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Grand Prix - Hammered again

Hi Everyone,

We are doomed with the Hammer event so far this season.
5 of us were at the track for the event but 3 things
sort of stopped us from throwing Hammers.
1 Ė heavy rain made it a slip hazard.
2-  the cage netting was down.
3  - Hillingdon schools district sports had just finished
       but were doing the presentations for all the winners.
So we decided to have a training session instead,
 at the furthest side of the track away from all the excitement.
Next Monday 9th July at Uxbridge 6pm we should be on to our 5th Grand Prix
of the season doing 400m & Long Jump . Maybe if there is decent weather and
the netting is up with no other event going on, we maybe be able to fit the
Hammer event in as well.
If for any reason we canít throw the Hammer next week we will have
That event at the end of the Club Champs on Sunday 23rd September at Eton.
Hope to see you there.

Eddie Giles.



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