, Paul 39.58, both slower than the previous month.

Next stop - WARR, Paul running the 5k, Julie the 10k (and also Tom and his Chicago based daughter running the 5k)

Tom Rowley

Running Shorts

Where are they now - revisiting retired runners

Richard Ruffell in RetirementRetired runner Richard Ruffell resting reclined.

[alternative caption - "Please will you play ball with me?"]

{perhaps to preempt what I might say about this photograph, Richard ran at Tring parkrun on Saturday - so clearly his retirement is from BA not from running}

Triathlon Hazards - No 147 - Low Flying Deer

Low flying deer at Dublin Trathlon

[in Phoenix Park during Sunday's Dublin Triathlon.  The competitor, Shane O'Reilly, finished the event though his helmet was cracked. The deer was unhurt but disqualified for drafting.  Photograph Erik Scraggs]

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