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New Website

Club Members,
In our discussions earlier this year it was clear that a significant proportion of you wanted an up-to-date website for the club containing the information you wanted to reference and available to attract new members.
The website has now been built for that purpose.  Remember the name to pass it on – “be a runner org’anisation uk”.  This email is the unofficial launch of that website.  It will be officially launched in the New Year once it is more complete.
The website already contains up-to-date “News”, “Results” and “Diary” sections.  Please note that the procedure for submitting news, results and diary suggestions to the Club remain as before with emails to the relevant club members – there are “Tell Us” buttons on the website to initiate emails for these purposes.  Paul Brandon and others know to copy me in on updates for the website.
There are many other pages on the website for other useful information.  However many of these are blank.  This is your club and the website is to promote your club so I would like you to provide the content to fill the yellow spaces on these pages.  If your content is of the type that only needs to be updated once or twice a year then just write it and send it to me as a formatted Microsoft Word or Excel document (or other format).  If the content ought to be updated more frequently than twice a year then contact me first since we need to devise a way of keeping it up-to-date without creating too much ongoing work.  There are currently pages for the following awaiting your input or review:
·         Hone Page {initial content from me}
·         Club Membership {initial content from me}
·         Club Kit {???}
·         Club History {???}
·         Club Committee {Current committee listed}
·         Club Supported Charities {???}
·         News {latest news items as circulated by Paul Brandon}
·         Round-the-Block {???}
·         Records {populated from Nick Edge}
·         Trophies {???}
·         Event Diary {Club Diary as maintained by Neil Frediani}
·         The Concorde 10k/5 Mile {???}
·         BAAC Ladies Race {???}
·         BA Fun Run {???}
·         London Marathon {???}
·         Links {some links listed – lots of space for more}
·         Locations {???}
·         BA Clubs {???}
·         WARR {initial content from me}
·         Photos {???}
Then what about Track&Field? Orienteering? Cross-Country? Park Runs? Relays? If you think that it would be good to have a page on a topic that I haven’t put in the menus then make the suggestion – if I agree that it will enhance the site then I’ll adapt the menus to fit it in.
Website feedback welcome to any of my addresses or to .
good running,
Roderick Hoffman




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