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Heart Throb Hash 2012 (Pokerchase)

There was an encouraging turnout of 12 runners and almost as many helpers for the annual Heart Throb Hash which again featured a "Pokerchase" with runners collecting and then swapping a hand of five playing cards over the course of an hour in an attempt to put together a winning combination. Everyone covered at least four and a half miles and some considerably more in the time allowed.

It was a fairly mild evening for February with little breeze and much more pleasant for the volunteer officials than the freezing conditions in 2011.

Brian Forrester, Paddy O'Shea, Ann Coffey, Alastair Heslop, Kat Stather, Harry Wild, Neal Frediani, John Coffey, Nick Edge and Paul Brandon were all involved in dealing or timekeeping.

Richard Ruffell (full House) was the winner, ahead of Alan Friar (Flush) and Gary Rushmer (Straight). Other taking part who returned with inferior hands were (in time order rather than value of cards): Steve Newell, Denis Foxley, Piers Keenleyside, Graham Taylor, Chris Kelly, Trevor Plows, Barry Walters, Roderick Hoffman and Steve Hillier. On what was Ash Wednesday, Brian Forrester generously awarded those in podium positions with boxes of chocolates and everyone else received a chocolate snack of an early mini easter egg. A gesture much appreciated by all recipients.

The runners, helpers and senior members then enjoyed some "bangers, mash and baked beans" in the clubhouse followed by a slice of John Coffey's 70th birthday cake.


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