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10k and 5k WARR World Airline Road Race 14th October 2012

A reminder that the 31st World Airline Road Race will be held in Qingdao, China in October so after the Olympics and Paralympics are out of the way and we all need a holiday. Qingdao is a coastal resort but we won’t totally escape the memory of the Olympics since the location was used for the 2008 Olympics yachting events. The likely schedule of events:

  • Travel out on BA via Beijing or Shanghai – early if you want to visit the sights before joining WARR,
  • Internal flight to Qingdao using event discounts on one or more Chinese airlines,
  • Thursday 11th October – Meet & Greet party in the wine district,
  • Friday 12th October – sightseeing,
  • Saturday 13th October – Registration and T-Shirt Swap party. Location to be announced,
  • Sunday 14th October – 10k race, 5k race followed in the evening with the awards dinner party,
  • Internal flight back to Beijing or Shanghai and hence back to the UK with optional sight-seeing opportunities. If you haven’t been to China before then this is likely to be a great opportunity for you to do so. If you came with us to Hangzhou in 2009 then this event promises to be better!

The event registration website is at  . Please also advise Barry Walters ( ) and myself myself ) of your plans or thoughts – we will be coordinating the BA party and will have ideas on travel arrangements and side trips to exchange.

PS Following a prompt I asked the WARR Chairman what the policy would be this year for youngsters. This is his reply “China has no age restriction for kids running as long at the waiver is acknowledged. We don't have any kid programs on the schedule. Once we get closer if the budget allows we may be able to add something for the kids.” regards,


Roderick Hoffman

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