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ASCA 2012 CC-running (April 2012) & Superteam (Sept 2012)

Hi All

We now have dates for the ASCA Cross Country to be held in Vienna.  Would
like to know if anyone is interested in making up a team to go for the
Cross Country event first.  I think it would be great to get a team or two
together for this.  The dates are 27-29 April 2012.  Please can you let
either Barry, Paul and me know if you are interested in going, as soon as
possible.  I am interested providing my foot allows me to run - pf
returns! :(

The other event in the diary is the Superteam, also to be held in Vienna.
The dates for this event 21-23 September 2012, so plenty of time for people
to plan their holidays to Vienna!

On the Club Iberia - BA Clubs event, I will chase up Paco about a local
race. So far we have 7 people who've put their names forward as interested
participants.  I hope to be able to provide an update on this event before
the end of this month!

Thank you.




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