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Speedbird Ladies 5km Race 2022 - Results

The 2022 race was held on Wednesday 3rd August on a new course at the traditional location on Harmondsworth Moor.

Race Results

Place First name Last name Team name Category Time Award
1 Veronika Gill Datchet Dashers F 35 20:56.7 First finisher
2 Yvette Burton Ealing Eagles (A) F 35 21:16.7 Second finisher
3 Lucy Summers Shepperton Running Group (A) F Senior 22:02.0 Team 1st
4 Louise Stondzik Shepperton Running Group (A) F 35 22:39.7 Team 1st
5 Chris Buckle Shepperton Running Group (A) F 35 24:08.1 Team 1st
6 Georgina Scutt Crawley Run Crew F 45 25:00.6 First V45
7 Julie Barclay British Airways AC (A) F 55 25:16.2 First V55
8 Charlotte Bernath Shepperton Running Group (B) F Senior 25:46.5
9 Carol Jones Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC F 65 26:09.5
10 Gillian Richards Datchet Dashers F 45 26:14.5
11 Melanie Holman British Airways AC (A) F 45 26:53.9
12 Shantel Redfern Shepperton Running Group (B) F 35 29:37.2
13 Amanda Coombs British Airways AC (A) F 55 29:38.6
14 Sarah Kavanagh F 45 29:55.2
15 Angie Hannigan Datchet Dashers F 55 30:35.1
16 Ann McCormack Ealing Eagles (A) F 55 30:35.2
17 Tracy Woodland Shepperton Running Group (B) F 55 30:38.8
18 Lucy Cullen Shepperton Running Group F Senior 31:04.3
19 Nina Walsh F 45 31:53.7
20 Alison Joyce Shepperton Running Group F 55 32:03.3
21 Clara Halket British Airways AC (B) F 55 32:17.2
22 Wanda Dawson Ealing Eagles (A) F 55 32:32.6
23 Benita Scaife British Airways AC (B) F 65 33:07.2
24 Annette Sissons Hayes and Harlingon Road Runners F 55 33:32.0
25 Joanna Wells F 55 34:03.8
26 Charlotte Turton F Junior 34:57.4
27 Monique Anderson F 35 35:02.2
28 Hayley Turton F Senior 35:04.0
29 Joan Foxley British Airways AC (B) F 65 38:16.9
30 Teresa Connolly Ealing Eagles F 55 38:39.1
31 Nicola Thomas F 45 46:24.3

31 finishers, plus the tail walker.

Team Competition

The first three finishers from each club were recorded as that club's "A" team, the next three as the "B" team. Team results were determined by the combined time of the three finishers.

Position Team name Total Time
1 Shepperton Running Group A 01:08:50
2 Datchet Dashers 01:17:47
3 British Airways AC A 01:21:49
4 Ealing Eagles A 01:24:25
5 Shepperton Running Group B 01:26:02
6 British Airways AC B 01:43:41

Charity Donation

White Lodge LogoWith a minimum donation of 1 per registered runner, an amount of 37 was donated to the White Lodge Centre.

BAAC has been supporting the White Lodge Centre charity for over thirty years.

"White Lodge provides services that enable those with a range of disabilities, their families and carers to lead fulfilling lives.

 Our vision is 'a world which is inclusive to all, regardless of ability'

We currently support over 2,500 individuals across Surrey and beyond through a diverse range of services for all ages and abilities."

See: White Lodge Centre.

Course Used

This was the map of the course used.

Speedbird Ladies Course Map

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The 2020 Speedbird Ladies Race had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus outbreak and regulations in force over the spring and summer.


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