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BA Cross Country Championships Results

On a glorious Sunday spring morning 21 competitors lined up for the BA X-Country champs. There were 4 guest runners from Milocarians and 6 ladies taking part. In the mens event it was a one, two finish for the Milo's with Gary Rushmer 3rd overall (BA mens champion). He was followed in by Mark Taylor another Milo runner and John Taylor. The ladies champion was Deby Helsdon followed by Clara Halkett. The juniors event was won by Abigail Taylor from her friend Jessica. Thanks to Tom Rowley for marking out the course so well and to Brian, Ann, Paul, Harry and John for timekeeping and marshalling. Results:

1  S Smith      Milo      29-23
2  N Harrison   Milo      29-25
3  G Rushmer    BA        30-46
4  M Taylor     BA        31-22
5  H  Lamb      Milo      31-32
6  J Taylor     BA        31-37
7  M Masson     Milo      31-59
8  B Walters    BA        33-40
9  D Foxley     BA        36-35
10 G Taylor     BA        38-20
11 S Taylor     BA        39-11
12 T Plows      BA        39-26
13 J Coffey     BA        42-09
14 P Goldsmith  BA        47-02
15 S Hillier    BA        48-16

1  D Helsdon    BA        25-27
2  C Halkett    BA        29-30
3  H Smith      BA        32-37
4  M Woodhouse  BA        32-37

1  A Taylor               14-30
2  Jessica                15-18

Barry Walters

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