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BA Athletics Club News Digest 2nd May 2013 - Marathon Extra

This News Digest

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This is a Marathon extra edition of the weekly digest.  Not everyone runs the marathon at the same pace and similarly not everyone writes at the same pace.  Distributing this extra today will also help next week's digest be shorter than marathon length.

A quick plug for what should be a great evening on Saturday:

Saturday May 4th from 7pm to 11pm there is a Charity Dance at the Concorde Centre (Pavilion Bar) with club DJ Eddie Giles showing us that he can do more than just run, throw and jump. It's only £5 and 100% of that will go to charity so please give "Celebrity X Brother on Ice" a miss and join us for a twist.

London Marathon 2013

London Marathon thanks to all Marshals from the VLM team:

Thank You from all of the VLM team for all your hard work last Sunday. It goes without saying that we couldn’t have put on such a great event without the amazing volunteer workforce.

We really appreciate all the hard work put in by team leaders to organise teams in the lead up to the day and also all the volunteers out on the course ensuring the runners and spectators have a great time!


full Newsletter on website

BAAC Expertise

A demonstration of the club's reputation at running big race crossing points came this week with an approach from someone managing a sector of the Bristol 10k asking for information to help them run a pedestrian crossing point.

Mark Turner Says

A short note to say a huge thank you for all the emails and my place through the club . I had a fantastic day never before experiencing such support all around the route . I was disappointed with my time, having groin ache from mile 17, but this has not deterred me from entering next year !!

Kind regards

Mark Turner

And it's not just London...

Natalie Ruffell, one of our "guest" BAAC members, ran her first marathon last weekend, the Manchester Marathon. Told by dad/coach not to go off too fast, told by mentor Graham Taylor pacing is crucial and not to give in to temptation to walk late on, she followed all the advice and completed on schedule with a time of 3hrs 30mins 36 secs. She hardly moved from a solid 8min/mile pace from start to end, hitting 10k in just over 48 mins, 10 miles in 80 mins, 13.1 miles in 1.44, 20 miles in 160mins and the last 10k in 50 mins. She has also raised over £1000 for a favourite charity called Raise The Roof Kenya.

Richard Ruffell

{so, I wonder what time she would have done had she totally ignored Richard and Graham's advice and gone off like a steam train like so many of us did in our youth? 4hrs? or 3:15? ED}

Piers Keenleyside

Having rounded off my training the previous weekend with a parkrun PB of 20:46 (better by 29 seconds) and a good run in the Thames Towpath 10 (in 73:57) I was all set for the big day.

I had a bit of a shock, when at the Excel Centre for registration, I saw a picture of myself from last year in a leopard-print mankini on the big screen behind the stage where they were giving various marathon talks! Not a very pretty sight! Still, worse was to come – this year I ran in a white mankini!

On Sunday morning after using the changing tent to get my limited amount of kit on and then covering up with an old fleece I made my way to the ‘Red’ start in pen #3. There I met up with another Ealing Eagle, Martin, and despite my lack of kit he suggested we run together for the first few miles.

Pen #3 was not too big or crowded so we managed to get near the front before the start which meant that when the gun did go we were over the start line in little over a minute. I said to Martin that my plan was to run 1:40 for the first half and just under 1:50 for the second giving me the sub 3:30 I wanted. He thought 1:40 might be too fast – but I know I always slow and have never run even splits.

Off we went at just after 10:00am and I think we got a bit carried away with the occasion as we ran some of the early miles in sub 7:30. As usual my lack of attire attracted quite a bit of attention which as the race progressed really helped boost my performance and stopped me slowing too much.

Around mile 4/5 I met up with a welsh guy running in a green mankini and sporting a suspicious looking orange/brown tan – he had it sprayed on the day before. However I must admit it did make him look much better than the pale and pasty me! We ran together for a mile or so until I saw sense and dropped back – he was chasing a sub 3:15 time. Around this time Martin came a cropper after smashing his foot into the kerb of a traffic island whilst checking his pace and splits against times printed on a wrist-band - ouch! He ended up falling over and had a very badly bruised big toe – he got going again but then dropped back after a few miles and did not have a great run. As well as the bruised toe I suspect it was also because he had run the Vienna Marathon a week earlier in blazing sunshine.

I’ve lost track of exactly where but at some point in the first few miles we overtook Graham Taylor and then a few miles later he went past me. Much later in the race I must have overtaken Graham again as I finished about 4 minutes ahead.

At one of the many water stations an over-excited young lady decided I needed cooling down and squirted a bottle of water over me! Initially I was worried that it might make the material of my cheap white costume see-through! Luckily for everyone this did not happen!

A little after crossing Tower Bridge I reached the half-way point and my marathon splits showed I got there in 1:40:01 – one second behind schedule having averaged around 7:30 a mile. But I was beginning to slow and by 16 miles I started doing some 8+ minute miles. Around the back of Canary Wharf I was on the look out for my daughter so naturally wanted to impress and managed to up my pace for mile 19 to 7:21 but it did not last and I was back above 8 minutes and beginning to struggle and thought that a sub 3:30 might slip away.

However I had a great boost at mile 23 when I came across the Ealing Eagles cheering squad of over 100 people screaming encouragement. There was even an eagle mascot that had been bought on e-Bay and shipped from the USA. (see video below). I ran mile 24 in 7:28! and managed to keep a just sub-8 pace to the end with more encouragement being found from the BA marshals at the various crossing points over the last couple of miles.

I sprinted down the Mall and finished in 3:26:18 well within my target time. The VLM stats show that in the last 7k I managed to pass 512 other runners whilst only 23 got ahead of me – this makes a change from other years when I think the stats would have shown the opposite! Whilst I can not actually run even splits I have at last learnt that it is the best strategy. In the past I would often run a half-marathon PB of sub-1:30 and then hobble across the line 2 hours later having slowed to 11 or 12 minute miles! Looking back at my previous times this was my fastest marathon since the NYCM in 2006 and best time in nearly 15 years. I am quite pleased with that!

Just after finishing I was ushered over to meet Sir Richard Branson where I had my picture taken and then a couple of days later a friend found it somewhere on the internet. One for the family album!

Thanks to all the marshals especially those at Parliament Square where my wife, Kathryn and a couple of her friends were on duty on my behalf. They were there until about 6:00pm so had a very long day.

My application to run in next year’s marathon has been duly submitted along with 150,000 others. There was so much demand that they stopped taking applications at midday on the day they opened. I know there will be some disappointed runners around as the Good For Age times have been adjusted making it more difficult for some but easier for others. I need a 3:20 rather than a 3:15. They have also changed the name – next year it will be the VMLM – Virgin Money London Marathon.


Club London Marathon Results

Place overall Place gender Place category Name Club Runner no Category HALF  
Finish time
1168 1124 163 » KELLY, CHRISTOPHER T. (GBR) BRITISH ... 29882 45-49 01:28:49 02:58:48
4070 3601 67 » KEENLEYSIDE, PIERS (GBR) BRITISH ... 53936 55-59 01:40:01  
4717 4092 297 » TAYLOR, GRAHAM C (GBR) BRITISH ... 53935 50-54 01:41:34
5122 4383 323 » Cunningham, Ian (GBR) British ... 13817 50-54 01:44:34 03:32:47
6267 5217 394 » RUSHMER, GARY (GBR) BRITISH ... 53940 50-54 01:37:02 03:39:34
7672 6239 471 » COX, JONATHAN R (GBR) BRITISH ... 53931 50-54 01:43:13  
10057 2066 1225 » PRITCHARD, LISSA (GBR) BRITISH ... 28852 18-39 01:50:07  
10630 8417 1251 » Glover, James S (GBR) British ... 20725 45-49 01:58:51 03:58:50
11884 9300 715 » TAYLOR, STEPHEN K (GBR) BRITISH ... 53932 50-54 01:58:05 04:04:24
12214 9551 739 » SINGH, JAGJIT J (GBR) BRITISH ... 53946 50-54 01:59:56  
14451 3330 1930 » LUKSCH, KERSTIN (GBR) BRITISH ... 53941 18-39 02:01:01  
15888 3807 741 » LATTER, LIZ (GBR) BRITISH ... 53934 40-44 02:04:37 04:22:38
16109 12235 358 » NOLAN, JOE (GBR) BRITISH ... 53944 55-59 01:57:51 04:23:28
16191 12294 2285 » DAVISON, SCOTT H (GBR) BRITISH ... 53927 40-44 01:54:05  
19568 14384 440 » O'HAGAN, MICHAEL L (GBR)   53929 55-59 02:02:58  
19696 5230 150 » COVER, SUSAN I (GBR) BRITISH ... 53943 55-59 02:15:30 04:38:26
25502 17870 1391 » TURNER, MARK E (GBR)   53939 50-54 02:13:53 05:06:13
29429 19946 10984 » TITCHMARSH, BEN (GBR) BRITISH ... 53938 18-39 02:12:26  
31013 20707 750 » MODAHER, JASVIR S (GBR) BRITISH ... 53945 55-59 02:28:39  
32877 21493 1688 » Thorn, Mike (GBR) British ... 20584 50-54 03:03:59 06:27:33

And finally...

Inline image 1

With apologies but Lisa Stokdyk of American Airlines sent me this last week and I couldn't resist putting it in.

Please note that the caption competition for the picture of Piers and Branson is still open - and I'm sure you appreciate me not repeating the picture! 

Caption Competition

PS from Piers "you will all be glad to know that after seeing some gross pictures of myself this year in the mankini I will NEVER be running in one again! I am far too old and saggy!"

Another video from Ealing Eagles – Marathon Day…. {Piers at 2minutes in}

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