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BA Athletics Club News Digest 19th December 2016


  • Wednesday 21st December - Parkway Mile followed by the Club's 35th Anniversary Event* (see below)
  • Thursday 29th December - Round Heathrow Airport Xmas Run from 12:00*
  • Saturday 14th January - Surrey League Cross Country - Ladies at Ham, Men at Cranford Park - BAAC hosting so volunteers needed

New members and potential members of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome at all of these events.  The full diary of club featured events is on the club website at: Diary.shtml.

*Club Event Map: [Clickable link to Google Maps]

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Winter Solstice Parkway Mile Relay 2016 followed by Club's 35th Anniversary event - 21st December

Reminder - could all runners who haven't done so please send their best mile time estimates to Steve Newell ASAP (e.g. now). Steve Newell (

The Mile will be followed by the club's 35th Anniversary event.

We've now got over 60 members and former members signed up for this but more are welcome - but please do let us know to expect you in case we'll need to phone out for extra pizza. 

  • Please bring any memorabilia that represents any aspect of the clubs' past thirty five years.
  • And don't forget that to participate in the Secret Santa you need to bring a wrapped family-friendly present of value £5 to contribute to the sack.
  • Food including mince pies will be provided.
  • The bar will be open as usual.  BA Clubs members - don't forget your discount card.  All others are welcome but may not get the discount.

Please notify us that you intend to make it to our anniversary event - by email, Facebook, pipe tapping etc.

Roderick Hoffman

10K Trophy Nominations required

The club has a long tradition of 10k running and this includes having a 10k trophy awarded each year to the club member who is considered to have had the greatest achievement over the year.  This might be a position or time result in a key race, a lifetime PB or the number of 10k runs over the year.  Since the club doesn't focus so heavily on such runs these days we can loose track who has done what - so how did you do in 2016? If you would like to nominate yourself, or a running colleague, then please send Steve the details.

Steve Hillier (

Club parkrun results for Saturday 17th December

17th December family & friends time parkrun commentary grade
Scott Davison 23:16 Bedfont Lakes run #190 61%
Chris Evans 26:09 Bedfont Lakes run #150 57%
Trish McCabe 26:14 Bedfont Lakes course pb 58%
Caroline Cockram 27:50 Bedfont Lakes run #250 58%
Ian Cockram 27:51 Bedfont Lakes run #371 53%
John Lennon 28:01 Bedfont Lakes run #232 55%
Neil Frediani 29:39 Bedfont Lakes run #159 54%
David Duggan 31:34 Bedfont Lakes plus photos and run reporter 49%
Lee Jenkins 24:36 Bracknell run #11, all at Bracknell 57%
Andrew Jordan 21:18 Bushy Park run #122 70%
Ian Cunningham 26:21 Bushy Park run #267 58%
Jonathan Cox 24:18 Crane Park run #293, 10th at Crane 63%
Monica Alonso 28:26 Guildford run #72 58%
Helen Smith 32:03 Guildford run #31 60%
Kerstin Luksch 21:04 Gunnersbury 71%
Alan Anderson 31:38 Gunnersbury run #436 68%
Steve Newell 42:05 Gunnersbury 98th run at Gunnersbury 43%
Denis Foxley 26:05 Harrow run #56 66%
Alice Banks 26:12 Maidenhead run #71 73%
Benita Scaife 30:18 Maidenhead run #56 64%
John Scaife 30:19 Maidenhead run #66 54%
Steve Taylor 24:46 Northala Fields run #54, 27th at Northala 61%
Barry Walters 20:32 Osterley Park age cat rec 79%
Emily Warbtn-Brown 25:13 Peckham Rye run #223, 20th at Peckham 59%
Chris Kelly 20:57 Reading 250th run at Reading 71%
Alan Friar 28:04 Reading run #221, 151st at Reading 64%
Sarah Gordon 36:24 Rugby 1st run at Rugby, Bapark #307 52%
Steve Dodsworth 23:56 Sunderland run #96 63%
Linda Dodsworth 28:16 Sunderland run #91 56%
Ben Chaytow volunteer Crane Park run director, results processor
Alastair Heslop volunteer Guildford timekeeper

Barry Walters (20:32, 78.81%) was our fastest runner this week and he made his first visit to Osterley Park, the nearest parkrun venue to the old Concorde Club.  Osterley Park has been one of our favourite places to run to on summer evenings over the years.  Barry set a new age group (MV60-64) record.  The club record is still held by Chris Kelly (20.03, 72.4%).

After almost eight and half years, and after sacrificing many Saturdays to volunteering, Caroline Cockram (27:50) crossed the finish line for the 250th time to earn her place in the "250" club and the right to wear the green T-shirt.  There were several members including her husband Ian at Bedfont Lakes there to help her celebrate.  Trish McCabe (26:14) made it a day for the girls achieving a course pb on her 127th run at Bedfont.

Caroline 250 cake[photo David Duggan (probably)]

Chris Kelly (20:57) ran his 250th parkrun just at Reading where the course is vulnerable to flooding.  His grand total of 315 runs includes 30 at nearby Woodley.

On the pioneering tourist front Sarah Gordon (36:24) visited Rugby which only started earlier this month.  Her score has moved on to 74 parks and the club total has edged up to 307.

Tom Rowley has grown attached to watching parkruns at Homewood (Chertsey) in recent weeks and reported that the parkrun there which only started in October is about to move to nearby Ottershaw at the start of 2017.  Homewood has been a pleasant run and anyone not wishing to miss out completely should try to get along on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.  Details of the new Ottershaw course will be relayed to you as soon as they become available [see also below and ].

Steve Newell

Updated club parkrun stats (modern .xlsx file)

From and of Tom

I went along to Homewood this morning with a couple of WAC runners, no BA around.

I know you keep well up to date with parkrun info but just in case it has not appeared on their web Homewood will only operate at the present venue for TWO more weeks (until 7th Jan.). Then they are moving venue to Ottershaw just down the road.  I am sure it will appear on their web NEWS.  In case you were not aware - you can check up latter and warn members.  Assuming that the parkrun is renamed from "Homewood" then this may be another venue to add to the BA list and with new course records to be achieved.

No running news - Paul is working and poor Julie has not run for 5/6 weeks but we aqua run with no weight on her legs - plus plenty of PLY exercise’s.

Hope to see you at the Anniversary event on Wednesday.

Tom Rowley

Another date and venue for the diary is 28th January at Woking parkrun.  It will be Tom Rowley's 90th birthday and he intends to celebrate the day with his first parkrun.  Not one to be missed.

Roderick Hoffman

How clean is the air you run in?

I've signed up for a new initiative which aims to monitor the air that we exercise in.  This involves wearing a real-time carbon monoxide monitor, which is the size of a smartphone though lighter…but unfortunately I need to carry a regular smartphone as well to accumulate and submit the results!  The maps below show the results from recent runs and whilst it is a pity that it only shows high, medium and low it starts to give the impression of how good or bad some courses are.  Longer term I'll let you know what I learn and also where the initiative heads off to (by their own admission they don't know what will happen next).  I expect to see different recordings in the same areas depending on the weather and time of week, day and year.  The monitor costs a chunk of money but I spotted a free offer via England Athletics - I wonder if this is how most of the sensors sent out are funded?

Clean Air Maps

The courses shown are the KLM beach race, the Street-O orienteering event, the Wednesday's Five Mile Handicap, a round Harmondsworth Moor run and my long Sunday run around the canals of West London.  I'll let you work out which is which. Green means carbon monoxide less than 1.5ppm, red means greater than 10ppm.

 See also and some technical details "The CleanSpace Tag measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the air around the sensor in ppm (parts per million) and shows the data in the Air Graph page in the App. Carbon monoxide outdoors is produced by internal combustion engines, such as diesel and petrol vehicles and is an indicator of overall vehicle pollution, which is made up of a number of pollutants such as small particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3). In general, if carbon monoxide is high it is likely that most of the other pollutants will be high also, depending on the mix of vehicle types on the road, such as the proportion of diesel vehicles. The medium to high thresholds in the CleanSpace App Air Graph have been chosen in relation to the World Health Organisation guidelines of an average limit for 8h exposure to carbon monoxide of 10ppm. The low to medium threshold in the App corresponds to 1.5ppm."

Roderick Hoffman

2017 Challenges

My challenge(s) for 2017 are:

To run 4 half-marathons:

  • 28th Great North West Half Marathon booked for 19th Feb.
  • Milton Keynes Half Marathon on 1st May (probably) – nice cow medal and a visit to Bletchley park
  • Then decide on another 2

Also, to break 22:00 on a parkrun or break my knees trying

Steve Dodsworth

So with January 1st fast approaching - what are your challenges for next year?

Email the Editor

Running Shorts

KLM Beach Race

The KLM Road Runners club was founded in December 1985.  Each year they celebrate the club's birthday with a run on the coast which these days has 6k and 10k options. They welcome visitors from other airlines to the extent of providing free entrance to the event (with complementary drinks and free gifts) and free transportation from and back to Schiphol (Amsterdam).  The course is a variable challenge, depending on what the North Sea is throwing at the beach on the day, but in all weathers includes an undulating and winding out run on a rough path through the dunes and then a return down the beach with the firmest sand being just above where the waves are breaking.  There were good conditions last week with a relatively gentle offshore wind and a temperature that I'll describe as mild - though Ghana Segaran of Singapore Airlines thought differently and covered the 6k course dressed as the abominable snowman.  As BA's only representative I felt obliged to do the 10k (well, I couldn't justify to myself skipping a parkrun for just one extra k!).  I'm not a great runner on soft surfaces so I was pleased with my time of 1:04:26 - albeit I was 31st of 33.  Ghana was one of 52 who enjoyed the 6k although he did spend most of the evening do in front of the jet engine heater.  He'll get his own back on us all in October when we return to his place to run next year's WARR in his choice of temperature.

Roderick Hoffman

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

Just got back from running my 5th Portsmouth Coastal Marathon - did OK but would have liked to be about 30 seconds faster to get a Portsmouth Coastal PB (of 5 runs). Finished in 3:35:45 (2013 - 3:35:18). Marathon #119.  I was 176th out of 1014 finishers - first man home did it in an incredible time of around 2:30!  I've one more to do in 2016 on 31st December.  I saw Jasvir on the start list but it seems he did not run - injured perhaps?

Piers Keenleyside

Street-O St Paul's and Chancery Lane - 14 December

Another month, another South London Street-O event.  This time "St Paul's and Chancery Lane" and knowledge of the Great City Race course was an advantage - though I also scored valuable checkpoints south of the river. My result was better than usual - 38th of 90, my first appearance in the top half of the field, so either I'm getting better or there wasn't a high caliber turnout (or I was lucky in the points I found - perhaps others hadn't spotted that the checks south of the river were more valuable than those to the north).  I also note that because I've made all four of the series so far in the overall results I'm in 16th place.

The next event is in Balham on Wednesday 11th January. Details: Street-O Series 2016-17

Roderick Hoffman

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