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23rd May 2012 May CIE Results


May's CIE was run on a very warm evening, the first hot night for a while, and the heat made it tough going for everyone as we all struggled to acclimatise following the cold April and May. So with the sun shinning 9 runners assembled for the Ruffell Runaround. This year the event involved teams of 3 having to complete 3 courses, a 4.4 mile loop, a 5.4 mile loop and a 6.4 mile loop. The idea being that if one of the team finished their assigned leg and felt like helping out a team mate who was still running, they could run the that leg in reverse, meet their team mate and take over the leg from that point, turning round and retracing their steps to complete the leg, hopefully faster than their team mate, (otherwise their team mate should have just carried on!).

This unfolded seeing Simon complete the 6.4 leg for his team, then setting off round the Concorde Centre field to meet Rod coming the other way as he was completing the 5.5 mile loop and taking the token from Rod and heading back at speed to finish the 5.4 mile leg for the team. We also saw Gary some what reluctantly (encouraged by Richard) complete the 6.4 mile leg for his team then head off in the same direction as Simon to meet Steve Hillier coming the other way. Gary was a bit tired from his run so set off at a steady pace looking in the distance for Steve coming the other way. They eventually met up on the far side of the field at which point Gary turned round and headed back to the finish leaving Steve to jog back at his own pace, by the end I am not sure who was more tired, Gary or Steve. In the other team Alan Friar had completed his 5.4 mile leg so was able to jog back and met Richard as he was heading towards the finish of the 6.4 leg, taking over for the final 30 metres. The result was then simply the overall time for the team to complete each of the 3 legs. The results are below.

Many thanks to the usual helpers, Brain and Paul who were on hand to take the times and make sure all the legs were competed correctly.




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